Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eve Of Destruction

One last free ride

The end of the first month of twenty-thirteen had come to an end. The dying embers and final chuckling surrounding the 2012 meme was now beginning to die out. Wars were escalating though, and the financial and economic sectors were being sustained on a junk food diet of low interest rates and the over printing of a failing currency. 

Keeping up appearances in this neo-con-game would be the final bluff of this geo-political poker match. The drums of war were beating steadily across Saharan North Africa, into the Middle-East, and right to the foothills of the Himalayas. 

Fortunately, for a precious few, NHL Hockey had resumed, locking-in the final lost-soul outpost of sheeple back into their play-pen; to their blue-pill matrix pods of personal contentment.
Most of them, and everybody else, were oblivious as to what was about to take place, effectively pacified by the pundits and into the warm arms of a belief based 'reality' that told them everything was going to be A-OK.

South of the border, they were violating Lady Liberty, feeling up her robe of freedom, and systematically repealing hard fought and basic constitutional rights, all to appease the collective paranoia of wealthy elites, and those living off the drip-feed of their trickle-down prosperity. 

That once respected 'Republic' had soon devolved into a much feared 'Empire'. The friendly face of fascism had somehow managed to sugar coat tyranny with his charm, charisma and false promises of 'Hope and Change'. The freedom to chose, on behalf of one's integrity and personal autonomy, had gladly been exchanged for the 'freedom to consume'.

This messianic minstrel had delivered to his devoted followers a template for tyranny, with the gleam of a fluoridated smile, appeasing his Bankster owners, and the assistance of the regular freeloader gang of non-elected appointed officials and policy-makers.

The banking oligarchy that had ruled western nations in your day were now going for broke; for them there was no possibility of turning back. The spectre of the guillotine was simply not an option, so they pressed forward with their geo-political agenda, driving the minivan of civilization to the very edge of the fracking zone. With the assistance and compliance of our elected officials and obedient military, the oligarchy's only hope was to create a situation so bad that any ensuing finger-pointing would, in effect, seem counterproductive to the survival of our species.

Those challenging official narratives in your time were being painted with pernicious pejoratives, by a corporate-media who consistently failed to address issues and truths not consistent with a reality in which they had wanted to sell. The fires of conflict were being stoked within nation states, to divide within. 

Oil companies were engaging in reckless environmental projects in search of expensive and messy fuel reserves, in order to stimulate carefree consumer culture, and continue on in it's rudderless merry ways of McFolly. 

Ironically, a disproportionate amount of the energy extracted by this process was simply being funnelled back into the infrastructure of energy extraction itself... meanwhile, prices at the pump continued to soar.

Our access to unlimited economic growth had finally ended, and therefore no amount of creative collateralizing of consumer debt would ever be able to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again. People were wising up to this imperative, and the value of precious metals was rising in accordance.

This inconvenient truth, the end of what used to be normality, was a nightmare that no politician, elected for peddling fantasies and fairytales, would ever dare whisper to their dozing electorate.

The question many of us wanted to know was: Were 'The Powers That Be' going to move the goalposts yet one more time, or had they played for us their final hand? …only time, or our inevitable rendezvous with destiny, would tell.

Future CT    Village 5, Nova Avalon            Year 17 P.T.E.