Thursday, November 13, 2014

Broom Closet Blues


“Canada will not be intimidated”… he said from the safety of a broom closet.
Yes, the leader of the Harpo Government had been whisked into a dusty ol’ broom closet by his dutiful handlers… and, as the former PM shivered in abject terror, possibly trembling, and perhaps even wetting himself a wee bit, during the time of a terror drill once known as ‘Determined Dragon’, the brightest members of the Canadian public suddenly began to open their eyes just a little bit wider… and FINALLY started asking some damned questions.

Had this been just another one of your garden variety false-flag terrorist attacks, designed to consolidate more power for the ruling corporatocracy; Collectivist Elitists which openly controlled that concept we had once called Government?
As had happened on 9/11, or 7/7 in the UK, or with the Boston Marathon bombings, the Canadian incident had also happened to coincide with 'security drills' paralleling the very same incident which had taken place on that day… anybody owning half-a-casaba melon knew this was a probability well beyond coincidence.

But for all those unthinking masses who had gleefully consumed their statist propaganda at sporting events, or on television, The Powers That Had Been had systemically fortified their patriotism by the constant drip feed dosage administered by its corporate media.

Life was all about the statist-quo in those days, one which ruthlessly exploited the emotionally alienated individual’s desperate need to simply ‘belong’.

A schism of sorts had occurred during that time we now call The Great Forgetting. And, as each new improbable and transparently scripted event cartoonishly played itself out, more and more people began to wake up to the stark reality that they were living in a de-facto Police State. Old pejoratives like ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ had soon lost it’s capacity to tarnish informed dissenters, especially once people learned to reject their fear of the stigma associated with the term.
Sadly though, an even greater number of souls had chosen to indulge their beloved cognitive dissonance, proceeding to sink even deeper into the big lie of the statist narrative. They had chosen to believe, and more firmly than ever before, whatever their surrogate missing father figure had told them.

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