Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Duelling Dualists and the Alchemy of Laughter (part 2)

Ecce Homo, Ecce Mono?

By the time the month of April had rolled around, back in the year 2013, in that time we now refer to as the great forgetting, tragic world events had been building with great intensity. The Powers That Had Been were amping up their opportunistic agenda, by using terror as a ruse to increase the powers of the security state.

Enter: Fear
The marathon bombings had created much sadness and fear among those humans still possessing a soul, and The Powers That Had Been were not deaf to the populace's vengeful cries for swift justice. Those running the show continued to use our tax money unabated, by funding their defence contractor buddies who were given the responsibility of protecting us from all those evil terrorists and assorted bad folks who were usually associated with anti-social organizations once funded and trained by our own intelligence organizations to fight rival governments in distant and foreign lands (talk about the snake eating it's own tail).

When one factored in that these horrendous bombings had taken place amid some extremely tight security measures (by both public and 'private' contractors), most people were oblivious to the fact that the governments of their respective nations had either been conducting or supporting illegal activities (like drone warfare) and killing many more innocent civilians than they had been killing the supposed 'bad guys'. 

Most of those clued-out consumers purchasing their brand new pair of $284 running shoes (made exclusively by really low-wage earners in the third world) seemed oblivious or uncaring of this slavery imperative. Consequently, for every 'bad guy' the 'good guys' seemed to kill, the 'bad guys' always seemed to increase their nasty ranks by nudging moderates into extremism.

Our foreign policies were not actually defending ours or anybody else's freedoms (as we had often been told), instead our freedoms were being methodically stripped away to serve the paranoid fears of The Powers That Had Been, elitists who sensed the impending encroachment of their dreaded Monster from the Id.

Enter: Causality
We all just wanted to live in a happier and safer world, but we were seldom in agreement. There had been so many varying opinions on the nature of causality to come to any proper consensus. Essentially, we were a species divided and polarized, mostly by those self-appointed leaders ruling our hierarchy, and demagogues who had chosen to exploit tragic events to promote their wretched idealism and self-exaltation. 

Causality was often argued, but rarely seriously debated in the corporate media of your day. Those who had profited greatly by social discord had little interest in understanding causality anyway, let alone hope that anyone else would take the time to figure it out. Perhaps they feared that, if fully understood, the roots of, and the abetting of terrorism, would point in an uncomfortable direction... perhaps they feared deep down, that all roads did in fact lead to Rome. 

So, in order to fully understand causality, and finally break the cycle of senseless violence, one thing we had to realize was a true understanding of what Knowledge, and motivation really were, AND were they things which could even be tested scientifically?

Motivation was obvious, it came from a sense of powerlessness and desperation. Knowledge however needn't be verifiable in order for it to be true. We experience the colour blue, yet nobody could ever hope to describe what it looks like to a blind man. We experience love, yet the best we can ever do, to prove it's existence to someone incapable of this emotion, is by performing actions that only suggest it is real.

...and it's of this truth in which the enemies of humanity chose to remain blind.

Enter: Science
Those who had put all their faith in scientific orthodoxy, by conforming to it's strict guidelines, had really missed out in the end, and sadly, it was their loss alone. They had lived and died incomplete and ignorant of the full spectrum of the human experience... and all for what, social acceptance, and their tribal need to belong, as rulers and tyrants in a ghetto of fools?  

Science is the way we understand the material world, so any information which challenges it must in the very least be entertained. Even if a given claim turns out to be an outrageous falsehood, it could always leave humanity with some valuable new insights by default.  It's for this reason that I stress the importance of ensuring that scientific inquiry be accepting and adaptable to the murkier aspects of reality, and if one's pejorative for this inquiry is called: pseudo-science, then so be it.

Those who had put all their faith in Science were in for a rude awakening though, and would soon take themselves a front row seat to witness their karmic comeuppance. These people had arrogantly assumed they were the cream of the crop, the brightest and most sophisticated of intellectuals; savants who had it 'all figured out'. But they were blind to the fact they were ignorant, inflexible, and intolerant, acting as isolated interns in their intellectual ghetto.

Science, combined with political Atheism, were fast becoming close bedfellows, yet had been consistently undermined by the capricious whims of human frailty. 

Some evolutionary biologist at Oxford University in England (the chap's name escapes me at the moment), had even once encouraged his cultish admirers to practice a militant brand of Atheism. The wise among us knew that the word 'militant', combined with any belief/non-belief system, had rarely mixed well in human affairs. Atheism had become the religion of Statists, and designed to rob the debased masses of their last true weapon of autonomous power: 'Belief'.... that enigmatic intangible component which had given individuals the super-human capacity to seemingly overcome all odds, defying logic, and asserting one's natural right to claim their personal sovereignty against those who wished to rule over them.

Enter: Gender
Fear had ruled supreme in that time before our inevitable rendezvous with destiny, and it had created a nasty schism even among the two sexes, by forcing us to assume unnatural gender roles which demanded the male to be too sexually pro-active, while the female had been encouraged to be far too passive. This imbalance encouraged men to develop the embarrassing psychosis of over-objectification of the female, often manifesting it's dark and ugly self in many horrific ways.

Since objectification was not a cardinal sin among men, inappropriately made sexual comments toward the opposite sex had rarely come from a position of disrespect (as many feminists of your day had claimed). Instead these harassments were coming from a position of desperation; a desperation to 'connect' with the infuriatingly passive female of your era.

Men separate (and still do) their respect for women from their desire to have intercourse with them. Men generally don't muddy courtship and mating rituals by intertwining sexual attraction with respect for one's person... that is until they are ready to get married.

Any woman who became too offended by these clumsy flirtations, come-ons, and other inappropriate comments, was living in anger, and allowed the unconscious actions of the offender to live 'rent free' in her own mind. So women and men took the next step together.

Realizing that anger destroys the quality of one's life, we had to develop an alchemical mechanism to transmute this painful weight into the lightness of joy... and we succeeded!

Enter: Laughter
The way we ultimately overcame anger was by using the magic of humour, and by surrendering ourselves to the deterministically slow changing forces of our natural programming. 

As a personal Anarchist, I would often become infuriated to see how people seemed oblivious to the fact that government was not only unnecessary, but actually responsible for most of the atrocities committed throughout the ages.  Yet I chose not to be angry, I spoke my mind knowing full well how unlikely it was that I'd ever witness a peaceful anarchistic state in my lifetime. 

So how did we do it? How did we transmute such anger into joy by using humour? The best example I can give you is by looking at the image I've attached to this journal. 

Once upon a time, an 80 year old amateur artist had taken it upon herself to restore an obscure decaying fresco by Elias Garcia Martinez called: Ecce Homo... obviously the woman botched the thing, BIG TIME!  Despite her desecration of a minor masterpiece; in the wake of this artistic tragedy and horror, we soon realized that we actually preferred the new botched version over the original, simply because it had performed for us a great miracle (and still does to this day). The miracle of which I speak had done something the original could never hope to do... and that is: It made us laugh!

Yes, we had botched civilization too, and BIG TIME, but what we inherited in the end was a joy far greater than anything one could ever imagine.

Future CT     Village 5,   Nova Avalon.          Year 17 P.T.E.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Power Sharing and Mating Advice from the Future

Not another 'video post'

A truly powerful person never covets the power of another, therefore one's only criteria in selecting a mate should simply be: another's looks and personality.

Any person who must factor in another's income, job, or status, as being important criteria for mating, is not entitled to all the benefits of power, and should never be respected as a true equal.

This is what I believe is at the root of powerlessness experienced by many women in society, which has allowed many of them to develop, over thousands or millions of years, a general reactive disposition of fear, by becoming walking and talking biological "No" machines.

Being physically weaker than the male, the female traditionally remained in the village, while the men went hunting and gathering. Women developed keen domestic skills such as cooking and sewing and child rearing, meanwhile men formed social systems designed to maximize and manage the valuable resources they had obtained, and to meet the materialistic and maternal demands of their female partners. 

Since women are 'the gatekeepers of sex', men have traditionally done whatever they must in order to please and appease the female, securing their unlimited access to the fairer sex. 

If women truly wanted social power, they would need simply give sexual favours to men of lower status (such as the homeless, janitors, painters and garbage collectors). If they did this, the alpha-males running banking, military and corporations, would promptly drop their weapons of mass destruction, exchanging them for brooms, boxes and paint brushes... but no.

Now, as women have moved up the hierarchical structure of power in western society, they have moved into positions once occupied exclusively by men. This displacement of higher income earning males has led to a situation where a disproportionate amount of females at the top of the hierarchy have been left partnerless. Those men still at the top of the pyramid have no problem finding suitable women, since a woman's social-status or income usually does not factor greatly into most men's decision making processes. 

Since most women are generally predisposed to hypergamy, and a man's social-status is inter-linked with most women's sexual desires, many high-earning women simply do not have a large enough pool of desirable men available at the top of the pyramid in which to chose from. 

This gaping chasm has left many women with the misconception that there simply aren't enough available men to go around. But the truth is: there are plenty of single guys available, they're hanging out online, in bars, on construction sites, working in warehouses here in the west or in vast quantities in distant lands like China or India… 

Oh, and there's always heaps of desperadoes squandering their money at strip clubs and on smutty pornography, wishing they could, perhaps someday, have access to the real thing.

We men must constantly face rejection from women, but adaptation to this rejection is what makes one stronger, so strong in fact, that perhaps it's what has helped contribute to making men the natural leaders and rulers of this world. 

Happily and refreshingly, women are now sharing the privileges of social power and equality, yet how many women are fully prepared to assume all the uncomfortable responsibilities associated with the sharing of power, especially as power relates to the courting and mating process?

How many women are directly approaching men for companionship in bars, on the street, and in cafes? How many are pinching our bums, whistling at us on the street corner, or grabbing themselves a handful or two of our warm and meaty package? 

How many love songs have been written by women for men? There's been countless love songs written by men for virtually every woman's name, yet how many love songs have been written about men's names by women? The only song that comes to mind is "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon, and that's hardly a love song. In fact any other song I can think of always identifies the man as being somewhat of a jerk, probably because those desired guys at the top of the pyramid tend to be somewhat self-centred and controlling. 

How many women, really, have ever even attempted to make the first 'direct' move on a man, and to those women who have, ask yourself how often, and how much status and/or money did those multitudes of men you approached have?

I've had many women show interest in me using indirect means, usually by getting a friend to tell me that they're 'interested', but these are not the methods of a powerful person, so it stands to reason that these people deserve none of the benefits associated with power sharing. Women, or men for that matter, who use indirect methods to attract the attention of the opposite sex are actually admitting to their innate powerlessness, and are by their very nature submissive, despite any protests they may make to the contrary.

The fear many men experience when approaching a desired women stems straight from this programmed female subconscious fear, which I identify as the very source of all male approach anxiety. 

This nerve racking mind-fuck called 'approach anxiety' does not actually come from men however, guys are merely picking up a signal emanating from most women who are oblivious to the fact they are acting out and transmitting their subconscious fears with every indirect word they utter, and ambiguous move they make.

Here's a mating equation for guys to think about when approaching women: 
your desire + your self-confidence + your action = desirable
your desire + your fear + your hesitation = creepy

Women want strong men, so when a woman is acting ambivalently or passively with regards to the courting and mating process, she is basically saying: she wants YOU to pursue HER...

but WHY?

ANSWER: She wants to be desired, to be loved, she wants to see your passion, because your passion excites her. In fact, many sexually ambivalent women would rather choose an aggressive lesbian over a passive male, simply because, for them, in the sexual realm, desire, self-confidence, and passion are forces  > gender preference.

Now of course there's nothing wrong with any of this, but simply knowing that a man is the one who is pursuing her, also gives the woman the power she may feel she lacks, because now she knows she's in a leveraged position to use the man's desire for her as a means to obtain and control the resources that she may want from him.

Future CT         Village 5,  Nova Avalon.          Year 17 P.T.E.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Duelling Dualists and The Alchemy of Laughter (part 1)

Monkey think, Monkey do

We have done away with dualism here in our humble agrarian community of Nova Avalon. We have developed a dynamic collective spirituality which fuses Gnosticism and Agnosticism, achieved of course, with much help from our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.  

We recognized that Theism and Atheism were both belief based systems, the former said: "I believe", whilst the latter said: "I don't believe".  Gnosticism and Agnosticism were knowledge based, the former saying: "I know", whilst the latter says: "I don't know".  

So to understand these four positions, one must first understand the difference between Belief and Knowledge. Knowledge is based in experience. If someone tells you a joke, and you laugh, or you step on a piece of Lego and experience pain, then you have knowledge. You can communicate what you know to another, but for them, it will always remain a belief, that is until they one day experience the same thing you have.

The Theists were honest enough with themselves about what their position was. They recognized that Faith/Belief are at the core of their theology. The Atheists were somewhat confused though, they claimed to be anti-belief, but to say one doesn't believe is itself a belief. 

There are only TWO dual positions, either you Believe, or you Know... OR you Don't Believe/Don't Know. One cannot say: "There is no God", because God cannot be proven nor disproven. If God does not exist, nobody could ever hope to prove it, one needs evidence to do that, and without evidence one cannot provide proof for or against any position. 

For those who know, no proof is needed, because they have experience. But if God is a Verb, and not a Noun as we're usually told, we can never prove it's existence other than to observe all the miraculous splendour of the energetic universe.

For someone who claims to have been abducted by aliens, they have knowledge of their experience. Their claim of abduction is either true or it's a lie. If they are lying, then they have have knowledge that they are lying. If they are being truthful, then they have knowledge gained from their experience.

Of course the question then becomes: What did they experience? They may believe they were abducted by aliens, but they may also have been abducted by spirits or fairies. Their enigmatic encounters may have been with the souls of the dead, or inter-dimensional beings. 

Their experience could be akin to psychedelic phenomenon, like those who've taken Ayahuasca journeys, or smoked DMT. However, for many abductees, they have had actual 'implants' removed from their bodies. 

If the Grays take you aboard their mothership and whisk you to Zeta-Retculi to visit their home planet, partake in their cultural activity of sipping Andromedan-Brandy under the Zimbo Tree, whilst watching a bluish white binary sunset, then you have knowledge. But for everybody else, yours will forever remain 'just another story', until one day the Grays whisk them away and do the same.

Most belief systems are just a reaction to the negative space created by it's ideological counterpart. Since we are culturally programmed to be very positive minded, we usually only notice the benefits of certain things before we notice it's nasty consequences. A beautiful woman can be very appealing to a horny man, but her shortcomings are rarely seen once the man's hormones begin to robotically control his 'thought processes'. 

Socialism once seemed like a great idea; it proposed to distribute the wealth equally, thus creating a fair system for all. The downside was:  it gave way too much power to an unconscious body called government, whilst giving a disproportionate amount of regulatory power to a handful of idealistic individuals. It took incentive away from those who wished to exceed the limitations imposed on them. 

Capitalism had once looked great too, because it gave the individual the incentive to exceed... that is until it began to perpetuate a positive feedback loop, which manifested as wealth consolidation among the financial elite, devolving our societies rapidly into the evil clutches of Corporatism, and later: Neo-Feudalism. 

Fortunately for our species, there was a reconciling force, reconciling these irreconcilable dualistic differences; It was, and is: Laughter... a magical property I will expand upon in my next journal entry.

Future CT     Village 5,   Nova Avalon.          Year 17 P.T.E.