Thursday, November 13, 2014

Broom Closet Blues


“Canada will not be intimidated”… he said from the safety of a broom closet.
Yes, the leader of the Harpo Government had been whisked into a dusty ol’ broom closet by his dutiful handlers… and, as the former PM shivered in abject terror, possibly trembling, and perhaps even wetting himself a wee bit, during the time of a terror drill once known as ‘Determined Dragon’, the brightest members of the Canadian public suddenly began to open their eyes just a little bit wider… and FINALLY started asking some damned questions.

Had this been just another one of your garden variety false-flag terrorist attacks, designed to consolidate more power for the ruling corporatocracy; Collectivist Elitists which openly controlled that concept we had once called Government?
As had happened on 9/11, or 7/7 in the UK, or with the Boston Marathon bombings, the Canadian incident had also happened to coincide with 'security drills' paralleling the very same incident which had taken place on that day… anybody owning half-a-casaba melon knew this was a probability well beyond coincidence.

But for all those unthinking masses who had gleefully consumed their statist propaganda at sporting events, or on television, The Powers That Had Been had systemically fortified their patriotism by the constant drip feed dosage administered by its corporate media.

Life was all about the statist-quo in those days, one which ruthlessly exploited the emotionally alienated individual’s desperate need to simply ‘belong’.

A schism of sorts had occurred during that time we now call The Great Forgetting. And, as each new improbable and transparently scripted event cartoonishly played itself out, more and more people began to wake up to the stark reality that they were living in a de-facto Police State. Old pejoratives like ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ had soon lost it’s capacity to tarnish informed dissenters, especially once people learned to reject their fear of the stigma associated with the term.
Sadly though, an even greater number of souls had chosen to indulge their beloved cognitive dissonance, proceeding to sink even deeper into the big lie of the statist narrative. They had chosen to believe, and more firmly than ever before, whatever their surrogate missing father figure had told them.

Future CT   Village 5,  Nova Avalon       Year 17 P.T.E.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Conversations From The Abyss

Return From the Abyss presents: Conversations From The Abyss:
A series of blogposts transcribing various dialogues transmitted to us from an undetermined point in earth's not-too-distant future. 

They're friendly conversations, taking place between an inquisitive student and an aging teacher, in the humble village of Nova Avalon, in the year 17 P.T.E.

Read on and you will learn all about what went horribly wrong with our troubled species, in that time we will soon refer to as: The Great Forgetting

6. Slaves R-Us

1. Jurassic Democracies                      

2. Statist Cow-Pies

4. Los Paralympicos

5. Caves-R-Us

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Slaves R-Us

What’s the difference between a slave and a free man?
A slave is one who must act as he does; A slave is a being without the luxury of free choice, he must always choose the lesser of all evils, otherwise face the harsh alternative. He must pick the cotton of political liberalism, or endure a harsh lashing from the tongue of a conservative whip.

Teacher: We used to have a great religion in the beforetime, in that time we now refer to as the great forgetting.

Student: Let me guess: Catholicism?


Uh, Judaism??

*more laughter*


Teacher: That was an anti-religion; not believing something is just another form of belief... but that’s for another lesson, no Grasshopper, you’re way off.

The great religion of that time we now refer to as the great forgetting was the religion of Authority, usually gift-wrapped in a cartoonish political sham we once called democracy.

Student: Wasn’t the purpose of democracy to make manifest the will of the majority?

Teacher: Well… In theory, I suppose.

No, Democracy was a system of thinly veiled slavery, which enabled wealthy Oligarchs to rule the masses in what had appeared, to an unconscious mind at least, as being a fair system.

The democratic voting process encouraged people to surrender their political power to a self-serving collective, who were usually led by a handful of idealistic individuals, who in turn would pass restrictive laws, borrow ficticious money from corrupt banksters, with compound interest, in order to remove ever more personal freedoms from the general population; thus consolidating it for the benefit of their wealthy sponsors.

Student: But if the people voted... were they not getting exactly what they had wanted?

Teacher: Not what they wanted... what they deserved!

People had the unshakeable belief that without a benevolent, or even a malevolent authority governing, civilization would descend into chaotic anarchy.

Student: But we have anarchy here in Nova Avalon, and it works just fine.

Teacher: Yes, but that’s because you have experiential knowledge of how anarchy works, and the essential personal responsibility that's required.

We achieved peaceful Anarchy via our brief transition through a clumsy form of Libertarianism... which had turned out to be kind of like going from accounting to lion taming… via, say: banking.


But all Pythonic references aside, those poor sods had no such template during that time, only their childish fears.

Instead, people chose to be governed by a surrogate parental control system, because they couldn’t imagine, or trust themselves, let alone others, to behave like the evolved and loving human beings nature intended them to be.

Student: And that’s why they chose slavery?

Teacher: Basically, yes!


So, even if only a minority of people had actually voted for any individual or party, if that party had held a majority of seats, they would act as if they were somehow the will of the people... which is absurd!

Student: My goodness!

Teacher: As things began to devolve economically, and systemic corruption had been exposed as being too deeply intertwined within the corporate state, people rapidly lost faith in the voting process altogether.

But before then, people would often vehemently defend their perceived obligation to vote with propagandized mantras like : "It’s my civic duty", or "If you don’t vote, then you don’t have the right to complain"… and other such nonsense.

Student: It’s hard to believe that people had been so brainwashed... What allowed that to happen?

Teacher: Unprecedented wealth and prosperity, and the constant comparison of our society, within the presstitute media, to worse governments in other lands, was very persuasive.

We were expected to be grateful for the benevolence of our democratic process, for fear that our society could devolve into a monstrous totalitarian dictatorship, or chaotic mob-rule, like the ones that used to rule in the more cartoonish nation states, like North Korea, or Somalia.

Student: Ah, yes, fear of a greater evil was used to support a lesser evil here at home.

Teacher: People usually chose the lesser of two or three evils; they had been deeply traumatized by generations of statist culture, and as a result, behaved more like herded cattle than the highly evolved creatures that they were naturally intended to be.

If one didn’t vote for the friendly face of fascism, in those days, one risked endorsing an even worse monster. And those who refused to exercise their 'right to vote', were often looked upon as being somewhat irresponsible, or apathetic even, which was often not true.

Student: So how did people ever expect any real change, always voting for and choosing the lesser of all evils?

Teacher: The skilled campaign managers, image consultants, and propaganda ministers, peddled quaint notions like hope and change; billing their candidate as being a saner version of their corrupt predecessor. Of course they fulfilled little to none of their election promises, whilst preceding to pass repressive laws which they never would’ve dared suggest during their election campaigns.

*looks of sadness, bewilderment, confusion*

...and don't forget that those 'so-called leaders' who'd been elected weren’t actually in control either; they had merely been paid-for corporate puppets: owned punks doing the bidding of their wealthy elite corporate masters: Detached elitists who were often nothing more than psychopaths seeking to control the populace by keeping one step ahead of the curve, so to speak, despite the natural evolutionary process of flux and change.

Student: I find it hard to believe that people couldn’t recognize the sham they were involved in for what it was.

Teacher: Never underestimate the human capacity for denial, Grasshopper.

The hidden desire to outsource one’s personal responsibility to an authority figure was embedded deep within the collective unconscious child mind.

And even though the people could see military spending escalate, and see war rackets unabated, witness a financial system loosely based on elaborate Ponzi schemes, endure a massive imbalance between the uber-rich and destitute poor, the wealth of the first world, and the slavery of the third world, they continued to lie to themselves; continued to pretend.

Student: What lies had they told themselves?

Teacher: They told themselves falsehoods like: "Well, the world wasn’t perfect", blamed everything on 'human nature', not culture, and yet somehow managed to believe, beyond the most basic logic, that everything would be ‘all right'.

Student: Oddly enough though, everything did turn out 'all right'… in the end.

Teacher: In the end, Yes it did… but that wasn’t 'till after that harrowing experience we’ve come to have known as: our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.

The Dirty One         Village 5, Nova Avalon.           Year 17 P.T.E.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


just as it was... in the beforetime
Men and women have always had different expectations for one another. If we generalize the two genders collectively, it’s safe to assume that men and women behave differently, in the aggregate, but to assume any given man or woman was, at any time, anything like the aggregate, was quite often a huge mistake.
Student: Please tell me about the roles men and women played during that time we now call: The Great Forgetting.
Teacher: Well, it was pretty simple, Grasshopper.
Men sought women who were primarily physically attractive, and later would consider them as life partners if they also happened to like the woman’s character attributes.
Women, conversely, usually sought men who were confident, strong, socially dominant, talented, or had been perceived as being ‘good providers’.
Student: What about ‘looks and personality’, weren’t those considered to be important qualities for women as well, when selecting a mate?
Teacher: Absolutely, but to a much lesser extent than with men. However, your question should be more precise, what type of looks or personality are we talking about?
Student: OK, like say… a nice guy!
Teacher: Oh no… that never worked well!
Nice guys usually got pegged by women, and put into their ‘Friend Zone’.
During that horrible era, in order to be selected for mating, women demanded that the guy be emotionally unavailable, distant even, if he was to ever have a hope of being considered desirable as a potential mate.
Student: Say what??!!
Teacher: Yeah, a man who showed his emotions, enthusiasm, and affections up front, was often considered weak in the eyes of women, especially those guys who showed it early in the courting process.
If a man was capable of concealing his emotions, women would interpret him as being in control, and thus feel safer. If a man displayed his emotions too openly, he was often viewed as being unstable, or incapable perhaps, of ‘catching a woman’s fall’ if need be.
So unfortunately, the mantra among men of that era became: “Ignore to Score”… and not just by ignoring the feelings of the woman in question, but by ignoring their own emotions as well.
Student: That doesn’t make any sense… How was this possible?
Teacher: A man’s emotional development was supposed to be a great prize, a magnum opus kept secret to him; only later to be discovered by her.
Remember, emotion used to be perceived as being the opposite of logic: a nasty bio-chemical inconvenience clouding one’s judgement.
Boys, in those days, had been socialized during their early childhood not to emote too much, in order to be perceived by potential mates, later in life, as being ‘strong’, ‘in control’, and ‘good providers’.
Of course, along with this programmed emotional disconnect came another host of nasty problems: the proliferation of psychopathic patriarchs and sociopathic narcissists. These guys usually rose to the top of the social pyramid and wreaked bloody havoc in our world… and do you know why?
Student: Because their behaviour got them ‘laid’ more often?
Teacher: Bingo! You win a hundred pounds of spaghetti!
Imagine what would have happened if women had directed their ‘affections’ toward gentler men of lesser status, men who were merely street people, janitors, or humble garbage collectors… instead of bankers, businessmen, politicians and lawyers?
Student: Street people, garbage collectors? …Gggrrrroosssss!
Teacher: The world would have changed in a heartbeat, and the so-called Patriarchy would have been no-longer.
Student: What was it about men’s emotions that had frightened so many women?
Teacher: Most women didn’t even know how to handle their own, let alone someone else’s.
So guys who were more openly emotional were often denigrated for being too clingy or needy, possible stalkers, or potential rapists even… just like what was being shown in the movies at that time, or on T.V.!
Student: But emotion is such an important part of the spectrum of human existence; it hardly seems fair.
Teacher: Remember, our species was mostly comprised of damaged goods; men and women each had deep seeded fears concerning the needs of the opposite sex… yet ironically, they proceeded to reprogram each other using complex methods of reward and punishment, in order to enforce a ruling paradigm that many had so claimed to hate… and often with monstrous results, all this due to the process known as: natural selection.
Student: Did this 'natural selection' process come from our distant past, our animalistic origins?
Teacher: Absolutely… and this despite many strong opinions about how men and women should behave towards one another.
Let’s face it, Grasshopper… It just took us a little longer to get out of the caves than we’d thought it would.
The Dirty One    Village 5, Nova Avalon.            Year 17 P.T.E.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Los Paralympicos

Remember her?
We all breathed a massive sigh of relief when the Paralympics of 2014 finally faded away and into sporting history; out with a faint whimper, and not a much-feared over-hyped terroristic bang.
Center stage had been ripped away from the games by the strange fate of a missing Malaysian airliner, and like those golden sunsets which had descended upon the towering mountaintops surrounding the assorted villages of Sochi Num-Nums, the disabled athletes quickly scurried back to their respective homelands, returning to their empty lives of desperate isolation and self-loathing.

However, back on THIS side of the Atlantic, a senior couple: Bill and Marg, waxed poetic over a tray of ‘tea and biscuits’, about the ceremonial closure of this non-sporting event.

Bill: Well, thank god it’s finally over! We won’t have to watch it for another four years.

Marg: Watch what, Honey?

Bill: The Paralympics… What a fucking joke! Who wants to see the Olympic wet dream ego-trip of a bunch of handicapped jocks anyway?
I mean, really… does anybody take this stuff seriously?

Marg: Gee Bill, I kind of enjoy it…

Bill: Tell me Marg… What’s the difference between the Paralympics and Monty Python anyway? 


Marg: Uh, the theme music?

Bill: That deaf, dumb and blind kid, doing the pole vault? A bloody farce it is!

Marg: ...Yes, but I'm sure he plays a mean Pin-Ball.

Bill: We used to have another name for events like the Paralympics, back in the day…
We called it the CIRCUS!!!  ...bunch of freaks!

Marg: OK, it's time to take your meds dear... and would you like some milk in your tea?

In order to truly understand the how’s and why’s of the present, one must always look into the past.
Here’s a conversation between a mother and her son, coming from a time before the Paralympics were even a glimmer in any Statist's eye.

Son: Hey Ma, when I grow up, I wanna be a javelin thrower. 

Mother: Oh, but Sonny, there’s just one problem: YOU DON’T HAVE ARMS!

Son: You’re right Ma, that does pose a bit of a problem…

Hey, I’ve got an idea… let’s invent something called the Paralympics!

Mother: Oh, how novel, it might just work… and I’m willing to bet that we can guilt the people into allowing government funding of our games, with their own tax dollars. What a great idea! …at last I can be proud of you. My dear son: “the armless javelin tosser”!

Son: But Ma, what about all those street people living in cardboard boxes and stuff, shouldn’t we be giving money to them too?

Mother: If someone can figure out a way for them to make us proud, and generate some wealth, we can always fund them too!

Son: Hey, I've got it! How about a marathon booze-up chug-a-lug contest?

Mother: Well, that’s not such a bad idea!  All your ideas are good ones, Sonny.

Son: Yes, we can even pump them full of beer, then they can partake in a Urine-fest Piss-a-thon!

Mother: Oh, stop it! Now you’re being silly!

So it was decreed, and the Paralympics were born.

Then, many more years into the future, another insightful conversation took place between yet another mother and her son:

Son: Hey Ma, I’ve got no legs, but I still wanna be a sprinter!

Mother: No problem Sonny, we’ll just enroll you in the Paralympics.

Son: But Mummy, without legs, how ever will I run?”

Mother: Oh, don’t worry, someone will probably fit you with a couple of 'J shaped' carbon-fibre blades to run with… and trust me, you’ll do just fine… but if you should SUCK at that… here, take this gun, you can always try target-shooting!

Son: Oh, how I love guns!

Mother: I know, I know… but just remember, never to 'shoot first and ask questions later', ok?!

Son: I will!

Just a side-note: Most people with physical disabilities, living in here the future, have opted to live on the Martian Colonies (for obvious reasons). However, those who do live among us, here in Nova Avalon, are valued for who they are as people, and nothing more... never to be exploited for profit, as statist propaganda, nor for their own ego gratification.


The Dirty One    Village 5, Nova Avalon.         Year 17 P.T.E.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lords of the Rings... or Sochi Num-Nums

Banksy got it right!
Back in February 2014, the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia had kicked into high-gear. Looking back now, and with a little more clarity, here in the friendly village of Nova Avalon, those once great games had devolved into a loathsome spectacle no longer resembling the originally intended spirit of friendly Olympic competition, but rather, an elitist side-show for self-entitled freeloaders, who used the majesty of the games as a platform to promote their propaganda.

Teacher: Do you know anything about that ancient sporting event once known as the Olympic Games?

Student: Yes, I hear they were quite barbaric… philosophically speaking, of course.

Teacher: Yeah, they’d become a ghetto for elitist, and other dignitaries, who enjoyed for themselves a good party at the taxpayer’s expense.

It had soon become a debased affair, descending into a narcissistic charade which added little value to the welfare of nations, other than, perhaps, an ability to foment jingoism and other superficialities, such as ‘nationalistic pride’.

Student: But wasn’t the Olympic movement originally founded in the a-political spirit of friendly competition?

Teacher: Yes, and weren’t our governments originally founded specifically to protect our freedoms and property rights from the omnipresent menace of marauding hoards?

*sarcastic chuckle*

Student: Now I get it!

Teacher: As the Olympic Games grew even bigger and ever larger, they began to lose the main focus of their original ideals. They had fast become all about money, and status, mirroring the diseased zeitgeist of the societies and nations who had held them in such high-esteem.
The end result was a kind of changeling-type affair, one which in no way resembled the true values for which the games were originally intended, and purposely founded.

Student: So, how did things get so ‘out of control’?

Teacher: “Mon-money, money, money…!” How else?

Student: Sorry, I keep forgetting about that one.

Teacher: Yes, it must be hard remembering to factor-in something which simply is not within one’s sphere of everyday awareness?

Student: Yeah, it is hard, but I think I’m understanding the concept a bit better now.

Teacher: The sense of entitlement many athletes had in those days had reached absurd levels. I can remember how it was at the winter games in Sochi…

Athletes from the rich western nations began sending back images, and making derogatory comments online, concerning the supposed abhorrent and farcical living conditions at the Olympic Village.

Student: And... was it so bad?

Teacher: Well, that’s relative to what one was accustomed to.
 Remember, many of the prima-donna competitors were heavily subsidised by either corporate or state sponsors, and most of the athletes in attendance had come from wealthy countries whose governments had virtually unlimited access to credit.

When they finally arrived in Sochi, and found their toilet bowl lids had been screwed on backward, or their Wi-Fi hadn’t yet been installed to their specifications, they freaked out!

Many then proceeded to mock their gracious, yet less prosperous host-nation, online... Disgusting it was!  

Student: That sure wasn’t nice of them!

But hadn’t they also done a similar thing a few years earlier at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India?

Teacher: Yes, but remember, many of these athletes were still ‘young adults’, or to put it more bluntly: spoiled brats who were being very well paid to perform children’s activities for a living.

The good people of Russia, who had worked long hard hours to make sure their guest’s brief stay was as comfortable as possible, had experienced for themselves no such luxuries. These hearty labourers received little more than a pittance as payment for their dutiful efforts, mostly for performing tedious and often thankless work.

The online debacle served to point out to the world how shallow many westerners had become.

Student: It’s funny, I know what you mean, but the very concept of a professional athlete seems absurd here in Nova Avalon.

And what about the Press, hadn’t it been their job to report the ‘objective truth’, and not get involved in trite attempts at petty mockery?

Teacher: Originally yes, but you’re forgetting about the money angle once again, and the very lucrative spinoffs of media-sensationalism.

It’s important to remember that most athletes weren’t, in any way, an accurate representation of the societies from which they came. They were more like anomalous caricatures spawned from the various sub-cultures occupying the bowels of their mutant society.

Student: For example…

Teacher: Well, just look at the Snow-Boarders or Freestyle Skiers: basically, they were just a bunch of pot-smoking suburbanite silver-spooned adolescents, living in their rich parent’s hillside condos, leeching off their silver-lined financial investment inheritances.

Or how about the Women’s Hockey team: A disproportionate concentration of ferocious females possessing an abnormal amount of Johnny-testosterone.

And those Figure Skaters… or should I say: “How to farm-out a delicate and dove-skinned pure-bred sexually ambiguous man-child for profit…” except for the women skaters, of course!

Should I go on?

Student: My god, you’re foaming at the mouth! Why are you getting so angry? You’re such a ‘nanny-ass bitch’! …but yeah sure, why not? Please continue!

Teacher: OK, now let’s take the Curlers as another example: They were simply a conglomeration of Tim-bit eating small town hicks who had nothing better to do during the long winter months than toss heavy stones on a frozen lake in their godforsaken rural backwater.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the Short-Track Speed Skaters: Skinny little foam-headed arts-majors with beards, whose parents had drank way too much during their pre-natal gestation period, yet fortunately had somehow been born with enough speedy vitality to elude the predatory advances of their precocious priests.

Oh, and then there were the…

Student: Stop, please… I think I’ve pissed my pants.

Teacher: I’m NOT trying to be funny… what I’m telling you here is the TRUTH!!!

Student: Maybe it is, but I’m sure you didn’t have the nerve to say those things back in the day… did you?

Teacher: Are you kidding me? Political Correctness was like a hammer into anvil. To speak the truth in that time we now refer to as: The Great Forgetting, would have isolated you greatly.

No, I kept my mouth shut, just like everybody else did.

Student: Weren’t there other issues too, at the games? Wasn’t there the threat of ’terrorism’, or ‘tooth-paste-tube nukes’, or something like that?

Teacher: Propaganda! Masterfully designed to frighten people into getting worked up over nothing.

Student: Money, again?

Teacher: Yeah, and also, there had been this big ‘to-do’ about some supposedly ‘anti-gay’ law that had been passed a few months before the games began.

Student: Oh, had the Russian people been up in arms about it?

Teacher: Not really, other than perhaps your garden variety Pussy Rioters and Femen members… No, most Russians couldn’t have given a purple perogie one way or the other.

It was our beloved leaders and corporate-media who were spinning that circus side-show twenty-four seven, pandering to all the special interest and lobby groups who were breathing down their spineless jelly necks back home.

Student: But hey, relax!  Remember: “it’s all good!”

Teacher: Good? Not really! The government institutions these leaders supposedly represented continued to sanction torture at secret and not-so-secret off-shore military bases, to wiretap phone lines without a warrant, employ systemic mass-surveillance programs, unlawfully detain any ‘persons of interest’, sometimes on suspicion alone, engage in the killing of innocent civilians in foreign lands with their ‘double-tap’ drone strikes, or by simply flooding resource war-zones with a toxic compounds like depleted uranium and white phospherous… but please, don’t get me started on that subject!

Student: Hey, don't you think you're getting a little carried away here? But anyway, why not get you started on that subject?

Teacher: Because I’m liable to take my criticisms up a notch, or THREE: Faster, Higher, and Stronger

The Dirty One    Village 5, Nova Avalon.      Year 17 P.T.E.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Statist Cow-Pies

Garbage in, Garbage out!
Today’s lesson concerns the absolute futility of terrorism as a political tool, exposing it as both an immoral act and just plain dumb-ass illogic, and ultimately, as the inevitable and ugly doo-doo droppings of Statism itself.

Student: Why had there been terrorists in your day?
Teacher: Because of inequity and injustice, because certain violent individuals refused to allow other violent individuals to control them, and perhaps even as a means of intimidation to control others.

Student: I'm confused, are you saying the terrorists were the good guys?

Teacher: No! I’m saying the terrorists were the stupid guys.

Student: Please explain…

Teacher: These subversive individuals believed a fallacy that was very common. They believed that the only way to overcome tyranny was to use force against the tyrants; it was kind of like attacking a black hole with even more energy and somehow expecting to destroy it, crazy eh?

Student: Yeah, but the leaders of the nation states of your day weren’t exactly tyrants, were they?
Teacher: No, but the system was tyrannical. You don’t have to rule with the same absurd brutality of a Stalin, Hitler, Mao or Hussein to be considered tyrannical. All one needs to rule is to obtain a monopoly on violence, which is what all democratically elected governments had in those days. It was very simple, if you didn’t obey the laws the statists created for you, those who did give their consent reserved for themselves the right to use violence against you, under the pretext of 'the will of the majority’, regardless of whether or not the laws being challenged were morally justifiable or not.

Student: So, these so-called terrorists challenged coercive centralized authority by employing their own brand of asymmetric violence, by attacking innocent people when they least expected them to. It's crazy, all they ever achieved was in assisting the coercive centralized authority by justifying its consolidation of more and more power for the state… can you tell me more?

Teacher: When terrorists struck, they struck fear and anger into the hearts of the average citizen, and as a result, the people demanded their authorities take revenge against these evil monsters; we wanted our leaders to protect us from it ever happening again, so we turned to our coercive centralized authority figures to restore for us that lost feeling of security the terrorists had stolen from us... and to exact a harsh vengeance against the perpetrators of these horrific acts of violence.

Student: Well, that’s understandable enough, terrorists cannot be allowed to upset people’s right to live in peace, free of fear.

Teacher: Of course not, but by giving almost limitless power to our coercive centralized authorities, the citizens had rendered themselves less and less free after each ensuing terrorist attack. Even the threat of future attacks were then used as propaganda by the corporate-state run media to consolidate more and more power for itself... and the people had been expected to be greatful for their using of whatever means necessary, including the eventual creation of a quasi-police state, in order to maintain law and order, and bring any evil-doers to justice.

Student: So, I guess, the controllers had a perfect system?! Whenever there was peace, it was attributed to the benevolent and wise leadership of coercive centralized authority figures, and whenever the terrorists would burst that fallacy, the authorities would then swoop in as our saviours, using the horrific event as a means to consolidate more power for the state, hmmmm?!

Teacher: It all came down to our unshakeable belief in authority, the one dominant religion of that time we now refer to as: the great forgetting
Remember, the concept of statism is intimately intertwined with the very notion of power. So long as there’s power available for the taking, there will always be people who will use your own fears against you to grab for themselves even more power; its manipulation 101.
Our human natural tendency to collectivize into tribes, families, or nation states, quickly coalesces to offer the frightened masses an illusion of ‘protection’… and the price of that ‘protection’ is always: one’s own freedom.

Student: I’m sure it must have seemed like a pretty good deal though, in those days.

Teacher: It did, but of course, that was until we experienced our inevitable rendezvous with destiny, which, as you know, changed everything.

Student: So, history didn’t actually need to unfold the way it did, or did it?

Teacher: No, things didn’t have to be the way they were, but our species was far too fearful and ignorant in those days to ever dare to live logically and lovingly. The seeds of our own destruction lay deeply embedded within the manure of our half-baked solutions, largely due to our willful ignorance of causality. Eventually nature, methane, or karma if you prefer, caught up with us, once the proverbial ‘Shit’ hit the metaphorical ‘Fan’.

Student: It was so obvious, terrorism was like some retarded persons attempt to achieve a kind of twisted concept of freedom or justice, or to shift some sort of power balance.

Teacher: That’s right, if you look at all the terror campaigns, they almost always resulted in less freedom for the peoples the terrorists claimed they had been fighting for.

Student: It kind of makes you wonder if some of the coercive centralized authority figures had not actually been orchestrating many of these terror campaigns, to help consolidate more power for themselves and the state.

Teacher: There was ample evidence to suggest that a few were. Covert and compartmentalized intelligence operatives unaccountable to our elected officials had a virtual 'carte-blanche' to do whatever the hell they deemed necessary to service the needs of the state. The belief that the health of the state, or the corportocracy if you will, superseded the interests of the individual, was like a kind of gospel to many. It then became very easy to justify the practice of subversive activities such as: spying programs, arms trading, false flags, sting operations, military industrial complex spending, and the covert arming and funding of ‘rebels’ to help fight greater adversaries and all that… but to speak out against it, in those days, would probably have classified you as a some kind of nutter, or ‘conspiracy theorist’.

Student: A conspiracy what???
Teacher: A pejorative used by statists to ridicule, isolate, and crush informed dissenters.

Student: Wow, everything was a battleground in those days, wasn’t it?

Teacher: There was much at stake, and we damned nearly lossed it all… that was until ‘our inevitable rend

Student: I know, I know… ‘our inevitable rendezvous with destiny’.

Teacher: Any more questions?
Student: Yeah, do you wanna help me build a popsicle -stick model of the trade towers for my physics class ?

Teacher: Sorry friend, I’ve got a cow-pie half-baking in the oven.
The Dirty One     Village 5, Nova Avalon.            Year 17 P.T.E.