Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black Jacques Chalaque

         I decided, while plastering my stairwell this morning, to write about the phenomenon known as 'synchronicity'. I experience synchronicities with great regularity, and I thought I might give my take on them in my next post. 

"That Fifi is quite a gal!"
 So here it is, my next post!  
   Yesterday I was reminiscing about a character in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon called 'Black Jacques Chalaque' (Shellack),  he was a gold prospecting thug and Bugs' nemesis in that particular cartoon, set in the Klondike days of the Yukon.

 I remember this cartoon because of one of Bugs Bunny's famous lines: (phone rings)  "Hey, Black Jacques, it's for you…it's Fifi from Mawntreal!" to which Black Jacques responds: Hellooooo Fifi….(into a phone handle that's nothing more than a stick of dynamite).

 Now, fast forward to a few short minutes ago, a story came to my attention on Yahoo news about president Obama's recent trip to England, and how Scotland Yard, Britain's famous police force, had given President Obama a security codename: "Chalaque".

The name has nothing to do with Bugs Bunny (or so we're not told) and is instead a Punjabi word meaning 'someone who is too clever for their own good' or 'smart alec' or 'someone who is either cheeky, crafty, or cunning'.

 So this, needless to say, was the synchronicity necessary to get the ball rolling on this post.

 Often people ask of synchronicity, "What do they mean?" to which I respond "I don't know!" 

   But maybe we're looking for meaning in all the wrong places, a better question might be: "What is it's purpose?" to which I also respond "I don't know!"

What is the meaning of 'Grass' or 'Water'? there is none, but they have a purpose; water nourishes life, and grass is the beginning of a natural process and is a pre-cursor to weeds, shrubs, and ultimately trees and forests.

 Synchronicity is a real phenomenon, it has been studied in great detail by the brilliant mind of Carl 'old man'Jung. 
It exists in all our lives, yet due to varying levels of attention, is virtually non-existent in the lives of some, whilst at the same time 'dancing a virtual jig' in the lives of others.

 As for it's purpose, we can only speculate, but if you are a spiritual person like me, synchronicity can be an energetic phenomenon which helps to kickstart the creative process, like a kind of 'quantum fire' spurring on an energetic process which can transcend the stasis of mundane human experience.

 It is dismissed by all those self-satisfied 'know it alls' and 'smarty-pants'' who have no interest in recognizing a universe which expands its boundaries, potentially threatening their safe utopia which is the status-quo. The tactic used by these people to negate this expansion is called ridicule, and isolation by judgement.

 We at the abyss like to think we're above all that, so here's to you and YOUR synchronicities, may its energetic properties inspire your lives with magic and awe!

"Find purpose, the means will follow." -Mohandis (Mahatma) Gandhi
Dirty CT   May 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

To The Moon, or Jackie Gliese 581d!

   "Bang! Zoom!… to the moon Alice!" That was a funny line in the mid-twentieth century,
when jokes about spousal abuse and domestic violence were considered to be tasteful instead of being the 'faux-pas'  they are today…so audiences laughed each week as Ralph Kramden would threaten his lovely wife Alice with a sub- orbital launch or better, courtesy of the knuckle sandwich which was his quaking clenched fist.

 Jackie Gleason, the famous comedian who played the role of Ralph Kramden, had the right idea though, not about the use of domestic violence, but of his vision for space travel.

Jackie rises again!
Ten years after The Honeymooners first aired on television, the U.S.A and U.S.S.R. were well on their way to escalating a space race that by the end of the 1960's would put the first men on the moon.

 The Apollo missions, powered by their tremendous Saturn rockets, came to an abrupt end before the 1970's had reached their halfway point. Why?

 Well, these missions were enormously expensive for one, and the Moon was deemed by those at NASA to be a destination of little value. The common belief at the time was that the Americans had succeeded in winning a propaganda war against the Soviets by beating them to the moon. The next missions would be to send manned spacecraft to Mars and beyond.

  Meanwhile, Jackie Gleason would begin to develop a greater connection to the cosmos as he had been given a glimpse of, according to his ex-wife Beverly McKittrick, the deceased bodies of three extra-terrestrial beings at a Florida Air Force Base in 1971.

 He was told that the bodies and debris were from the 'Roswell crash' of 1947. Mr.Gleason's interest in U.F.O's and the paranormal had caused him to ask his 'good friend', then President Richard Nixon, about the validity of the Roswell incident. According to writer Bill Knell, Nixon told Gleason: "Well Jackie, if you can arrange to arrive at MacDill Air Force base in Tampa sometime in the next few days, I'll arrange to have you shown some things that may help answer your questions!"
"Don't make me, Alice!"

I mention this mythological encounter only to weave it into the latest announcement from NASA that exo-planet:  Gliese 581d, orbiting a red dwarf star some twenty light years from Earth, is said to be within what is known as 'the Goldilocks Zone'.

This 'Zone' is an orbital area not so close to it's star that water would boil and turn to vapour, nor too distant that water would then solidify and turn into ice.

 This is exciting news, the only problem is, with our current propulsion systems it would take us about 300 000 years to get there.The only human I know of who could make such a trip, and manage to remain preserved, might be Joan Rivers, or possibly Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Formaldehyde himself, Michael Jackson.

  "If there's a will there's a way"; We can't change the laws of physics, but we might possibly develop spaceships which could travel one tenth the speed of light, or as Scotty on Star Trek would have said "and maybe a wee bit more."

 Our current understanding of quantum physics is lagging, but not beyond a possible breakthrough, given recent findings at CERN and the experiments done with it's Large Hadron Super-Collider, straddling the border between France and Switzerland.

 At this facility, they have recently been testing for the existence of a particle known to physicists as the 'Higgs-Boson', or colloquially known as the 'God particle'. It is said that a verification and understanding of this elusive particle would open up limitless possibilities in quantum science... and could these findings be applied to space travel?…Absolutely! 

 So the question then becomes: Why travel to the stars?  Well for one, it's a little more exciting than spending eternity watching 'Dancing WITH The Stars'. (LOL… I guess?)  Given the problems we face due to a combination of resource scarcity, inevitable overpopulation, climate change and tribal warfare, expansion into the cosmos might be a good idea. A good idea for us at least, but perhaps not the cosmos.

 I know many of us would prefer to naval gaze and focus on all the minutiae of human affairs, which is extremely important, but I'm worried that another century of humans trying to reconcile these 'little things' will most certainly bring on that much talked about 'apocalypse' the religious texts warn us about.

 If Jackie Gleason were alive today, he would probably have been inspired by the possibility of reaching out beyond 'the Moon' and into the heavens, raising the proverbial 'bar', or proverbial 'drink' at the bar, hoisting his proverbial 'glass', and declaring: "How sweet it is!" toasting the discovery of a new Earth-like planet not named in his honour.

Dirty CT  May 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wankers Aweigh!

   Natural selection has struck once again with it's cold and cruel hand.
An Australian boy recently fell to his death from a balcony whilst attempting
'planking', a new craze sweeping a social networking sight called 'Facebook'.

 This 'craze' requires the person to lie like a 'plank' across a surface, and 
then be photographed in order to gain acceptance from that particular social group.

 I remember, courtesy of old 8mm home movies, how I'd attempted my own
version of 'planking' at the Expo'67 world's fair, many many summer's ago,
in the form of a 'personal silent protest'. 
 Happily I perfected my foray into the world of 'passive resistance' by 'mastering'
that particular activity, at the tender age of two and a half, and have been
able to proceed onward in life from that point in time.

 My 'planking' phase, unlike this recent phenomenon, was politically motivated  though;
I simply didn't want to do what my parents wanted me to do 
(in this case: go for a 'ride in the funhouse').

Medieval version of 'planking'?
 This new 'planking' craze seems to have no purpose other than to create a quasi-tribal 'sense of belonging', as strangers share pictures of one another performing the act of 'planking', which I point out, for the purposes of this post, rhymes with 'wanking'.

 I don't know about you, but when I'm 'bored', the last thing I want to do is pretend I'm a 'board', and 'wanking' will ALWAYS be the preferred activity over 'planking'.

 I don't want to belabour the 'planking' phenomenon anymore. This young man's death is yet another tragedy brought on by youthful misadventure, and is representative of an ennui that has settled into
our bored society. 
BUT, I DO, however, want to talk about 'WANKING'..., that much maligned willful self-indulgence and rarely admitted to, last refuge of the truly 'sane'.

 A man has four basic needs for survival, a roof over his head, food in his
tummy, his sacred cock, and an even more expansive imagination. It is for this
reason that 'wanking', or 'jerking off', is viewed by many to be an act of subversion.

 Food and shelter can be controlled by external forces, and therefore so can YOU...
BUT, 'wanking' is UNIQUE, it is one human pleasure which is completely
personal, doesn't fall under any government jurisdiction, and is absolutely free!
'Wanking' can be a tremendous stress release which, in turn, allows our brains
to produce, and thus reward our bodies with, all sorts of good and natural 

 I can think of no other activity which allows for a deeper level of awake meditative
experience, whilst being a portal to greater self-knowledge and philosophical understanding.

 'Wanking' is absolutely 'free of charge', disturbs no one, is un-regulated, pleasurable,
healthy, and produces no waste material that's harmful to the environment.
Let's face it, 'wanking' is GREEN!

The controllers and regulators of our society despise masturbation, 'cause they 
ain't yet found a way for them to profit from all this 'rubbin an' tuggin'.

 Pornography exist for those lumpenproles incapable of conjuring up sensual imagery 
and complex erotic scenarios using only the limits of their limited imaginations.
This seems to be one of the only ways profiteers have managed to 'muscle' their way into, 
and get a piece of, the 'wanking' market.

 One of the few tactics the controllers and profiteers make available to deny us the god given
gift of 'wanking', is to plant 'seeds of doubt' into our minds, in order to socially ostracize and 
ridicule those who 'act on their own accord'.

 It used to be a 'SIN' to 'WANK', once upon a time, when societal norms were decreed by the 
members of the clergy, but now, the lords of the new church, those using the same tactics of
social isolation, are the aloof and unsmiling hipsters referred to as 'cool people'.(see previous blog post)

So let's altogether sing the same song sung by sailors studying seafaring at the Naval Academies of yore...
"Come, all you wannabees...Wankers Aweigh!"-

Dirty CT May 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Back To Cool Special

 The beautiful warm days of spring have returned once again, bringing
with them flowers and green sprouts, and chirping birds.  Another thing of
notice which has also returned is the re-emergence of 'cool people'.
Yes, that's right,  those chilled out perennials who disappear from sight in
the cold damp days of autumn only to return with the opening of outdoor
terraces during the good weather.

Why am I celebrating this annual  phenomenon? Well, in case you didn't
know, 'cool people' play an important role in our cultural ecosystem.
You may be irritated by them, like those who find squirrels, seagulls or 
racoons annoying, but you must remember, these scavengers thrive
because of an adequate food source. All life thrives when there is a
Reposez-vous la-dessus, alors!
bounty of sustenance, and for 'cool people'  this is certainly no exception.

 The development of coolness within social groups usually begins to
galvanize during the high school years when 'popular' kids pair off
and break away from others who just don't seem to 'get it'.  These outcasts
loners and oddballs are then defined by 'cool people' to be 'Losers'.
For those unable to fit in, life goes on, and they learn to have happy
and fulfilling lives despite rejection from the select few, others however
don't have a strong enough sense of self and eventually turn into complete

Despite their often despotic judgements of others, I still love 'cool people',
in small doses though, they are actually fun to be around individually,
collectively however, they can often take on a very distasteful
manner. This particularly nasty side of that culture has caused me to develop an
'LCT' (low cool threshold) which allows me to able to absorb some benefits without being at the mercy of all their laws, restrictions and judgements.

 Cool people live mostly in large cities and towns, they do this because
they drive the engine, and are sustained by,  leisure culture.
The artificial environments of cities allow humans to live lives of comfort
and consumption, and thus to socialize with others like themselves.
For 'cool people' this is an environment in which they can thrive. In cities,
we have art galleries, festivals, pubs, bars and clubs, sporting venues, 
expensive restaurants, and cafes in neighbourhoods with interesting
architecture; all friendly environments for 'cool people'.

 During the cold winter months, 'cool people' hibernate indoors and/or
travel to warmer climates.  Those who travel are able to congregate
with 'cool people' from other parts of other cultures, perhaps to exchange
'cool ideas', some knowledge or experience they can take back to their
own 'cool culture' and share with other 'cool people' thus increasing their
status, or at least keeping up with, others within the local 'cool' community.

One of the most important rules of 'cool culture' is not to acknowledge
it's existence or ones own participation in it, it just IS, any self-conscious 
recognition of it is a 'faux-pas' which risks ostracizing you from good standing
within the desired community. Even the act of writing this piece jeopardizes my
chances of acceptance into 'cool culture' although I'm sure there will be
a few who might lobby on my behalf.

There are simple ways of detecting 'cool people', so here's a list of some of
their more noteworthy characteristics.

1. An aloof or dispassionate demeanour, this is designed to give the impression
indifference, as if to communicate that the person is not easily excited, or
swayed by the distractions of someone with base interests or weak attention.
it also mimics the behaviour of 'alpha males' who present an image of disinterest
due to their lack of fear and neuroses.

2. Sunglasses, (often perched atop the head) and other props such as cell phones,
cigarettes (now to a lesser extent) strategically placed tattoos (now to a greater extent)
and piercings, help to give the 'cool person' a look that says: "I'm like you, but different".

3. Acting in an un self-conscious manner gives the cool person a defence against
judgement. This is probably the most endearing and beneficial attribute of cool people.
because even if the person isn't naturally un self-conscious, acting this way can
be good practice in cultivating a relaxed disposition.

4. 'Cool people' like to punctuate their vocabulary with words from other languages.
You will recognize them for their use of expressions like "Ciao", "Ola", and "Touchez"
whilst referencing terms such as 'Gestalt' and 'Zeitgeist'.

5. The pack mentality allows for a 'laissez-faire' (foreign language reference)
appearance of what is actually a highly ordered culture. The 'click' is centred
around those at the top of cool stratum (another foreign language reference) 
supported by those who are allowed into the community by virtue of being able
to mimic the characteristics of 'cooldom'  without threatening those at the highest
levels of the 'cool stratum'. This has the dual benefit of supporting the grandeur
of those at the top, while benefitting from the trickle down perks of being associated
with them, ie: being invited to parties and other social engagements they would
otherwise never be able to attend. They have friends who do not fit into cool circles,
and are often torn trying to reconcile the 'goodness' of their 'Loser' friends, without
risking a potential banishment from the greater 'cool whole' should they attempt to
introduce these misanthropes into the group at large.

6. The three 'H's', Hey's, Hugs, and Handshakes. 'Cool people' don't like to say "Hi", for some reason,
so they opt for the next best term which is "Hey" it's a little less intimate, and cheerfully distant.
Hugs are important, but not one that's too passionate, a simple tepid hug is more than enough.
and finally Handshakes are very important, but not the kind civilized men have been exchanging
for centuries, but more of unique manual contact, often involving clenched fists, or hard clasping
of upright palms (think arm wrestling).

So there you have it, my analysis on 'cool people' and the important role they play
in our society. Until my next 'blog post' this is Dirty CT saying "Ciao"!

Dirty CT May 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Al Qaeda's Anonymous

You only live twice!
  I don't want to make light of a serious subject, but...
sometimes we humans must find a way to snatch laughter from the jaws
of terror, and joy from the clutches of despair.
All this is a way of pressing the 'reset button' so that we may move forward,
free from the carcinogenic effects of anger and stress.

 In a perfect world, one could have paid a visit this week to your local
chapter of Al Qaeda's Anonymous. Once there you might have witnessed
a solemn bearded man standing before a humble gathering of fellow
'terrorists', with lip quivering, and perhaps mildly sweating, preparing to make some kind of statement or
confession. With his voice cracking and feet shuffling, the man would
have then declared to his comrades: "My name is Osama, and I'm an Al Qa-holic!"

 This 'coming out' would have been a catharsis with the potential to heal wounds
from Washington to Waziristan.

 Now, all we have are stories of a shrouded Bin Laden dumped into the sea.
The US president is claiming he can verify the pictures of a 'killed Bin Laden',
while 'the conspiracy theorists' continue to dispute how and when Osama died.
It's enough to make your head spin; I guess that's why they call it 'spin'.

Pressure will continue to mount on President Obama to release the photographs
of Bin Laden, and no doubt there will be much resistance and debate, personally
I don't see any benefit in displaying photos of a bullet ridden corpse, it will upset
the meek and enrage the vengeful. However, like with the pressure to release images
of that plane flying into the Pentagon on 9/11, This will probably lead to some form
of reluctant disclosure on behalf of the White House, and like the Pentagon images,
leave even more questions unanswered.

 So next will surely come the reports of of 'Osama sightings' and possibly even new
videos claiming that the Nobel Peace Prize winning president had failed in his
attempt to execute state sponsored murder. There will be claims, and possibly new
aggressions attributed to a resurrected Osama, or even simple stories of him lying
on a beach in some country worthy of a US invasion.

 There are rumours swirling around that Bin Laden died 'years ago' of kidney
failure. Benazir Bhutto identified the name of 'the man who killed Osama Bin
Laden' in a David Frost interview not long before she was assassinated. Now
Steve Pieczenik, former government aide under five presidents (Nixon to Clinton)
says Bin Laden died nine years ago from a rare genetic disease, and that the
events of last weekend was nothing more than 'theater'. My gut tells me that
Pieczenik is an unwitting dis-informant, fed lies to him by his insider sources,
and that the reality of the situation is much closer to what Ms.Bhutto was trying
to tell us.

  Once the photos are released, claims will be that the body had been kept 'on ice'
for all these years, and mistrust will continue to fester, like in the case with Hitler's
death (also on May 1st) or like the confusion surrounding the Kennedy assassination(s).

 If only we could find a way to reconcile our idealogical differences, East and West,
instead of waging war in this seemingly endless battle between the Narcissists and
Sociopaths, if only...

Dirty CT May 2011

Link to US Military video (you decide):

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Osama's Been Obama's Sin

  As I write, the now briny body of Osama Bin Laden sinks deeper and deeper
into the abyss of the Arabian sea. So I think it is only fitting that we consider 
Osama's Been
renaming that body of the Indian Ocean to either 'The Gulf of Bin Laden', or
the 'Osama sea'

A big problem with 'rough justice' is that it becomes relative to what you believe
'good' to be.
In the mind of Osama, the U.S. was 'evil' because it supported immoral and unjust 
regimes who prostituted themselves for 'oil money'. Therefore attacking symbolic
targets and killing those inside seemed like a 'just' cause to him.
In the mind of Obama though, Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and groups like the Taliban who 
support them, are 'evil' by virtue of the violent methods used to obtain their objectives.

Who is right? Well, I wouldn't want to be living in a Taliban controlled society, one where
the slightest deviation from their authority can put a quick end to ones life and 'liberty'.
So it's important for us to be vigilant so that our officials do not begin to adopt extremist
Obama's Sin
policies in reaction to systemic decadence. Remember, the Taliban rose to power as an 
overreaction to the injustices and abuses of corrupt Afghani warlords and oligarchs.

The issue of state sponsored murder to achieve 'justice' is a product of our less civilized
animalistic nature. It comes deep from the depths of our past, born from a primal rage, 
and is therefore not a conscious human decision, but a reactive one , as it doesn't 
represent any aspect of moral progress. 
An 'eye for an eye' always insures a retaliation from ones barbaric enemy, charged with 
the same conviction used to inflict it's perverted 'justice'.

 Extra-judicial killings are the geopolitical version of the death penalty, a method of 'justice' 
used only in the most uncivilized and autocratic societies on earth.
Of course, if someone hurts you, you want to hurt them right back, that's a natural human 
response, and to do it in such a way that the perpetrator will never hurt you again.
The role of civilized nations is to hold a higher moral standard than those of it's barbaric
foe, and set an example to other nations by NOT using to the same crude methods;
perversions of justice.

 Anyone who thinks that the killing of Bin laden or thousands of Al Qaeda is proper
'justice' for those killed on 9/11 needs to have their heads, or should I say hearts, examined,
It's simply vengeance, and the political gains by these actions are reprehensible.
No act of retribution will ever bring the beloved deceased back to us, therefore there
can never be justice when humans have been killed, so forget about that concept and 
hope there is a god or some karmic mechanism to deal with these aberrations.  

As for eradicating evil from the world, or even keeping 'the wolves at bay', well, as long
as there are 'haves and have nots' and power hungry individuals poised to exploit this
angst for political gain…good luck!  
As it stands now, President Obama is refusing to release photos of the 'dead Bin Laden'
as they've been deemed risks to US national security…in other words, the truth would
threaten lives and lies, but whose lives, and whose lies really, those in power, perhaps?

These people at the extremities of this dualistic tension are mirror images of one another.
We have a situation in the world where it's the 'Good' bad guys versus the 'Bad' bad guys.
and 6.? billions souls caught in the middle.

I am a believer in the merits and brilliance of this society we call 'western culture'.
However, there are many other societies who have different ways, and offer merit
and brilliance. To continue  engaging in tribalistic tit for tat warfare will only ensure that 
our species will lose it's right to reign this planet, all for the sake of idealism and political 

Dirty CT  May 2011
                                                    Obama's Speech On The 'Killing' Of Osama
                                                             Jan Irvin's "Pop-Up Fallacies"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bin Laden's Dead? Redux

 Last we checked in, Osama Bin Laden had been killed by navy Seals
in a raid at Abbottabad. The French news is making claims that some
guy named 'Ben Laden' has been killed (must be his brother).
He was unarmed (which means he wasn't holding a 'box cutter')
and his body was then hastily flown some 1000 kilometers to
the deck of the USS Carl Vinson, patrolling the Arabian sea, where he was
Has Bin
shrouded and given a proper burial in keeping with Islamic tradition.

Since when did the U.S. Navy begin a policy of giving 'enemy combatants'
proper burials? Why the special treatment? Were they honouring the man
for his tactical brilliance or just his plain 'chutzpah'?

We know that Osama Bin Laden was on the C.I.A. payroll when he led
his Mujahedeen fighters to help defeat those evil Soviets.
Perhaps they were honouring him for all the good things he did for
America, but I'm at a loss to understand how a person who supposedly
orchestrated the worst terrorist incident on American soil can receive
such a distinguished farewell.

The reason given for not wanting a land burial was so that the grave would
not become a shrine for terrorists...well why not?  Wouldn't it be better that way?
Wouldn't it then be easier to identify terrorists and Bin Laden sympathizers?
Wouldn't it then be much easier to identify the troublemakers? Arrests would
certainly follow, and a whole whack of money and time could be saved fighting
the 'war on terra', but maybe that's too easy. If they set up a shrine for him,
like the one they have for Jim Morrison at the Pere Lachaise cemetary in
Paris, they could catch Al Qaeda's by the truckload!

Osama was only 'believed to be' the mastermind behind 9/11, much like
H.I.V. is the virus 'believed' to cause AIDS, but the real murderers are
the ones who destroyed those buildings on that day ten years ago, with all those
sacred lives inside them. This does not in anyway excuse Bin Laden if in
fact he was involved, but human beings must take responsibility for their
own actions, even when doing the bidding of those higher up in the
echelons of political power.

The rejoicing we've witnessed, courtesy of our corporate media, has
been the result of a ten year 'waiting to exhale'. Now 'dead' Osama
Bin Laden, that muslim monster with the pleasant face, is supposed to
be permanently neutralized, and the world a 'safer place'.
But tourist areas and airports around the world are on 'high alert'
for fear of reprisals. So he's a threat whether he's alive or 'dead'.
Just one of the pitfalls of creating a martyr, I guess.

And what of Obama? whose name linguistically differs from Osama's
with the letters 'BS'?   Unfortunately I feel this propaganda stunt is
just a lot of 'BS'! some think that this political assassination will rescue
Obama at the polls, and translate into a second term of office in 2012.
I just hope to god that Al Qaeda doesn't have other plans for him, 'cause
if they do, we could see the whole tinderbox ignite, and a loooong dark
night would descend upon this world of ours.

In such a worst case scenario, there will be cries to curb freedoms by
tightening 'security', but all 'security' has ever gotten us is a never
ending rabbits hole of more 'security', and more dastardly ways to
breach that 'security'.

One way of looking at the picture is this...the Afghanistan and Iraq
wars have been dismal failures, by killing Osama, they can save face
get a sense of 'closure', so that they need not expend anymore of their
overstretched military fighting un-winable wars, now focusing
their fighting on another bogeyman, Gaddafi.

A few months before she was assassinated, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan
had mentioned to British interviewer David Frost the identity of the man
who killed Osama Bin Laden...Frost ignored her! maybe he couldn't
process what she was saying, because her delivery was so 'matter of fact',
and that statement came way back in 2007.
So the BIG question seems to be, is the man really 'dead', or are there
some surprises yet in store for the unwitting public?
Will we soon be flooded with Bin Laden sightings at some Wal-Mart in North Dakota?
for this and other stories tune in again next week...saaame 'Bin' time, saaaame 'Bin' channel!

Dirty CT May 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ding Dong Bin Laden's Dead?

Have you heard the news?...There's good rockin' tonight!
Shroud of Turin
Have you heard the news today...Obama Bin..sorry,
Osama Bin Laden has been killed! Although the body was
'dumped at sea', we'll just have to take this news on 'good faith'.
He was the man believed to be (although he was never formerly
charged with the crime...the F.B.I. did not have enough hard evidence linking him and
 9/11 to present to the Justice Department) the mastermind behind the September 11 2001
terror attacks that killed more than 2001 civilians on that terrible day.

 Known to some as Tim Osman, a name he supposedly used while
while living in Sweden, Osama Bin Laden was the 'Black Sheep' of
the immensely wealthy Bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia.

 Armed with his millions, and his merry band of zealots, he chose to live
 in a cave in a land that more resembled the 'Bug Planet' in the movie
'Starship Troopers'. From that location he was able (or so the theory goes)
 to mastermind the 9/11 attacks by sending nineteen terrorists halfway across
the world and "fly planes into" some of the most important and 'secure' buildings
in what was then the most powerful nation on earth, the U.S.A.
shrouded too in
He was so clever, that his men were able to breach the most 'secure'
airspace in the world, and undress NORAD air 'security' using a only a handful of
'box cutters'.

 In keeping with the official narrative, the 'Wicked Witch of the East' is 'dead',
now Dorothy must focus her attentions on the 'Wicked Witch of the West'...
Gaddafi Duck perhaps!

 Osama 'entertained' us too, with his many 'videos' boasting how he would next
punish the West. Although he seemed to be 'chameleon like' in appearance.
there was little doubt the man in those videos was actually Osama, right?

 I'm saddened by his passing, 'cause I often hoped that one day
he would 'give up' his terrorist ways and begin issuing a series of 'work-out'
videos, you know, videos of stretching exercizes designed for people
living in cramped spaces. Or maybe a series of 'golfing videos', an Islamist
answer to Tim Conway's 'Dorf On Golf' series.

 I mentioned the movie 'Starship Troopers' which I always found to be an
"I'll fix you my pretty"
interesting parallell to the 'events of 911'.

If you remember the Paul Verhoven movie from the late 90's, where a nation of
'beautiful and dutiful' soldiers head off to fight a war halfway across the galaxy,
based on the premise that, as told to them by their state sponsored media, a planet
of cave dwelling bugs had somehow managed to propel an asteroid light years
across the galaxy, evading space security, in order to bombard the earth with debris.
This vicious and unprovoked attack gave the young space cadets a sense
of purpose as they blasted off to fight their version of the 'war on terror'.

 Speaking of the 'War on Terra', it continues unabated, escalating, to serve the needs of the shareholders
of the military industrial complex.
'Collateral dammage' piles up as dehumanizing suffering and civilian deaths continue to mount pressure
on local authorities, whilst breathing purpose into the cause of 'thugs' who have nothing better to do
with their lives than wage war with nowhere to flee.
For every 'Al-Qaeda' killed, there are many more future insurgents being born this very day,
and many more turning 5,16, 18, or whatever age necessary to continue fighting for 'their holy cause'.

 The Death of Osama Bin Laden is not a cause for celebration, anymore than
the deaths of all those Al-Qaeda 'number two' operatives killed over the years were,
nor the capture of Barak Hussein..oops, I mean Saddam Hussein, and the killing of
his evil sons Uday and Qusay, or the killing of Abu Musab Al Zaquari
(aka MABUS) or the eventual killing of Gadaffi duck, because let's get real, it wont end the
misery, war crimes like political assassinations never do. These killings will make martyrs
of the dead, and perhaps help alleviate a bit of humiliation among the collective naive, but
the 'war on terra' will continue, in the name of profit, and the freedoms that our forefathers
fought for will continue to erode, in order to protect a perceived security, the security provided by
unfettered consumption.

 Now with currencies debased, due to QE2 and the excess flooding of money into financial
markets, taxpayers swamped by trillions of debt, combined with the rising cost of commodities
and a 'fool's market' fueled by low interest rates, those nations now 'secure to consume' will
most probably soon lose even that one luxury as it's final legacy... blame Osama!
                                                                                      Dirty CT   May 2011