Monday, January 23, 2012

Earth Sounds (in Sensurround!)

"Sounds like a plan!"
Did you hear that? It stopped!   No wait, there it is again!  What ARE those sounds?

Thank god for the internet, before it set up camp and began to 'occupy' our lives in the mid-1990's, a phenomenon like this had little chance of gaining any traction in the public consciousness. What phenomenon do I speak of? I'm talking about the mysterious 'Earth noise phenomenon' that is being heard globally, from places like Kitchener to Kiev, from Borneo to Budapest.

If you haven't heard of this phenomenon, that's okay, It probably means you're leading a busy life, are getting laid, or have a dysfunctional gambling addiction. For the rest of us who are aware of this new phenomenon, "we'se gots somes serious questions", in this latest instalment of 'mysteries to keep nerdy losers preoccupied'. Last year it was the sudden and mysterious appearance of flocks of dead birds, and schools of fish. (you can read my thoughts on that topic HERE  )

Now that the mystery of the dead birdies has lost momentum, a new one has stepped forward to supplant it. So what is this phenomenon? I don't know, but maybe somebody does, the only thing dummies like me can do is 'speculate' along with the rest of the unwashed masses.

The sounds that are being heard don't seem to be coming from any place in particular; they seem to be coming from 'everywhere and nowhere', assuming we are to take the many YouTube clips at face value.

Might it be some kind of elaborate hoax or psy-op? Possibly, assuming someone wanted to foment a sense of dread among us apocalyptian folk. Some well funded individuals travelling the world with powerful acoustic audio equipment accompanied with generators projecting haunting and dislocated sounds in remote places could be responsible. And then by videotaping the experience haphazardly adding to the apparent authenticity of these acoustic anomalies, and uploading them to YouTube, they could create the impression of some impending 'Earth changing event'. 

Some have speculated this is being done as an elaborate media-publicity stunt for an upcoming 'horror film'. Perhaps it's based on that series of novellas by 'Various Political Puppets'  or the short story 'Iran Frightens Me' by Steven Harper.

All joking aside, there does remain the outside possibility that this phenomenon is something worthy of deeper consideration. Is the military conducting EMP experiments via their HAARP technology in Alaska, in order to disrupt the Earth's tectonic plates, or perhaps as some kind of sonic resonance imaging in order to gauge and/or search for any new oil reserves? All one needs to fill the void is a semi-coherent blogpage and an active imagination.

Will this phenomenon endure, much as the crop circle phenomenon has outlived the belief that 'it's all made by a bunch of drunks with boards and rope'? Or will it pass the way of the 'mysterious drones', which appeared throughout the US in 2007 and not seen much since then?

Even if I, or anyone reading this, is ever so fortunate as to hear these Earth sounds for themselves, how would we know WHAT it is we've heard? What is the source of the sounds? Could we probably narrow down the possibilities through a process of apophatic negation?  However, if the noises are being transmitted by the Earth itself, then our hopes of understanding the truth is at the mercy and caprices of whatever the 'experts' decide is the cause.

In the meantime, I have more important things to tend to, like my dysfunctional gambling addiction. But if the sounds turn out to presage a Mayan Apocalypse of sorts, then let's hope those 'evil Iranians' don't take it upon themselves to crash the Mayan's well planned party.

Dirty CT   January 2012

                                                                                   Mysterious Sounds!
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Denial Is Not A River In Egypt!

Upper Denial, Lower Denial

No, the world is not headed for an economic apocalypse, the insurmountable debt of nations isn't going to collapse the credit default swap market, imploding the debt ceiling and come crashing down on us all, no no!

European leaders are not throwing good money after bad in order to calm markets so that investors will feel confident enough to invest in and keep the elaborate 'Ponzi scheme' driving the heart of the Keynesian economic theory going. And all this financial turmoil has nothing to do with the dwindling resource which has been cheap and easily accessible oil, no no. and desperation to compensate for this depletion is not driving oil companies, spearheaded by well paid political lobbyists, to promote the perilous endeavour of deep-water drilling and fracking in a desperate attempt to keep this aforementioned economic system going, no no!

All these reckless ventures are not putting our planet's eco-system in danger in any way. Human's are not accelerating climate change due to massive CO-2 emissions, no no. Political opportunists aren't seizing upon this data to implement tight economic and social control, they're not hiding behind GREEN agendas to promote their autocratic and idealistic policies, no no!

Gold and Silver are not soaring because the U.S.Dollar has been overinflated due to the excess printing (and non-printing) of it's currency by the Federal Reserve's QE1 QE2 and now QE3 schemes, no no!

The recent climbs in the world stock markets since the collapse of 2008 has nothing to do with empty stimulus money injected into the system like some kind of schemotherapy borrowed against the surging national debt. and it has absolutely nothing to do with virtually invisible interest rates, no!

Don't worry though, the leader's of Western nations are not trying to start a war with Iran, no no, they're NOT trying to do that, no, they're not trying to create such a chaotic situation as to obfuscate the problems created by all our insurmountable debt. And Iran is not playing into this plan perfectly. No, they're not going to execute an ex-CIA spy, they're not going to create more U.S. outrage among it's hawkish Neo-Cons both on the Right AND Left. They're not going to covertly support Syria's leader Assad in his attempt to crush insurrection and dissent in his country. And all those Muslim countries which were ruled by Western funded dictators will not slip into Islamic states due to the enormous 'power vacuum' existing in those battered countries, no no!

The Chinese and Russians are not going to come to the defence of Iran should the West declare war, and that won't precipitate more wars in the region spreading to the already politically tenuous and nuclear armed Pakistan, which could in turn create a scenario which will make everybody, especially India, forget about their debts, no! Once the radioactive dust settles, we won't, assuming anybody is still alive, have to use a new global currency based in a comprehensive bio-metric identity system designed to make people more controllable, no no!

Israel isn't in a state of entropic decline due to the over-militarization of it's paranoid police state. It hasn't fallen into disfavour due to the reprehensible treatment of it's indigenous peoples, and the building of de-facto open air prisons in the name of it's own 'security' (U.S. ditto!), no no! Those contracts aren't going to fund the military industrial complex, no!

People aren't getting tired of having their hard earned savings and social programs sacrificed to serve as 'corporate welfare' and pay large bonus' to Bankers, no no! They're not fed up with having their public treasuries gambled away, and redirected into the pockets of investors of weapons manufacturers and rebuilders of war-zones, no!

The Greek's and Italian haven't lost their democracies, they are not getting their marching orders from technocrats who will dictate the economic austerity to these nations regardless of whatever form of government they chose to elect. The people of those once prosperous nations aren't being sacrificed for the rule of an Oligarch elite, who will, despite their drastic social cuts, spend even more non-existent money on it's military to help secure order in countries whose citizens justly protest this egregious contempt of human dignity, no no!

The next 'Flu' scare isn't going to frighten global governments into giving large contracts to international pharmaceutical giants to pay for the development of vaccines which will kill and maim even more in the name of 'prevention', no no, not like it did during 'ye-olde swine flu' outbreak which happened right as markets collapsed to a near low of Dow 6000 in March of 2009, no!

The U.S. has not abandoned it's republic for the immediate gratification of empire, and the elites in business and finance have not prostituted themselves to cash in on this unsustainable illusion of prosperity, no no. And the leader's of other nations are not puppets who are marching lockstep with this frightening agenda. Terrorist organizations would never be funded by covert interests working within the highly secret and compartmentalized intelligence agencies to help justify and advance a 'one world
government', no!

The media is not owned by a handful of people, and those at the top of this empire don't hire like-minded people who will help shape public perceptions of world events and individual and social morality through news-media and pop culture. Societal decay is not due to the exponential increase in 'Man's laws' whilst negating, and relegating to debate, the importance of our unwritten moral laws, no no!

The 'Occupy Wall Street' movement is dead and won't come back in some new mutated strain that will make us long for the warm and fuzzy days of 'Hippy Tent' cities. The dismissive attitude of the so-called 1% is not acting as a fuel which will enrage these protesters even more. Opportunists are not going to seize upon this climate of discontent as a platform to propel their self-interests forward, and propose and possibly impose their unique version of dystopia, no no!

Extremism in Politics is not holistic in all cultures now, Countries seeking to crush undesirable extremists are not becoming the beasts they hate so much, no, and violence, intolerance and hatred are not a vibration, no no. The more one tries to destroy something the more energy one gives it is such an impossibly simple concept to understand, human beings could never understand such a simple truth, no no, never!

Dirty CT January 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oracle Twenty-Twelve

"Th the th the th that's all folks!"

I'm going to attempt to make some predictions for this upcoming year, but I must warn you they may not be a vision you may want to see. I have consulted the Oracle, which occupies the inner space between intuition and mind to bring you my dire prophetic visions.

My predictions are written in 'quatrains' so that they may reside in superposition and not be drawn into particulate form. This is a type of quantum poetry which is not scientifically verifiable, in that it harmonizes only with spirit.

While many are celebrating the new year with giddy optimism, venerating the golden calf and hoisting it above virtue, most are fools who have not done the spiritual work necessary to adjust to the great changes I see coming this year. I don't think anybody expects the world to come to an end in 2012, but I believe the Mayan's will be proven right as their prophetic calendar heralds a time of great change. 

Those who have devoted their lives to the construction and cultivation of their narcissistic utopias are in for a rough ride in 2012. Many will ultimately find the spiritual fortitude necessary to make the required leap in consciousness, however many will not, and their inability to cope with this paradigm shift will be a result of their spiritual negation as a result of inattentiveness to their own soul.

Here are my quatrains (in no specific order)

In the first quarter, much trouble in europa
the waters of the well become parched
division rules the new empire
driving a wedge between the Saxons and the Gauls

How fragile a friendship, a partnership, sinks
red storm rises from antiquity
wave upon wave swamps the shiny utopia
and a call to arms to combat this betrayal

a virus, a pestilence, cascades throughout continents
foul odour, and feathers fly
it will move faster than our resolve
not a nation or island will be spared

Three Fighting princes, warring benefactors
dented democracy red white and blue
a dark figure with light appearance
misguides, malignant, majestic

Rings once linked are now apart
the great one turns their back on gold
accusations from electronic wire
shame, and blame, Britannia  

An ancient conflict is resurrected
two brothers to war
betrayal from an ally is the spark
new friend exchanged for old

Heat, great heat, washes over
magnetic reversal rehearsal
sizzled circuits and confusion
as Sol continues to shine

Hunger reigns
a few chose callousness
the multitudes rise
engulfing avarice

( more!)

before the last day
a humming will be heard
a buzzing and a light
and then…a hush!

Dirty CT   January 2012