Staring From The Abyss

Staring From The Abyss
run between December 2010 and April 2011
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April 2011
 Exodus Revisited

March 2011

Follow The Leaders

 What Will You Do When TSHTF? (Domino Effect part2)

February 2011

Domino Effect

Soul Walker Revisited

Osiris And Friends

January 2011

Baby Doc, Anyone?

A Fairytale Fable

Underdog Nationalism

And Birds Might Fall From Black Skies

Balloon Economy

December 2010

Richard Kimble: The Fugitive

What Happened To Those Darn Pandemics Anyway?

The Inner Light

Defying The Tanks

2012, Two Years From Today


Battling Tops 2.0

Mr.Cantona, Would You Like Your Money In Twenties?

More Wiki Weirdness

The Word "Dirty"

Galloway Thread

The Phew, The Psad, The Pseudo Elite

Dirty CT's Economic Outlook For 2011 and Beyond!

Human Decision Required

About Staring from the Abyss

Staring from the Abyss

Welcome, from your facilitators Chris Taylor and Pierre Duranleau: We are one, we are the future, we are the past, and now we are staring from the abyss. What is the abyss? If you don't know, then you haven't yet arrived. We will give you a glimpse though, imagine a world where every decision seemed to leed you down a path further and further away from where you thought you were going, only to find that your life turned out nothing like you ever imagined it would. It happens sooner in life for some, and for others the paradigm shift occurs much later. Pull up a chair, stand on your head, just relax and feel free to make mistakes, you will not be judged, only encouraged to correct them. Agree or disagree, it doesn't matter, we are building this site on thoughts.(all thoughts put forward in writing are a reflection of what we believed at the time of posting, and may not reflect our views at the moment)



Shallow Thought!

Anxiety is the result of disrespecting the present moment, and giving the future more than it deserves

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