Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wizard of Oz 2.0 (part 2)

Still no Lion

It was often wondered why certain societies had given up their revolutionary spirit, until it was identified that the spirit of revolution did not come when a Tin-Man's liberties were being revoked, it came when the ability to afford the very basics (like the food we eat) had become virtually unaffordable.

A drought the previous summer in America was about to make food staples virtually invisible in Asia and Africa. The Wicked Witch's speculators had been poised to drive the prices of these precious commodities through the thatched roof of a third world village mud-hut… enter the Cowardly Lion.

The Cowardly Lion
The Cowardly Lion of corporate media (and other assorted political clowns), continued their appeasement of the Wicked Witch, and had been conspicuously uncritical of war crimes committed by tribal thugs terrorizing the 'Holy Land'. A highly militaristic regime had also been engaging their tribal imperative in order to cull the region's indigenous population, herding the lot into an open air city-prison, strangling relief aid, and wantonly killing these impoverished souls in a turf war at a rate of something like thirty to one. Nobody fighting the conflict gave much thought to those caught in the crossfire, as their methods and actions insured that the suffering would continue to escalate. 

As the Cowardly Lion quivered in fear, effectively paralyzed by these and other injustices, it was quickly surfacing that many highly respected individuals situated at the epicentre of the green faced Witch's power structure had rather fancied the company of children. Conveniently oblivious to the clumsy rush to cover-up these heinous systemic activities, the Cowardly Lion had at least remained consistent in their failure to properly investigate true culpability.

Mutual of Obama's Wild Kingdom
Over in the USA, talk was mounting about a possible secessionist movement, mostly by disgruntled 'Patriots' who objected to policies laid out by their newly elected president: Mr. B. Hussein Obama (his campaign funded heavily by none other than the Wicked Witch herself). His continuous bailouts and protection money to the Witch's minions, combined with an immoral drone war halfway across the globe, came at the expense of a dwindling public treasury, which was escalating an already sixteen-trillions dollars in national debt. 

At the same time, BHK chose to further shred the Bill of Rights and invoke supernatural powers on behalf of organizations and private contractors employed by the national security state. He signed into law something called the NDAA, a bill giving the President 'special powers' (such as the authority to imprison any american without due process). and thank God the people pushed back! 

Wicked Ways
All this nonsense was happening because terrorists had long since been funded by the Wicked Witch to overthrow former allied dictators in geo-politically strategic regions of the globe. This was done so these unsavoury 'revolutionaries' could later be used as a 'common enemy' to be defeated, once it became politically opportunistic to do so (all the while reaping huge profits for the Witch's minions in the form of military, security and reconstruction contracts).

The enabling of terrorism, funded covertly by the Wicked Witch of the West, and the fostering of a defenceless public's fear of these desperate monsters, was later used by her power-worshiping minions as justification to build a tighter security complex within so-called 'free' western nations.  Over in the troubled lands in question, the Wicked Witch would once again offer to rebuild these decimated war-zones (which was just another way of misallocating public funds to the "too-big-to-fail" corporations which supported her rule).  

The Witch was now putting pressure on the leaders of her western empire to strike out against a half-baked energy program in a non-compliant country halfway around the world (possibly as a pretext to start another illegal resource war). Meanwhile, over in Europa (the world's largest economy), she was giving her Troikas carte-blanche to sodomize small nation states with crippling austerity measures, already bound and gagged by un-repayable bailout debt…and the internal hemorraging was beginning to take it's toll.

Field Of Poppies
Using 'the carrot of economic growth', and 'the stick of our deepest collective fears' as a mechanism of societal control, the Wicked Witch was scheming to consume the entirety of the land of Oz.  Along with a culture already deeply entranced by Hollywood spectacle, and other levels of profound distraction, Dorothy had fallen fast asleep in a metaphorical field of poppies;  it was going to take a lot more than a few clicks of her ruby slippers to wake her.

Future CT     Village 5,  Nova Avalon.       Year 17 P.T.E.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wizard of Oz 2.0 (part 1)

Cowardly Lion not included

Somewhere over the rainbow, in that final month of 2012, that dreaded date of December 21st  was fast approaching… and December 22 wasn't too far behind it either.

A common belief was emerging in popular culture that some illuminated wizard was working methodically behind the scenes, pulling and tugging his conspiratorial strings toward some ultimate end on that fateful day. Yet Humanity (for the sake of this journal entry we'll call her 'Dorothy'), was blind and oblivious that she was about to embark upon such a hair-raising journey.

Oz was a strange new land. Financial storms and economic twisters had whisked Dorothy away to this enchanted frontier. Auntie Em had been nowhere to be found (probably hog-tied and ball-gagged in some survivalists storm-shelter someplace), and it soon became obvious to the oblivious that she was no longer in Kansas anymore. 

They were employing midgets and dwarfs from the village lollipop guild to work the busy aisles at the local "There's no place like Home Depot", and although it may have seemed like an odd sort of hiring practice at the time, the little guys had actually been well suited for getting at those hard to reach items, situated waaaay at the back of an otherwise emptied storage shelf.

Hello Yellow Brick Road  
Proof of the existence of the enigmatic Sasquatch had recently been confirmed when a good witch named Dr.Melba.S.Ketchum, from Nacagdoches TX, had found mitochondrial DNA in a lock of Bigfoot's hair (which I believe had been pressed between the pages of a 'baby book' his parents had once compiled during his infancy). Private companies like NASA were teasing us with hints that they were about to spill the cosmic jelly-beans. It turns out now that they may have found evidence of conditions which could have supported life on Mars, but anybody who knew anything about anything had known that 'The Greys' weren't even from Mars to begin with.

Football fans had contemptuously booed Justin Bieber at the 100th annual Grey Cup championship game. Why they had done this, I'm not entirely sure (perhaps beer guzzling CFL grid-iron tribals have a natural aversion to teeny-boy fem-bots who possess more money than God?!).  Ironically though, precious few of them were booing their true enemy, Miss Almira Gulch, (AKA: 'The Harpo Government') who was poised to sell off the remainder of their country's metaphoric Toto straight into the clutching hands of those ubiquitous Flying Monkeys (AKA: wealthy chinese business interests).

The Scarecrow
The brainless Scarecrow of conformist youths with beards, toques and sleeve tattoos, were riding haphazardly on their trendy 'one speed' bikes, gliding blissfully through busy traffic on icy city streets… and those were just the girls!  The boys though, were dressed in oversized baggy pants sporting sideways baseball caps, 'pimping their rides', and tagging the shit out of anything comprised of atoms.  Our brainless straw men had confused the word 'freedom' for 'the freedom to do whatever the fuck they wanted'. 

The 'collective scarecrow' was once again engaged in another late november 'battle royal';  grabbing themselves even mo' cheap shit (facilitated by their interest laden credit cards of course). This blackness of spirit was casting it's elongated winter shadow on our culture and no longer limited solely to consumer trap stunts like 'Black Friday'… something just had to give!

The Tin-Man
The heartless Tin-Man was being manipulated and confused into choosing sides. Lacking the organ necessary to reconcile the existential problems presented by dualism, he was constantly being duped into choosing between Left or Right, Coke or Pepsi, 'nicely sweet' or 'crunchy wheat'. He was being encouraged to take a stand, make a political choice, and most importantly fight for what he believed. He could only infer the limitations built into his rational mind not yet spiritually fused with the energetic emotional intelligence found within a human heart. Better he be an Atheist or a Theist, 'pro-antibiotic', or 'anti-probiotic', because for this emotionally arrested metallic tool, there could be no middle ground.

Meanwhile, underpaid labourers were jumping off platforms and killing themselves at manufacturing plants in China, usually when their hard earned pay had been forcibly withheld because of slumping company profits (or sometimes due to the psychological stresses associated with the soul-destroying function of servicing an economic leviathan producing the latest generation of flat-screens and self-phones).

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Future CT   Village 5, Nova Avalon.       Year 17 P.T.E

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Return From The Abyss (Journals 29-32)

Journal #29: A Girl And Her Boy (or 'Shock Collar' part 1)

Journal #30: More Tales From The Collective Psyche

Journal #31: Soft On The Outside, Hard On The Inside

Forced Haircut!

by Edward Hopper

Wasn't it in mid-november 2012, that a young woman had walked into a Toronto barbershop asking for a haircut, only to then be denied because doing so would have conflicted with the Barber's religious beliefs? 

The barber had claimed it had been against the laws of his religion for a man to cut a woman's hair.  

The woman (read: S-H-I-T disturber) had then proceeded to make a big stink about the whole thing in the media, threatening 'legal action' in order to force the barber to provide haircutting services to women. Many people had agreed with this woman's cause at the time, and that was the problem.

One's rights end the moment it impedes with another's right to say "NO".

The barber stuck to his principals, if I remember correctly, and as illogical as his beliefs may have seemed to us then, we now recognize a human's right to adhere to their principals, and not ever be forced to act against them.

Instead of doing the logical thing, which was for the woman to have gone and gotten her hair cut by another barber, (one who would have been probably both happy and deserving to do so), this young woman had instead chosen to fight the barber based on her personal beliefs. 

note: If you remember, this psychosis had been rampant during your time period: fighting and arguing based on one's beliefs, whilst attempting to force others to conform to your cherished values

The woman had been free to visit any of the hundreds of other barbers throughout Metro-Toronto. Why had she vehemently insisted to force this simple barber into doing something against his will? Where did she, or anyone else, summon the audacity to tell another person what they must do? 

Had this woman been successful in her crusade, she would have succeeded in doubling the size of this barber's potential market, giving him more business at the expense of other barbers who might possibly have been more deserving…It was sheer madness!

We had this bad habit in our culture, of giving money to people or institutions who had little or no respect for us as sovereign beings, and who would then take actions against us that we didn't like (force us to pay taxes, invade poor countries populated with brown people, give big contracts to corrupt construction companies etc…).  "Here little Jimmy, take this book of matches and a big gas tank; now go and have some fun… *EXPLOSION!*  oh bad Jimmy, you blew up the house…shame on you, bad Jimmy, BAD!"

Here, in the communities dotting the gentle slopes of Temperance Valley, right across majestic Lake Regina and to the rocky and jagged shores of Ultima-Borea we say: "Live and let live"  

We recognize our citizen's rights to their personal autonomy; to their sacred right of holding personal beliefs and principals that might seem otherwise 'batshit crazy'… just so long as they don't take actions which impedes upon another individual's personal freedom. Those very few who so steadfastly ignore this fundamental human right, quickly finds themselves missing out on the joys of the greater community, using the bars of their bizarre and counterproductive belief systems.

Thinking back,  we used to get so ridiculously hung up on stupid principals, igniting and fighting wars that had brought humanity such untold misery, when what we really should have done was leave well enough alone.

Future CT   Village 5,  Nova Avalon.   Year 17 P.T.E.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Teetering On The Brink

We would often talk about 'rights', in those days
and our sacred right to do as we pleased.

Friend and Foe

But along with rights come responsibilities.

There can be no claim to individual or collective rights 
if one abdicates the personal responsibilities that go with them.

When countries would be attacked by external forces, 
the elected leaders would respond ruthlessly, and disproportionately,
using violence against the innocent, serving as sacrificial lambs for their 'holy cause'.

These reactive acts of barbarism were used to show the electorate 
that they would not accept monstrous aggressions 'lying down'.
whoever paid the price, it was rationalized, was just "not that important". 

Was it ever acknowledged, one's responsibility not to antagonize another, 
or to limit another's access to the very basics we all took for granted?

However had we come to create our 'Foe' in the first place, 
living alongside an enemy who must eternally be defeated?

We must always look toward the other, 
and make our best intentioned effort to attend to their needs,
just as we would our own,
This is the very essence of a compassionate society,
and the divine key to avoiding future conflict.

When war escalated between societies, did we not spend more time
accusing our foe of crimes, or more energy asking: "how best we could help"?

Did we not exalt our right to defend ourselves above our sacred obligation, 
and personal responsibility, to alleviate the suffering of others not entirely like us?

I can't remember the answers to these questions; the pain happened so very long ago.

Future CT                Village 5,  Nova Avalon.    Year 17 P.T.E.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Angels and Alcohol

Religion and alcohol impair rational thought, but that's not such a bad thing really, because both these intoxicants instill wonderfully inebriating effects on the human brain.

I can remember how there used to be a lot of swell folks during your time period who took both their metaphysical and alcoholic spirits seriously;  so ultimately, it hadn't been too important how damaging the effects of these spirits had had on people's minds, if the net result of either had made people become kinder gentler and caring people, then great, I say: bring on the scriptures, and pass me the single malt! 

Here in Nova Avalon we're holding a vote on the matter.  Either we keep both, or do away with both,  because most agree it would certainly be unfair to favour keeping one and not the other. We recognize that this is not a question about the substances consumed, but of the character of the person consuming the spirits and the quantity of it's abuse. 

Religion acts much like alcohol, in that it brings about a happy and carefree state to those who are naturally predisposed to be gentle souls. It can provide much needed comfort, and sometimes inspiration, to those who may be feeling destitute or a bit lonely, conversely both intoxicants have this nasty habit of turning inconsiderate, frustrated and vengeful folks into belligerent, aggressive and sometimes even homicidal maniacs.

Let's face it, although truth was and is ultimately knowable, nobody living now, or in your era, can honestly claim to know the whole truth about everything. In an infinite universe, not one person can attempt to grasp the ineffable given the limitations and constrictions of living finite lives.  

I wonder if religion and alcohol have both served their respective purposes in human evolution, perhaps as a safety valve of sorts, keeping the 'have nots' from fucking exploding, rioting, and taking back whatever they feel they may lack by sheer force from their corporate overlords. Yet they both have been used as tools by these same overlords to incite and manipulate big hearted fools into fighting resource wars on their behalf in the name of tribal principals.

Religion, like alcohol, has this wonderful capability of blocking whatever neurotransmitters from entering wherever inhibition centres of the brain, and it is self-delusions like these which have traditionally emboldened young men to fight these wars, or to summons the courage to ask a pretty girl to 'dance'. 

Likewise, this divine and dynamic duo has properties which provide men with feelings of invincibility, inspiring courage to perform what we would otherwise consider to be super-human acts of faith.  Only in the loving arms of religion and alcohol, may we all become as calm as Daniel in the lion's den. 

But the controllers of the paradigm, the one that had ruled your time period, hated religion for this very reason. For it enabled the meek to defy authority, whilst invoking the stealthy warrior by the magic of faith, guided by moral laws uncontrollable by those who would otherwise claim authority over you. In that sense, religious belief had managed to become the saviour, and religion was quickly becoming viewed as being subversive in the eyes of many within secular society. Alcohol was viewed as being less of a threat, for the simple reason it had worked against our collective ability to organize against the will of the ruling establishment.

Alas, too much religion, or alcohol, had caused it's consumers to embrace the delusion of magical thinking, by creating the false belief of one's personal invincibility, under the protection of what they had believed was the will of God, or in the case of alcohol, what they had believed themselves to be. Problems always seemed to arise the moment people claimed to have somehow known the true will of God, which was always subject to one's interpretation of spiritually mythological metaphors written within religious texts. 

Institutionalized religion had evolved throughout the millennia along with our intelligence, and it had probably served it's purpose as a facilitator in the evolution of consciousness, guided always by trial and error. Regardless of one's beliefs in a creator, most people have always believed in something transcendental. Meaning and morals are probably very important for us, at least on an evolutionary level, to the point where it's probably even imprinted in our DNA... or as VSOP in a bottle of Courvoisier.

What is it's future though?  It too must be subject to evolutionary forces; will the inflexible dogma of your religious institutions banish themselves to the abyss of extinction. Or will you find that the transmigration of religion inside oneself which will provide you with a personalized context to reconcile the moral dilemmas of your world, and of being? Will religion and philosophy someday merge? I'm willing to share a few extra glasses of Merlot and see if we can get to the bottom of all this!

Here in the many communities that dot the gentle slopes of Temperance Valley, we've decided to take all this stupid nonsense to a vote, Angels and alcohol: yeah or nay, not:  either / or. 

Remember: although our inevitable rendezvous with destiny had managed to answer many of our biggest existential questions, it still only indirectly hinted at the possibility of there being some form of cosmic deity… but certainly not enough to give up the bottle altogether.

So please be warned, if you feel you must use these intoxicants in any dosage, may I suggest 'moderation'.

Future CT               Village 5,  Nova Avalon.    Year 17 P.T.E.

As I prepare to cast my vote, I'll gladly share my view:

The problem with both spirits in question arises when people decide to perform that volatile alchemical mix between religion and politics, by attempting to use it as a tool of power to manipulate others, or to pass judgement. So, let's explore the two possibilities that render my vote academic. First, If we can all agree, Theist and Atheists, the drunk and the sober together, that any final judgement on all personal moral issues will in the end be passed solely by God!  


If God does exist, it stands to reason that true justice will undoubtably be served once we shuffle off this mortal coil. 


if God ultimately does not exist, we will never know anyway, because the moment we're dead, will be the moment we never knew we had ever even existed in the first place, henceforth nullifying the importance of any values we may have ever held dear to our hearts, from now until the end of eternity. 

Realizing this, we can save ourselves the irrelevance of wasting energy by passing judgement on others based on our pointless religious and/or secular beliefs about morality, which without the existence of a deity (or if you chose, a greater objective morality independent of human belief and somehow woven into the fabric of space-time or quantum realms), nothing anybody believes concerning good, evil, truth, virtue, justice or injustice would ultimately matter anyway…in a godless cosmos, the universe would be devoid of any transcendental meaning, morality would become just a philosophical self-indulgence, a mental exercise, or at best, an evolutionary mechanism designed to pacify, amuse, or facilitate this narcissistic project we call humanity during those long and boring stretches which separate the miracle of birth from the unforgiving finality of death, I suppose.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Soft On The Outside, Hard On The Inside

How did we permit it to go on for so long, by allowing the few to control the many?  Since we had been so very soft on the outside, we had decided to set up our governments to act as the authority, all for the purposes of protecting the rights of it's humble citizens.

It was done so that we would need not suffer the unjust dictates of those who would otherwise rule over common decency and human dignity, under the auspices of 'might makes right'.

With the advent of democratic governments we had given so much hope to the idea that we could one day shake the spectre of totalitarianism and the capricious whims of it's opportunistic and authoritarian leaders.  

The systems we had set up to protect us city-softies had themselves become so big and powerful, too big to fail in fact, that those who thought somehow they had possessed divine insight into how better they could improve upon thousands of years of social and legal evolution, gravitated to the upper echelons of power like cockroaches to fly-paper, or sewer rats to Mc Garbage. 

These 'authorities' as they were often called, had achieved demigod like status, and a power to alter our daily lives in a way they always asserted had been in 'our own best interest'. 

Global eco-cults of like-minded individuals had emerged under the banner of gloomy programs like Agenda 21, which had been nothing more than a thinly veiled opportunity for the elite few to seize even more social control on behalf of the corporate state, with the individual rendered as mere collateral damage. 

This imposition of stricter regulations, always came at the expense of good judgement, the result of which was fast fuelling the growth of political ideologies like libertarianism.  Governments were beginning to outlive their usefulness, and by becoming so fucking ginormous, they were quickly transforming themselves into the very enemy they had been established to protect us from in the first place. 

The final straw came when petty city administrators throughout western industrialized nations began to prevent good and honest folks from engaging in the most basic of human dignities: growing their own vegetables on their own front lawns. These 'low-lifes' were acting on behalf of the authors of our antiquated narrative, who had been un-empathetic individuals wanting nothing short of total control over even this most basic of human functions. They had vaulted themselves above, and placed themselves between the average citizen and one's ability to feed itself independent of fiat-based currencies, and by extension the corporate state. 

'Kiss This' was the batttle-cry
The very heart of the psychopathic control system was showing it's true 'colours' to be a very finite range: somewhere between dark grey and black. 

Our frankensteinian governments were no longer serving the needs of it's people, and had eroded it's last vestiges of integrity due to the ubiquitous acceptance of bribes and payoffs by many of our more unscrupulous public officials.

Ultimately, they had been coordinating their authoritarian policies on behalf of corporations, unions, mobsters and bankers, (basically anything hierarchical) and making the full spectrum of cultures within the community of industrialized nations become as mere players in the same dull chapter of some cheap novella.

The authors of the narrative, which had governed those woeful decades at the beginning of the 21st century, wanted nothing short of your total subordination, complicity and faithful allegiance to the 'Church of Authority': the first and very last religion to cast it's dark shadow over the beloved lands of Terra… that is of course until this systemic Leviathan came smack up against our 'hard core', the very pit that is humanity's soul, in those final and fateful days, while nudging us ever and always to our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.

Future CT    Village 5, Nova Avalon       Year 17 P.T.E.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Tales From The Collective Psyche

In those dark years leading up to our inevitable rendezvous with destiny, there had been no proverbial soccer coach to help guide us and our fragile 'collective psyche'. 

           Before                                                              After
We had 'given up' simply because everyone else seemingly had, and had instead chosen to live empty lives of self-gratification. We chose this path not because we were innately selfish, but because we had no faith in the rest of the collective to do otherwise.  

The majority had surrendered their personal power for the illusion of security and unfettered access to 'creature comforts'.  This gross error of judgement had the unfortunate consequences of allowing the few to control the many, and all this had happened simply because we had not yet achieved a critical mass of people who were willing to say NO.

The wealthiest among us had already long since 'given up'. Any human moral advancement, they rationalized, was not something they ever truly expected to see in their lifetimes. Instead they chose to take the 'blue pill' of denial and a poisoned elixir of self-indulgence. "You can't fight the man" was the common belief, and if you tried, one would run the risk of becoming isolated, ostracized or even punished. 

Soon, stories began to break concerning highly respected individuals, operating freely within mainstream institutions, and who had been involved in horrific crimes against children. There had been so many of these unsavoury characters positioned within high levels of our societies, that the fear of being 'exposed' had become a convenient tool used to manipulate individuals into passing laws and directing policy of nations in a way that would favour the needs of their controllers.

The only people who were in any position to blow the whistle on these nefarious activities were themselves politically or morally compromised, and therefore in too weak of a position to expose any of the wrongdoings. 

But the shit was beginning to smell so bad!  so bad in fact that those lodged between the terror of being 'outed' was countered by the fear of reprisal from their controller's minions. They had soon realized that they were better off 'coming clean' with a confession, than to go down in disgrace, forever, as many before them had.

The only thing which had prevented the floodgates from pouring wide open, was the mass consensus trance of materialism most of humanity had allowed themselves to be seduced into. 

Exposure of systemic evil had been retarded by our belief that these institutions, and those working within them, were beyond reproach. Many ghoulish private figures had glistening public personas, which had been neatly polished and tightly secured by a highly compartmentalized socio-economic hierarchy, one which everyone had been conditioned into believing we depended upon for our survival.

Oh, and let us not forget the many justifications we made concerning our 'lifestyles', and our corporate government's plundering of natural and human resources in the majority of the world's less developed countries, and those self-cogratulatory 'pats on the back' we gave ourselves whenever we would send a pittance of foreign aid to these troubled lands.

Remember, in those days, a wealthy person could make virtual 'free money' by simply investing in something 'safe', while a person without, and living hand to mouth, had to borrow (and always with interest)  just to exist at the most basic level. The poor and middle class were being encouraged to go into credit-card and mortgage debt in the belief that stimulating the economy would then have a reciprocal trickle down benefit to them and the world.

In the end though, the poorer you were, the more debt you had to incur, and pay out to wealthy interests who profited from this via their personal investments.

Cultures like Greece's had been perceived as being lazy, yet statistics had shown that Germans had worked only three quarters the amount of hours annually than Greeks actually did.

As the years went by though, the schism between rich and poor had become so great that western industrial countries were beginning to resemble feudalist societies. The 'Have Nots' sank ever further, both culturally and economically, until they had settled uncomfortably into their role of modern day serfdom.

The game was rigged for the wealthy and by the wealthy. It was they who wrote all the laws, and owned all the banks. They had made sure that the few always came out the winners. Wealth begat wealth and opportunity, and poverty had ensured more poverty and ignorance. 

Even when the wealthy had lost big (like during the financial crisis 2008) they had in turn directed government policy to bail themselves out, and always at the expense of the hard working 'common man'. 

Everything was justified for the sake of this order, which at the time was considered "too big to fail". This belief was based upon a fallacy then known as 'trickle down economics'; a phenomenon which only appeared to work during times of economic prosperity (ie: before 'peak oil') and did not actually work during times of recession or depression. 

All would be lost, it was believed, if this order were allowed to fail. Yet ironically, it had been the collective underclass who had attended to, and performed all the menial work and minutia that had made the world go round. 

This act of folly by the collective had freed up precious time, and allowed the wealthy to make themselves buckets of cash (both real and digital) to buy up the lands from which we had grown, whilst honing their golf skills at the local country club, over yet another 'business lunch', courtesy of their lavish corporate expense accounts.  

Had the collective psyche been a more conscious one in those woeful days, they would have told the few (the ├╝ber-wealthy) to go fuck themselves, clean their own grimy toilets, wash their own bloody clothes, and build their own swedish-chinese furniture.

Future CT      Village 5,  Nova Avalon.   Year 17 P.T.E.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Girl And Her Boy, or 'Shock Collar' (part 1)

Have I got something 4-U
The following is a transcript from a conversation I overheard recently at a Nova Avalon Cafe. It was between two women:  a mother and her friend, the former I suspect not being indigenous to Temperance Valley. 

(mot = Mother,  fom = Friend of Mother)

mot: My daughter has got herself a handsome new boy
fom: Oh how wonderful, how's it going so far?
mot: Well, she has wasted no time manifesting her enormous willpower over him.
fom: What do you mean by that?
mot: Well, as you know, my little darling is very intelligent… most boys are just simply NOT on her level.
fom: True, she's very bright, but how does she "manifest her will"?
mot: Well, by completely ruling the young boy, she tells him what to do, what to wear, and how to behave. She discourages any attempts he makes at asserting his individuality.

fom: Discourages!??? how?
mot: Well first of all, she's had him fitted with a 'shock collar'.
fom: a WHAT??? Get OUT!
mot: Oh yeah, she's the boss, and she has no problem subjugating him and reminding him how and why he's subordinate to her will.

fom: And he accepts this??? Why doesn't he just take the damn thing off?
mot: He can't!
fom: Why, has she put a padlock on his collar???
mot: Oh no, she'd never do that!  My daughter may be a bit controlling, but she's not a fascist.  The boy is free to remove his collar anytime he wants to, although HE doesn't yet know that.

fom: So why doesn't HE just do it anyway?
mot: He's afraid!
fom: Afraid!?  Afraid of what?
mot: Afraid she'll be angered, and then, heaven forbid, reject him.
fom: Why doesn't he just remove the collar, and find another nice young woman who won't insist that he wear a 'shock collar'?

mot: Oh my god, he'd never do that.
fom: why not?
mot: Because he LOVES her…he absolutely adores my daughter, so he endures the collar in order to please and appease her.

fom: Has she ever shocked him with it?
mot: Oh yes, and often!  Although less and less, now that he's beginning to understand her needs and how he should behave.

fom: Hasn't your daughter ever entertained the joys of an 'equal partnership'.

mot: Oh sure, she would love that too, but he simply is not her intellectual equal. She's far too in advance of the boy. The young man simply doesn't possess the intellectual capabilities, nor emotional willpower, to ever be on her level. My daughter will never accept an 'equal partnership' with an intellectual and emotional lesser… it would be an outright disaster…all she can ever do, therefore, is to correct his behaviour in as compassionate a way as possible.

fom: But there must be other ways of 'modifying his behaviour' without delivering painful electro-shocks?
mot: Eventually yes, but at this stage, the boy is still quite raw, and rough around the edges. His limited intelligence will probably prevent him from ever achieving a level where he can become an equal partner, but my daughter's hope is:  that one day he will.  
Until then though, she'll never tolerate an 'equal partnership' with this boy, not for one moment.

fom: There are plenty of young men out there that must be her intellectual equal, why does your daughter not find herself a boy who is better suited for her?

mot: Because she loves the boy, he's REALLY a very nice guy, and extremely good looking too!  
She doesn't mind the challenge of training him and helping him evolve… 
but she's not naive either, my daughter is realistic about just how much this boy is capable changing for the better.

fom: And what do her girlfriends think of your daughter's methods?
mot: They think it's wonderful, and they really like him too, so they butt out mostly, and chuckle only amongst themselves.

fom: And what about his friends, what do they think of their friend having to wear a 'shock collar'?

mot: I think their reaction is mixed. Obviously they tease him and make comments, but secretly most of them are jealous.  Few of them have girlfriends anyway, and those that do... Well let's just say their girlfriends don't even come close to comparing to my daughter, she's really quite something you know!

Note: I suspect the Mother had spent several years living on a Martian Colony. Her attitude is typical of a colonist, and not of someone who lives regularly here in Nova Avalon, or in any of the other the communities dotting the gentle slopes of Temperance Valley.

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Future CT       Village 5, Nova Avalon.    Year 17 P.T.E.