Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Once Upon A Coin Drop

Financial lies had always been popular in your day, for they had allowed one to sleep easier at night, once all the medication and meditation had finally worn off

The lies coming out of the mouths of The Powers That Had Been, back in the spring of 2013, had become a 'chorus of booze', drunk on power, inebriated, and intoxicated enough to vaporize any surmounting dread associated with the upcoming financial collapse. 

And it wasn't long after that infamous banking implosion in Cypress, that things really started to get out of hand.

Confidence in european banks had rapidly plummeted to an all-time low. Many Russians were pissed-off, because they had used the Cypriot banks as a safe haven for their 'investments', and if history had proven one thing, pissing-off Russians was never a good idea. 

That half-baked crew running the European Union Experiment kept telling us that 'everything was under control', and that the euro-crisis was 'over'. But 'over' in America, hadn't The Powers That Had Been babbled similar nonsense right before the stock market crash of 2008?

Whenever those in power, or in politics, had said that 'everything was under control', you could always be certain it wasn't. In those days, we usually didn't elect leaders who openly declared that they hadn't a fucking clue what the hell was going on.

One promising phenomenon that was beginning to gain momentum during the monetary maelstrom of your day, was an obscure electronic currency called: Bitcoin. 

Note: Interestingly, it's creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, was reported to be one of the first people aboard those early migratory ships heading to establish the Martian Colonies, in those painful but tender years shortly after our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.

Bitcoin was beginning to look more and more like an attractive prospect, as people began to lose faith in traditional currencies of exchange.

Leading up to the quixotic lancing of the quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble, there had been a mad rush into alternative currencies like Bitcoin, which was thought to have been a safe haven hedge against the volatile and turbo-turbulent money market of your era. 

It also became a very "anti-establishment thang", if you 'had it in' for the Banksters, Bitcoin had appeared to be the perfect way to stick it to 'em good, whilst flipping them the digital 'bird' in the process.

The only problem was: for Bitcoin to properly function as designed, we needed a stable and functioning world economy, in order to guarantee the infrastructure necessary to maintain the usefulness of a currency like Bitcoin. But the collapse had been so utterly profound, so beyond scope and hope, that the capital being poured into Bitcoin was only hastening to collapse the pillars of an economy that had once allowed Bitcoin to flourish. 

What people failed to understand was: how quickly Bitcoin would become absolutely worthless, in comparison to say, the common potato. 

Certainly, one could not eat a Bitcoin... and at least if you had some gold, it could always be used to fill a few nasty cavities, or decorate one's eternal tomb, but Bitcoin?… my goodness!

Oh, and it also wouldn't be long before the religious zealots would put the ultimate kibosh on the whole thing anyway, once they had finally pegged Bitcoin as being the "currency of the Anti-Christ", designed by the Devil himself no doubt, in order to force humanity to accept a microchip implant in their right hand or forehead…yada, yada, yada.

So that momentary monetary anomaly, that currency formerly known as Bitcoin, had soon become extinct, swallowed by the void created by that vacuum we once called the global economy, and exorcized forever, courtesy of the good graces of America's fundamentalist wackjobs. 

If I remember correctly…didn't they also come up with a way of taking the letters from Satoshi Nakamoto's name to create the number 666, or something like that, or am I confusing it with something else? 

Here in Nova Avalon, we don't think much about those kinds of things anymore.

Future CT        Village 5,   Nova Avalon.    Year 17 P.T.E.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Natural Way

We got ourselves a big dump of snow here in Nova Avalon, and although it's a bit of a mild inconvenience, it's not nearly the obstacle it had once been back in your day, in that time we now refer to as the great forgetting.  

In those wretched days of yore, when a big system slammed you, you'd try as best as possible to maintain the frenetic pace dictated to you by modern western culture. 

People would franticly shovel their cars out of snow banks, wheels spinning, with a determination similar to the way a rat rotates it's wheel for that yummy pellet of food. All this was done in order to make it to 'work', in order to pay the mortgage, and in order to meet the monthly dues on one's soul-destroying self-phone.

Like a rodent in it's cage endlessly spinning it's wheel of fortune, it was madness 2.0... yet most were blind to it.  And since nature had consistently refused to cooperate with our increasingly 'important' lives, it had become an obstacle to overcome, even at times 'hate', or as something which was simply 'in the way' and in need of being conquered. 

There was, and is, another way though; the natural way... a path in harmony with the simple divinity of uncontrollable circumstance. 

Surrendering oneself to 'what is' allows for lower stress levels, thus reducing slave killing spectres like stroke and heart disease, and that now obsolete ailment formerly known as cancer. By living according to the natural way, circumstances which had once been viewed as being 'obstacles', had now become guides, opening up a new path, and politely escorting us to a saner way of living.

When a storm would hit, unless it had been a devastating one, most people would try to live at the same cadence they had been living before the storm, desperately trying to fit their square peg into the round hole, but since this was a virtual exercise in futility, the stress levels acquired from coping with one of nature's curve-balls would always render the masses somewhat grumpier.

But the natural way was, and is, the only way. It's a surrender to those tremendous and sacred forces beyond our technological control, and a recognition that we are better served by maintaining a cadence in harmony with nature's whims, than in accordance with our many capricious earthly desires.  

Ultimately, it was Nature that decided which days would be the holidays, or the 'Holy-Days', and not some arbitrary consumer driven cultural tradition imposed by the centralized coercive hierarchy perpetuating our dominator culture.

Once it finally clicked within the hearts and minds of humanity, within that mystical twilight realm shortly after our inevitable rendezvous with destiny, only then did humanity begin to live according to the one true path, surrendered to the guiding and loving forces of the natural way.

Future CT    Village 5,  Nova Avalon.          Year 17 P.T.E.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pomegranate Wisdom-ism

Worst fruit ever! or is it?  The greater portion of a pomegranate is comprised of skin, pulp and seeds, yet it's nourishing juices within contain some mega-potent super anti-oxidants that makes the whole laborious experience worthwhile, I suppose.   

It eventually dawned on the greater potion of humanity, that there were droplets of truth and goodness to be found everywhere, in everyone, and every 'Way'.

It can be unwise to dismiss everything another says simply because they may be speaking other patently absurd falsehoods.
Would it be wise to disregard all the opinions and revelations of someone who actually believed that the British royal family had been no less than a race of shape-shifting reptilians?  

I use the metaphor of the pomegranate to emphasize the goodness that may be derived from ideas contained within various religions and philosophies, and which can be safely consumed for one's spiritual benefit, without ever having to ingest the indigestible.

Like the tedious process of eating a pomegranate, we here in Nova Avalon have learned to discard most of the useless indigestible pulp of the "isms" that dominated your woeful epoch, which has now come to be known as: the great forgetting.

We learned that most of the "isms" of your day (pick one, any one) were merely reactive mechanisms evolved to reconcile the corrupting and destructive influences of whatever dominant "isms" had been the precedent. 

The "isms" of your day were merely philosophical fetishisms, self-indulgences for one's mind borne from the culture of blame. And of course things went horribly wrong whenever people chose to politicize their pet "isms" for what they had narcissistically believed to be a 'greater good'.

Alas, all those "isms" eventually came to be known for what they are: 'Religions', because all "isms" are ultimately belief based;  their epistemologies deeply founded in their confirmation bias. Those who adhered to their pet "isms" would observe most of the facts, ask most of the questions, and then make the ghastly error of daring to come up with 'solutions' based on what they believed to have been 'sound logic'.

However, what really transformed the "isms" of your day into 'religions' was mostly due to an incomplete analysis of ALL the variables involved while forming their epistemologies. To propose how one, or all, should engage the world based on an incomplete model of reality had always led to unforeseen social and personal consequences. 

Belief is not Knowledge, and any ideal or system not modelled with Nature in mind always causes the 'gears to grid' after a period of time.

Many a left-brainiac Idealist type had elected themselves as the leaders of their beloved "isms", and usually with much pomp and circumstance. However, the word we now use for those kind-a-folks is: 'Socio-pathos', or simply put: those who (due to a disconnect from their holistic contextual right-brain and/or lack of an inner emotional dialogue) are unable to empathize with another's emotional perspective and needs. 

Fortunately for us, most of those left-braniac Idealist types 'left us', and booked themselves one-way tickets to the Martian Colonies, not long after our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.

Yet despite all the dysfunction and havoc wreaked upon humanity by our "ism" Idealists and their adoring minions, much of what they had preached is still considered to be somewhat valuable, if only apophatically... just so long as one is mindful enough not to ever swallow the pomegranate flavoured 'Kool-Aid'.

In most systems, and beliefs, we can always find some good, if not great, aspects that set the stage for a better understanding and transformation… just like the vital nutrients contained within the juices of that otherwise USELESS fruit, the pomegranate.

Future CT      Village 5,   Nova Avalon.        Year 17 P.T.E.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Private-Eye Vs. Secret Agent

I've been overhearing some pretty interesting conversations lately, just sitting around sipping espresso at my favourite Nova Avalon café.

The following is part of a conversation I overheard a week ago last tuesday between a one time Private-Eye and an ex-Secret Agent.

PE:  Hi Bob, I haven't seen you around much lately, ever since our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.

SA:  Yeah, well that's because I hitched myself a ride for the Martian Colonies.

PE:  I thought you might have.

SA:  Not much work here on Earth for us Secret Agent types, is there Stan?


SA:  So how about you Stan ol' boy, you got much to do here… around Nova Avalon?

PE:  As a P.I.? No!  …but as a barn-builder, yes, there's plenty to do!


PE:  So tell me uh… Bob-meister, have you foiled many 'terrorist plots' lately, way out there on the colonies?

SA: (Laughing) Nooo, we're way too busy building our new world for anyone to bother about stuff like 'terrorism'... and besides, Hate is a luxury anyway, when you're too busy 'surviving', you don't have much time to hate. 

What I can't understand though, is how you people live without worrying about secretive plotters and rogue insurgencies???

PE:  We don't worry because there's no incentive for that type of activity. The power structure that allows for those dichotomies simply doesn't exist around here. How can anyone possibly overthrow an Anarchic system?

SA:  So, you would consider Nova Avalon to be an Anarchy.

PE:  Absolutely!  Remember, Anarchy doesn't mean 'without rules', it just means "Without Rulers" that's all; there's a BIG difference between the two.

SA:  But surely your enemies will one day want to take you over, the way a wolf would prey on a flock or herd.

PE:  We don't have enemies, Bob;  there's simply no incentive for that type of thing here. 

Besides, our spiritually based culture makes exploitation virtually impossible. If one day we're ever attacked, we would defend ourselves, and our right to live freely, to the death. 

You've gotta understand, there is no power to be had here, other than realizing your own. 

In the old days, in that time of the great forgetting, governments had kept many secrets from it's tax-paying citizens, and the people actually funded that folly in order to keep everybody in perpetual ignorance. We were manipulated into doing this by those in authority, and the disproportionally wealthy individuals who created it's own enemies!

In those days, people just wanted others to do the thinking for them, so they abdicated all their personal responsibilities to those 'in charge'… and the secrets were not kept on behalf of the people, as they had been told, but instead kept to maintain the 'status quo', which was an order imposed by a wealthy 'elite', while masquerading as a progressive democracy. 

Had the secrets been publicly disclosed, the citizens would have been outraged, and not left vulnerable, as they were led to believe. The only ones who were threatened by disclosure of the truth were those who had built their empires on a tapestry of lies, and those doting minions who dared not bite the hand that fed them.

SA:  Come on Stan, governments can't function without a certain level of secrecy. 

PE:  You're right Bob, but the more secrets they keep, the more Truth is withheld, which in turn requires more and more secrecy, until one day it manifests itself in ways which had once nearly wiped out our species…you remember that, don't you?

SA:  Oh yes!  Everyday I sit looking out at that desolate and lifeless Martian surface, and reminded of that painful fact… But don't tell me you guys don't keep secrets, Stan?!

PE:  Sure we do, except that 'here' we call it 'Privacy'!   Do you know the difference Bob, someone in your line of work must surely know the difference between Privacy and Secrecy, right?

SA:  Well, they're two words that pretty much mean the same thing...

PE:  No!  Privacy is Truth withheld for 'personal' reasons; Secrecy is Truth withheld for 'Political' reasons…in other words, disclosure of the truth would be harmful to authorities who otherwise would lose their grip on power if the truth were ever revealed.

Truth is the enemy of the state, and it must be suppressed in order to maintain control, or as it used to be referred to back in the day: 'security'.  Many philosophers have spoken of this, Bob. 


Distinctions must also be made not only between Privacy and Secrecy, but also between 'Violence' and 'Force', or even 'Complaints', and 'Criticism'... do you understand? 

Violence is a violation of another's sovereignty, while Force is a righteous personal response against acts of violence. 

A Complaint is made by those who are somehow complicit in a wrongdoing. If your government on the Martian Colonies takes your money, and then uses it to pay security personel to limit your freedoms, then one's only non-violent recourse is to make a complaint. 

We here in Nova Avalon, given the fact that we do not give your governments any money, are in a perfect position to criticize it's actions in a way that you are not... comprende?


SA:  My 'Space-Taxi' is leaving in 45 minutes, it's been nice talking with you again, Stan… I'll try to remember to send you a digital-postcard.

PE:  'Happy Trails' amigo!

Future CT     Village 5,  Nova Avalon.          Year 17 P.T.E.