Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Richard Kimble: The Fugitive

Kimble: a man without socks

Back in the 1960's, The Fugitive was the most popular television series of it's era.
The drama chronicled the trials and tribulations of Dr.Richard Kimble, a 'fugitive of justice' relentlessly pursued by his obsessive nemesis Lieutenant Phillip Gerard.
Kimble, played by David Janssen, was the archetype for what I believe to be the perfect symbol, synthesizing human goodness and human frailty.
Dr.Kimble lived in constant fear of capture for a crime he was convicted but innocent of. As a Doctor, he had to live by the rules and morals dictated to him by his oath. This put him in peril at every turn, for he was in constant conflict between his will to survive and need avoid capture, along with his unshakeable moral conviction to 'do the right thing'.
His moral fortitude forced him into situations that a less scrupulous man would never have found himself, yet the underlying ethic of the show was that Kimble always escaped capture by the slimmest of margins, often due to reciprocal circumstances afforded to him by virtue of his kindness.
A cynical person could not relate to such fantasies, as this type of person does not recognize any structures within nature that respect these human virtues. However we humans are part of nature, and as a result become the very aspect of nature that respects these virtues.
I feel that virtuous behaviour creates a general pattern of contentment within the individual and his surroundings. Much of this is due to social conditioning of course, but the point that must be noted, is that as human animals, we are every bit subordinate to the laws of cause and effect built into the natural order, as we direct that order with our self will, based on our needs and desires.
Because of our socialized values of right and wrong, like all properties of dualism, we inherit all the benefits and pitfalls provided by this order.
The subconscious mind, as a force which absorbs far more information than the conscious mind can ever begin to, makes calculations about reality not understood by the conscious mind. These computations are then correlated into a form of intelligence known to us as intuition. Intuition is something which we have evolved within us as a survival mechanism which processes all the data available to the mind.
This intuitive knowing is more developed in some people than others, and those who have this developed intuition, by process of elimination should, as a rule not necessarily breed more, but have an ability to allow this gene to continue on, via its skill at avoiding danger, by sensing, and recognizing otherwise predatory forces, and passing this knowledge and way of perception on to those closest to them in their immediate environment.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What happened to those darn pandemics anyway?

Thoughts and other distractions usually seep into my mind especially when washing dishes. Lately, I was reflecting on the subject of the so-called swine flu and SARS epidemics. Looking out my kitchen window at a good-size lot of city land slated for future condo development use, I imagined a horrible - one could say cinematic - scene taking place there of piles of corpses being ploughed into ditches, a veritable atrocity exhibition. After chasing that vision out of my mind, I was glad to see that the lot was still vacant with no signs of any atrocity having taken place. Naturally, my second thought was, what happened to the massive pandemics we were supposed to witness, as predicted by mainstream media 'reporting' on behalf and those enthusiastically selling and pushing the idea? I'm referring of course to the big daddy Pharmas with full cooperation from our own willing and enabling governments. I'm glad to report that I was vehemently opposed to the receiving any vaccine, and am as healthy now as I was during the Swine flu fear campaign. I'm certain that many individuals, families and relationships were challenged and strained by the choices they had to make, as our authorities and media hastily pressured - in my mind - a susceptible and fearful population into compliance. My only real concern now is for the future health especially of children. There is evidence argued by qualified medical doctors and experts pointing to dangers associated with the flu vaccines, namely the adjuvants and the virus antigens that could have serious health and behavioral repercussions, especially affecting infants and young children. Controversy surrounding the epidemics and pandemics that really have not materialized, invariably would lead a sane person to mistrust our politicians and drug producers and their obvious motives involved in manufacturing not only a dubious vaccine product but an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

It would appear that the only real epidemic in this case is the spread of the fear virus. I'll leave it at that.

Pierre Duranleau (aka cafargo)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Inner Light

"Hey Sunshine, pass the butter chicken"
   The farther one travels, the less one knows, or so the  song goes.
Back in the day when the pre-fab four, …er, sorry, wrong band, what I meant to say was, back in the day, when The Beatles recorded this song, singer songwriter John Lennon perhaps wanted to impart an ancient wisdom to those humble enough to accept it. What does it mean? Does it mean that if we fly off every year to 'all expense paid' Cuban resorts or 'Spring Break' holidays in Cancun Mexico, we will all become walking morons?
Even though these 'value vacations' can leave irreparable scars on the human soul, many who go on these junkets probably never knew much to begin with…I apologize, I'm much too harsh, it must be heartburn from all the nachos and salsa I had for breakfast. I promise to stop being a 'jerkface', as my sister sometimes (often) calls me.
Back to The Rutles…I mean The Beatles, and John Lennon in particular, what does he mean by this musical statement?
A child knows very little, in comparison to a fully grown adult, but a child knows everything it needs to know about its small world. As we mature, we experience more life and acquire more and more knowledge. The process of accumulating knowledge should lead any conscious person to the same conclusion: that the world, and the cosmos, is far more vast and complex than any of us can imagine.
So the very act of living, and thus travelling, whether it be to far off lands, or to the outer realms of experience and consciousness, can only lead us to ask more questions than our universe, is at present, prepared to answer.
Note: The Inner Light, was the title of a Hugo award winning episode of Star Trek:The Next Generation, where Captain Picard's soul is sent back through time in order to live out an entirely new life, in the end he is returned to his future self, a changed man, allowing the spirit of those he once loved to live again.
-Dirty C.T. December 8th 2010

Defying The Tanks

Tanks for the memories

    My current screensaver is the unforgettable image of that courageous soul who defied Chinese tanks during the Tianemen Square uprising, and subsequent massacre in June 1989.
The image has become an eternal symbol the power one individual has even against the might of an army as great as China's.
He gambled on the humanity of the individuals operating these machines of war.
I never did hear what became of this person, I can only imagine, but the symbolism endures.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I remember the video footage, I have a vague memory of a fellow running out and pulling him away, as if to say, "o.k. you made your point, now get over here before you become a ramen noodle."
One thing you may notice though, next time you look at the picture, is that this person is standing on a crosswalk. Is it possible, the driver of the tank stopped only for fear of running over a pedestrian? One can never be too sure of another persons capacity to abide by "the rules" at all times.
-Dirty C.T. December 2010

2012, Two Years From Today

Isn't that the cloud Qetzcoatl talked about?
 2012, two years remaining
That's right, two years from today the Mayan calendar will be coming to an abrupt end, and with it, what?
Something will happen that day, just as something happens everyday, but the 64 000 peso question is: What will happen??
On December 21st 2012, it is said that our solar system will line up perfectly with the galactic centre at precisely 11:11 U.T.C. the day of the winter solstice.
This year, 2010, on December 21st, we will be experiencing a total lunar eclipse, the first one on the winter solstice since the year 1638, on what is essentially a virtually identical day numerologically.
Nobody can predict the future, except maybe psychics and trends forecasters, or perhaps psychologists, sociologists, historians, astrophysicists, meteorologists, come to think of it, a lot of people can predict the future. So what is trying to be determined is exactly WHAT will happen on that day, the day when the Mayan 'Long Count' calendar comes to an end.
It's fun to guess, and the answer will probably be a combination of things. Allow me scratch the surface and run through a host of possibilities for a moment; I'll start with my favourite "TOP 12 for 2012":
1. Alien Contact. It's the day when Humanity make open contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. It's the day when we finally come into contact with an intelligence that is as high above us as we are above cattle. That thought is a daunting one, for it would certainly be a crushing blow to those humans who consider themselves, for whatever reason, to be superior to most others. This new paradigm will reduce their self importance to a benign irrelevance. What a tough pill to swallow that will be; Hawking and Eminem as virtual peers. We would certainly lose focus as a species trying to reinvent the wheel, when another species is moving with ease through time and space, and perhaps even creating the laws of reality using concentrated thought, and meditation.
2. Global Economic Meltdown! money has now become worthless, all investments are null and void, there is no longer any economic certainty, as we have to learn from that day onward, to care for each others needs without the incentive of financial gain.
3. Climate Change, The North Atlantic Gulf stream continues its weakening to the point that it stops flowing outright, and becomes inert. Great storms begin to build up with such intensity that the ensuing 'super storm' transforms our climate forever.
4. Solar Flares, X-class solar flares bombard the Earth with deadly radiation, knocking out satellites and computers permanently nullifying our computer centric civilization; plunging us back into a world more reminiscent of Mayberry in the 1950's.
5. World War III (The BIG one) It's the day when all the cranky pseudo elitists from every nation on Earth 'have it out' in a 'royal rumble/ cage match'. with 6.8 billions used as human shields/collateral damage, and subsequently causes all life to be extinguished (this, I must point out, is my least favourite possibility)
6. Comet/Meteor Strike! What a cool sight to see, a ball of ice the size of Pittsburgh slamming into us out of the distant void, as a kind of divine/cosmic 'middle finger' served to humanity.
7. Pole Shift! We're all going to 'Hell in a Handbasket' as our magnetic poles reverse, or 'flip' thus altering the rotation of the planet, and causing our sun to change direction in the sky. Hey, we're something like 500 000 years overdue for this otherwise regular geological event, perhaps a little dose of 'Gaian Immodium' is in order.
8. The dreaded 'Earth Changes', as portrayed in the movie 2012, The Earths core begins to superheat like some sizzling hot Mexican salsa, and causes the tectonic plates to become jumping beans, as the Human race gets jostled around like assorted bon bons in some kiddies Pinata!!
9. The Day the Animals Talk, ...and you thought our Unions complained too much?
10. Jesus Returns! enough said!
11. We build our first 'Time Machine', sending someone or something back in time thus altering the laws of cause and effect.
12. A child is born who grows up to become the inventor of a future time machine (killing his Grandfather, of course).
Now, there's no shortage of possible doomsday scenarios, but there must be just as many possible positive scenarios (although I'm having trouble thinking of any that don't involve either me getting 'laid' or putting an end to world hunger). The point is, that whatever happens or doesn't happen, this phenomena will transform some/ many/ all of us, as the 'changes' or lack of 'changes' will in turn cause us to question assumptions we have about reality. On the day after, December 22nd 2012, there will probably be as much debate as to whether or not something actually happened. Those who are inclined to believe in 'great change' may see just that, and those who don't will probably sit back with 'smug grins' on their faces, sanctimoniously declaring how "They told ya so".
Like most things within the realms of human experience, 2012 will be highly subjective, despite many of the actual physical transformations occurring in our personal environment. I believe we are at a point now where our species is on the precipice of profound transformation, it's our 'High Noon', in the realms of the social, religious, technological and environmental.
One thing I am certain of though, as Linus in the 'Peanuts' comic strip demonstrated, sitting all night in his 'pumpkin patch', waiting for the arrival of 'The Great Pumpkin' is: that if you are holding out until December 21st 2012 to witness 'great change', you probably will have already missed the show!
-Dirty CT, December 21 2010



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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Battling Tops 2.0

   I used to love those Milton Bradley games, Ker-Plunk! Mouse Trap, Trouble! Operation, Twister among others. My favourite game though was always Battling Tops!  Each person controlled one of four 'Tops' positioned in each corner of the 'ring' and once launched, would do battle with the other tops by virtue of it's intense spin. The tops would bump into one another, hopefully knocking ones opponents off balance, and 'out' of the game. Each top had a fun 'nickname' which helped give the plastic spinning tops an anthropomorphic persona.
     Last night I watched the Fox News equivalent of this 60's kids game, courtesy of youtube: (Gerald Celente about the Wikileaks on Fox business 01 Dec 2010).
   It's been a while since I've watched these kinds of spectacles on television, although they happen with regularity throughout the televised media, nobody does it better (or worse) than Fox!
The format consists of a usually partisan host (in this case a gentleman who's name is not mentioned in the clip), and brings on 'experts' (well paid experts) with opposing viewpoints, this racket quickly degenerates into a free for all I've dubbed 'Battling Tops 2.0'.
 If he wasn't being payed to do this segment, I would have said "poor Gerald Celente" as he attempts, towards the end of this 'feeding frenzy of ignorance', to compose himself, vaguely shielding an underlying sadness brought on by what must seem like some kind of bad acid trip.
    The panel all seem intelligent, if intelligence can be measured by being fast on ones feet, like the 'spinning tops'  I am comparing them to. The host seems like a down to earth kind of guy who believes the narrative that Wikileaks somehow puts American lives in jeopardy, and that Western interests are a force of goodness in the world, I do not wish to criticize his beliefs, I merely point out that, if these are his viewpoints, they are not solely made through the use of rational argumentation, and the analysis of data, but by assumptions, which the format of an eight minute roundtable argument could never, due to temporal limitations, address.
    The essentials of Celente's viewpoint, is that 'transparency' is a 'good thing' as it exposes the "buffoonery" of our officials before our eyes, and does not put anyone at risk, as the critics of the Wikileak cable dumps suggest it does. The shows host then introduces us to Mike Baker, a former C.I.A. officer who's job it is to counter Celente's arguments. Leading up to the introduction, the host cites many good examples of instances where intelligence gathering thwarted potential terrorist attacks, and then goes on to postulate his straw man argument that somehow Celente would prefer that everything be out in the open, Gerald Celente is slow to respond to that false allegation, but eventually does by saying: "That's not what I said!"   

    Obviously Mike Baker takes the opposite view. Unlike Mr.Celente, he begins not by making his case, but in true 'Sophist' tradition, by attacking the man ad hominem.
   He does this by speculating that Gerald must have some "deep operational intelligence knowledge" and that he's "not sure where to go" with Celente's arguments as they "border on the bizarre." This statement is met with chuckles from our host, in a sense of nervous solidarity with Mr. Baker.   Well they certainly do border on the bizarre, Mike, just as a solar eclipse, or passing comet may have seemed bizarre to early humans before a basic understanding of the heavens was achieved.
   Mr.Baker does not understand Mr.Celente's viewpoints, nor does the host, because they don't ask him any objective questions that are unbiased by their beliefs. In school, we are taught, that when not understanding, we must ask questions, until the asker understands. At that point, based on a level of satisfaction, the person asking can then decide to either accept or reject the information.
   G.C. says the Wikileaks disclosures demonstrates "people concerned with photo op's, handshakes, back biting and incompetence", to which  M.B. says "welcome to the real world, Gerald!"  If the exposure of the 'real world', via leaked documents, is supposed to be a threat, yet it's assumed that one is naive to point out a 'reality' which is laughably obvious, then it's a 'no win' situation…all constructive communication breaks down from that point onward.
   Mike Baker then puts forward his 'straw man argument' by stating that "Assange paints himself as an Anarchist, so therefore by definition, doesn't care about anything, or certainly doesn't care about the consequences of his actions." Mr. Baker proves himself to be a very skilled and highly intelligent manipulator saying "by definition", which creates a kind of hypothetical straw man argument, without ever directly accusing Mr.Assange of these assertions.
   Later, I understand the host effectively asking why our governments should be left open, when other countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran remain closed? To which Mr. Celente's shoots back "We're supposed to be living in a democracy!" and then goes on to say that our politicians talk until they're "blue in the face" about transparency… and then Gerald  mentions the 'taboo' subject of "a cover up!"  Our 'spinning top' called Mike Baker then jumps in to attack, sarcastically remarking: "Full marks for getting three minutes into this before mentioning 'cover-up'!" as if to paint Celente as a 'paranoid' (this comment was made well into the SIXTH minute of the clip, by the way). Mr. Baker's cocksure nature can be very intimidating to a fellow panelist, let alone any shell shocked viewer, absorbing this information in their 'down time'.
    Mr.Baker's final point is, that the more incompetent we look, the less likely foreign governments will be willing to give us information, and share their insights, and the closer we will get to REAL problems overseas!"  This last statement sounds sensible at first, but as you think deeper, it too is fraught with problems. The first being the assumption that the intelligence shared, would always be accurate, and never meant to deceive. The second being, is his final assertion, "the closer we get to real problems overseas"   Hey Dude!!!   we've already got "real problems overseas" and the hubris of our 'Leaders' have manifested this situation.
    The hosts point, and legitimate concern is that we put people in harms way by having an 'open book'.    Which 'people' is he speaking of? our elected officials? no, they have more security available to them then Julian Assange, or anyone else for that matter does. Our soldiers, and other members of the security state? Well at least they're armed with the finest weapons made by man. Or perhaps he's speaking of innocent civilians, of which hundreds of thousands, if not millions of innocent people have died in those countries, whose loves, and lives are just as precious as yours and mine.
   The basic premise that the Wikileaks cable disclosures put 'lives' in danger is debatable at best, not via the sideshow of Battling Tops 2.0,  but through the forums of healthy discourse available to our elected officials, and in our institutes of higher learning, print media, and for common folk like me, over the internet.
     What does it say about our governments, who seek to shield the world from truths which threaten their claims to power, and therefore the voters confidence? unless, of course, the intelligence data leaked is not entirely true, but in reality, merely another deception!
     Fortunately, it's only T.V. !   However, given the power of that media, I fear the further atrophying of intelligent debate in society is resulting in a brand NEW  'bored game' for the 21st century, called…Revolution!  by Milton Bradley
-Dirty C.T. December 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mr.Cantona, Would you like your money in twenties?

  In a few short hours, former French national and Manchester United superstar
Eric Cantona will lead a movement and withdraw all his assets from a French bank,and thousands are expected to follow throughout France and across Western Europe.
  This event will happen, but what effect will it have, perhaps not much in the short term, but it could spur similar movements at a future date.
  I admire Mr.Cantona, as he has reasoned out that the days of violent protest are now unnecessary. One need only withdraw their investments in concert with others in order to put pressure on the core structure of our system which allows it to operate the way it does.

  There is a half-baked element to all this, as critics of his plan have pointed out, that those withdrawing their assets will leave themselves vulnerable to would be thieves. However, Cantona would counter that by saying the reason he is taking his money out, is so it doesn't become vulnerable to actual thieves (Bankers). It will be interesting to see what happens in relation to that.
  Cantona might have been wiser, perhaps, to encourage his fellow dissenters to withdraw their money incrementally over a period of weeks, or months, culminating on December 7th. This way people would be less conspicuous to thieves, and Banks would not be overwhelmed with withdrawal requests all at once. Banks have safeguards in place to handle immediate runs, but not over extended periods.   

 Critics of Eric Cantona call him a "sardine philosopher" and the like, as a way to negate the concerns of an average citizens. (in this case a very rich one)   Elitist attitudes will often use these methods as if to say, condescendingly, "now now, little child, we mustn't have a Ram among the Sheep," or "It's much more complex than you are capable of understanding"  when the reality is, that if it is more complex, it's because those making the rules have made it more complex."
-Dirty C.T. December 6th 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Wiki Weirdness

      Now from an article on dailymail.co.uk, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has said that the next Wikileaks cables contain information about U.F.O's. He is quoted as saying "it is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of the cablegate archive there are indeed references to U.F.O's. Now given what many senior politicians and military people have been saying over the past few years, this news does not come as a surprise, however I would be surprised if the leaked documents amount to any new revelations. In the last releases, information was leaked about U.S. fears that Russia was becoming a 'Mafia State', Hey, I really had to hold on to the walls to process that shocker!
Steven Bassett and Stephen Greer's Disclosure Project has brought forward many former military and intelligence people who have revealed what they know of this phenomena, much to the amusement of the corporate media. Former Astronauts such as Story Musgrave, Edgar Mitchell, the late Apollo astronaut Gordon Cooper, among many others, have gone on record reporting their experiences of the phenomena. Here in Canada, Paul Hellyer, our former Defence Minister under Prime Minister John. F. Diefenbaker in the late 1960's recently came forward to tell what he knows, saying that U.F.O.'s were "as common as airplanes in our skies" and that situations on Earth risked "interplanetary war". That's pretty strong stuff!  Who knows what pressures people, who have been under the influence of the upper echelons of power, are under…and for what purpose?
Are we about to be assaulted with the ultimate propaganda mechanism designed to galvanize humanity into one political entity? or are the stresses on the hierarchy so great that they are about to lose their grip on a truth they have kept from humanity for who knows how long?
Meanwhile, corporatist politicians like Mike Huckabee in the U.S. has declared his "Fatwa" on those who disclosed the latest Wikileaks documents, calling for whoever responsible to be assassinated. So much for morality!  unless, of course, enough freedom loving Americans on all sides of the political, racial, and religious spectrum vocally denounce this kind of extremism, the founding fathers of America will  continue to roll in their graves, ashamed of their descendants silence.
-Dirty C.T.   December 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Word "Dirty"

When did the word "dirty" become a dirty word? After all, "dirt" is a word we use to describe soil, which is one of the basic and most crucial substances of our existence. Life grows in dirt, dirt is full of nutrients, and life forms like microbes, essential to our survival.
Western culture seems to have a "big time hate-on" for the natural world though. We think of germs and worms and maggots as being things beneath contempt. Many people would rather burn their dead, than allow these critters to feast on us humans, after all we are at the top of natures hierarchy, right?
Back to reality, we are, as Daniel Quinn points out in his book "Ishmael", not exempt from the natural world, despite the religious texts who lord humans above nature. Our brilliant minds allow us to play with, and manipulate nature, but we are never exempt from the reality of cause and effect, and as a result are tied to a planet that historically has been a source of neglect by our species.
I don't know enough about science to say conclusively that "climate change" is a reality, although I suspect it is, despite the political tug of war currently on this subject, but in the very least, we have a responsibility not only to ourselves, but all life forms, to ensure the health of our ecosystem…Yes, the Earth is remarkably resilient, and will continue on long after we make life unsustainable for our species on this planet. She does not need us to save her, we need to save ourselves from ourselves. Does anyone really want to live in a garbage dump? There will be more "dirt" there than anyone will know what to do with!
-Dirty C.T. December 2010

Galloway Thread

I just read an interesting thread exchange (kevboyle.blogspot.com) commenting on a lecture given by a left-wing peace activist named George Galloway. Galloway criticizes people who believe that 9/11 was an inside job. That's fine, but sadly, we seldom, if ever get to witness intelligent debate on this subject. Instead we are subjected to either dubiously edited documentaries about the possibilities of 9/11 being an "inside job" or we get condescending intellectuals dismissing the concept using little more than ridicule, ad hominem attacks and straw man arguments.

Getting to the truth of the matter requires an honest appraisal of human nature.
The motivating factors behind any power structures need for secrecy is obvious,
so too are the motivating factors of those who find comfort swimming in the waters of that  structure.

Now if we look at the thread it goes like this:
Anonymous said… (23 November 2010 12:52)
"Just because Mr.Galloway disagrees that 911 was a false flag operation job does not mean that he has suddenly swapped sides or has become dishonest. The fundamental proposition that people within the western intelligence community orchestrated the 911 attacks is absolutely outrageous. Nevertheless I believe it to be true. As the 911 truth movement grows and along with it the already (in my opinion) overwhelming evidence, it will become more and more difficult for anyone to deny inside involvement, including Mr.Galloway."
James Corr said… (23 November 2010 13:34)
"You guys are retarded.
All of your shit physics/quotes are easily debunked.
Nanothermite.. oh please.
Enjoy your paranoid nutball lives, you'll never be happy."
No One To Vote For said… (23 November 2010 13:41)
"A person gets over realizing these things James. This kind of stuff has been going on for centuries so there's no reason to be unhappy (concerned, active, yes. Unhappy, no), nor to stop challenging the pitiful lies in which you believe.
I teach physics, by the way, so like the people I've met who agree with me, I'm anything but retarded.
What about you, James?"
This James Corr guy is a classic example of the kind of person I'm talking about.
- Ad hominem, followed by Straw man, followed by Ridicule…no healthy inquiry!
There is a misconception that those who challenge the power structure are at their core very unhappy people, when the truth is that at his Corr (sorry, I couldn't resist), HE is the unhappy one, attacking those who challenge his fantasy. This attitude Mr.Corr takes, I believe, only exacerbates the dilemma of the 9/11 truth movement. Using these tactics on truth seekers always blows up your face! The only way to handle fringe elements is to engage, with a healthy, honest desire for truth and not the myopic advancement of ones worldviews. This way, as the scientific method demonstrates, new knowledge will help shed light on a problem, while old belief systems will simply die out, which, I think, is at the heart of Mr.Corr's fear.

-Dirty C.T.  December 2010

The Phew, The Psad, The Pseudo-Elite

Hi there, nice day, huh? What am I going to write about? oh, yeah…controllers, people who feel a compulsion to lead. Those who believe they understand things "just a little better" than you and I. The sad truth is, that in many cases, these people are highly intelligent, and often DO know more than others, but there is a difference between "knowing" and "all knowing". Wisdom is an understanding of the limits of ones own brilliance. Without which there is little room to adapt to the seemingly random, unforeseen aspects of existence. Philosophers throughout the ages have warned us of the consequences of hubris, these warnings, when left unheeded, have lead even the most brilliant down the path of destruction.

There is a universe of difference between belief and knowledge. The primary responsibility one must undertake when attempting to think critically, is to honestly understand this difference. I say honestly, because as subjective beings, we are very skilled at lying to ourselves, and thus others. When a person truly believes what they are saying is the truth, their energy and passion carries a resonance and conviction that can be highly persuasive. When a person is in this delusional state, there is little inner conflict, which allows their words to carry a weight which can affect great change in those who are psychically unstable.

We are a fearful species, constantly at war with forces which cause our demise. These forces though, are also the forces that have allowed us to come into being. Nature is a law, we are currently developing a way to understand these laws through a process we call Science, whose building blocks are founded in the cold logic of mathematics, and the scientific method. Nature does not keep secrets, although much remains hidden,it does not actively prevent us from discovering these truths. As a fearful, and therefore highly political species, we regulate ourselves and structure society using a hierarchical matrix. The problems with this hierarchical system is that it adapts to the unforeseen by constantly moving the "goal posts" on perceived truth. In todays world this is known as "political spin". This method of power distribution was philosophically mastered by "The Sophists" in ancient Greece, although I'm sure these techniques date much earlier in human history. The Sophists believed that "Truth" was unknowable, therefore, all energies should be focused on the
"winning of arguments". This lie allowed them to appease whatever moral constitution they may have had, while lobbying for more
power, in order to help perpetuate their world view. These methods, as we all know, continue to this very day.

Someone once said that the first casualty in war is the truth. There are many wars ongoing that don't always
involve bullets and bombs, but we can be rest assured that whenever there is a power struggle, lies and half
truths hover over every argument like a spectre in each breath. So it then becomes easy to conclude what
those in authority have told, and not told us about issues and events such as monetary policy, U.F.O's, match
fixing, J.F.K. and every other bone of contention under the sun, is most probably shrouded in lies.

The problem, it seems, is busting through the hierarchical mechanisms in place that wish to prevent people
from understanding the truth. Official secrecy, pseudo-scepticism and it's diabolical methods of shooting down anything and anyone who attempts to understand things outside the realm of the accepted worldview,
act as a one-two punch to knock out any would be champion of truth. The way they do this is by employing
logical fallacies in arguments in order to shoot the messenger instead of the message. Ad hominem attacks,
straw man arguments, and abuses and distortions of Occam's razor become convenient neutralizers, in order
to "buy time" for pseudo-sceptical arguments. A true sceptic is not a disbeliever, just one who suspends belief yet continues to ask questions. Holding these principals closer to our chest could have rendered history
less bloody, as we would have been more hesitant to march off and fight wars based on beliefs and ideals,
which in reality were never anything more than resource wars, waged by the common man, on behalf of rival elites.

Belief provides a scaffolding for humans, it allows us to play "connect the dots" with the things we do not
understand, thus pacifying our fears. Collectively, we hate not knowing, would often rather make it up and seek
destruction, before admitting that we "simply do not know". To not know is just NOT good enough, it has
never been good enough for scientists and philosophers, but their humanity has seldom prevented even
they from slipping into the cold comfort provided by scientific and religious dogma. When we see things that do not make
sense, and are in conflict with accepted narratives, it is our duty to ask questions. However, in this increasingly pseudo-elitist society, to question the narrative is met with cries of "conspiracy theorist" or anarchist. In order to be consistent with the scientific method, we must encourage each other to ask questions of official narratives and hold those who seek control accountable, defensible only by facts and truth, not through the use of ridicule and character asassination. Nature does not impose this yoke on us while seeking her truths,
so its unnatural, unacceptable, and sad when humans practice these tactics on each other.

-Dirty C.T.  December 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dirty C.T.'s Economic Outlook for 2011 and Beyond!

A synthesis of articles I've read and interviews I've listened to over the past few years, and then processed by that steel trap mind of mine:

-The Irish Situation: A Debt Sentence
-Irish Banks borrow money from mostly large European Banks.
-The bets go bad and they can't repay those who loaned them the money.
-The Irish government steps in and guarantees the loans to the creditors.
-They take this money from the public coffers, and attempt to make it up by imposing austerity measures on their people, in the form of social cuts.
-The social cuts cause wages to go down, unemployment to rise, deepening their recession, thus making it's people further incapable of repaying their debts.
-The E.U. bails them out and begins to dictate terms of their democracy to the Irish.
-Ireland is forced to repay their debt at a rate of 5.8%, money the banks borrow at 1%
-I think Ireland will find a way to escape the clutches of the Euro, by reviving "the Punt", and ironically, pegging it to the U.K. Pound.
-Although Iceland had a similar banking crisis, it is in a better situation than Ireland because it allowed its banks to fail, and did not raid its public treasury, while maintaining control of its own currency.
-Greece did not come across its debt crisis by the recklessness of its citizens, but by the lavish spending and speculative bubble bets of its elected officials.
-The average German citizen is more indebted than the average Greek.
-Being the largest economy in the Eurozone, Germany has been expected to shoulder the burden of the weaker European Union countries.
-Political pressure will soon mount within Germany for them to exit the Euro and move back to the Deutchmark, this will be the death knell of the failed E.U.
-Pressure within the U.K. will also cause them to pull out of the E.U, easier for them to do since they have maintained their own currency, as will Sweden, probably in concert with the Germans pulling out of the Euro.
-Italian bond markets are now under attack, their economy is bigger than Spain, which is seven times the size of Ireland. They don't call it a contagion for nothing!
-Portugal is the next country to wilt under the pressure of its insurmountable debt to G.D.P. ratios.
-The U.S. currency is over inflated solely because it has the confidence of investors.
-The U.S. dollar, I believe, has become a temporary safe haven, as it did preceding the economic crash of '08, brought on by the pressures on foreign markets created by their QE2 monetary policies, and is just another bubble, which when burst, will cause massive inflation, as commodities begin to skyrocket.
-Despite Canada's responsible banking system, its currency may, at best, enjoy a brief period of privileged status, as this dingy lifeboat economy gets sucked down by the massive displacement of economic waters brought on by the sinking of its Titanic neighbour to the south, the U.S.of A.
-China will eventually allow their currency to appreciate, that is if the whole region doesn't go up in a puff of Korean smoke. Japan is caught between a rock and a hard place…as the price of oil continues to rise, and no way of accessing any, they are in for a BIG collapse, or as Kunstler says, they may just go "Apeshit".
-All this to say that a collapse of economy/banking would ultimately affect vulnerable countries like Israel the worst, who produce little and rely heavily on investments, while surrounded by hostile neighbours.
-Australia is China's bitch at the moment, they ship most of their raw materials on a fast boat to China. The Aussies are too proud for that, as internet freedoms are curtailed,and security measures increase, look for the Australians to dig their heels in, in the form of a big time Chinese backlash, and with it will go their mighty currency, but that will come much later.
-India, well I ain't got no idea, if they can't sell their cheap products, their new economic might will dwindle to irrelevance. It will be over before it began, hopefully nobody will blame it on Pakistan.

-Dirty C.T.

Human Decision Required!

Fear not! The following is NOT a carefully crafted political diatribe designed to manipulate weak minds, and affect the status-quo.The following are my views and beliefs regarding the current status of the human condition, as it stands now, here on planet Earth. To take my views outside the friendly confines of this website would be a political act, so remember, it is YOU who have come to THIS site.Unlike like Pontius Pilot, and more like Dr.Morbius in the movie « Forbidden Planet », as portrayed by the late great Walter Pidgeon, I echo his words when I say: « I wash my hands clean of all responsibility! »
We are experiencing a consolidation of power by hierarchical forces unprecedented in human history. Yes, our past is replete with examples of power consolidation by empires, and always ending with the same results; contraction or destruction.
As it stands now, the dominant empire of this lovely world has been the United States of America. I admire the U.S.A. For it’s innovation, it’s constitution, as well as the legacy of contributions it has made to the Arts and Sciences. However, in the past few decades, the process of consolidation of wealth to the highest, and smallest percentile of it’s socio-economic pyramid, has accelerated to a rate that, as Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont recently stated in congress, has allowed the wealthiest one percent of Americans to acquire more wealth then the bottom fifty. He goes on to point out that the U.S.A. Is beginning to resemble the « banana republics » we were taught about in school, where the ruling class had all the power, and the common man had none. We have not yet reached this desperate state, but unless you’ve either been living under a rock, watching « Dancing with the Stars », or giving too much attention to the op-ed pundits in the corporate media, one can clearly see the precarious status of our civil liberties eroding before our very eyes.
The creation of the department of Homeland Securities, the dusting off of, and the institution of the Patriot Act, shortly after the terror strikes of 9/11, have facilitated the acceleration of abuses to civil liberties. The United States is a country who sent many soldiers to fight against the tyranny of socially controlled paranoid security states. Now we see a country that has lost its way, an underclass quite content to indulge in their « freedom » to recklessly consume all they can, detached from the suffering of the great bulk of humanity, yet leaving a bleak landscape behind them, thus further desecrating the land of its displaced indigenous peoples. At the top, we see a ruling class of oligarchs so terrified of its own brethren, that it seeks out, and pays, former K.G.B Czars like Yevgeni Primakov, to « assist » with the implementation of this security state.
The charade of democracy allows us to believe the narrative that our elected officials are running our country. However, as we know, politicians rarely keep their election promises, and once elected proceed to make laws that were never, and never will be voted on by the people. We can start with personal income tax for one, and go right down to the very minutiae that affects our daily lives. The problem is the result of creating economic states too large in scale for humans to properly manage. As a result, politicians have now become mere liaisons between the corporate interests and the people, ya, that’s right, US, those who actually make this world function!
The « elephant in the room » in all this is how oblivious we’ve become to the incredible power held by non-elected officials. For people like, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geitner, Bill Gates, George Soros, Henry Kissinger…and the list goes on, the bottom line is dollars and cents. People don’t seem to count anymore, from where I stand we seem to be viewed as expendable units to be sacrificed for some greater good, their perceived good, but in reality, nobody’s good! Here in Canada, I came across a roundtable discussion broadcast by the C.B.C. Host Evan Solomon interviewed a panel to discuss the recent Wikileaks document dump.To the horror of viewers and the host, an aid to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a professor named Tom Flanagan, called for the assassination of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The panel chuckled, it was said partly in jest, I’m sure, but conspiracy to commit murder is not humour as I understand it. If you want to know political satire that also happens to be funny, George Carlin has a few videos on youtube I can direct you to. This fool then goes on to say that this fatwa of his is an expression of « feeling manly ». There’s nothing manly about a coward trying to coax somebody to do his dirty work for him. He has proved to me what I suspected all along regarding Canada’s ruling « Conservative » minority government, that they are mostly just Reform Party, ultra-right wing, corporatists, with an agenda to advance the goals of what Scholar Chris Hedges describes as a state of inverted totalitarianism. Where politics, and morality, are subordinate to economics.
The same power consolidation is happening in Europe too. The European Union experiment has succeeded in doing the opposite of what it was set out to do. It’s intention, or so they say, was to unify that continent, economically and socially, under one flag, one currency, one parliament, and one anthem. Instead they have fragmented themselves, by imposing a « cookie cutter » order to proud peoples and cultures who have fought for hundreds of years to define their sovereignty and express their collective individuality in a global context. The autonomy of small countries like Greece, Ireland,and Portugal are being usurped my the I.M.F. And the World Bank, with the administrative assistance of the European Union. The democracy these countries have earned has now slipped into the control of people who are not necessarily indigenous to those countries, and have little interest in salvaging anything which does not feed the corporate interests at the heart of the Euro state.
This is not solely a European problem, really. This, is an American one too. The raping of the public treasury by a private company (The Federal Reserve) by virtue of the process of continued bank bailouts, is excising the gains made throughout the 20th Century by its intrepid middle class.These freedoms and rights have been the template for, and the envy of, oppressed people the world over. This toxic dichotomy is a pattern that has long since been established in China, a country of 1.3 Billion people,1.1 of which live in abject poverty. In China, The « lucky ones » have earned the honour of working, in many cases, sixteen hour days, six days a week, in order to manufacture cheap products, consumed mostly by nations of overweight neurotic westerners.The Chinese people have no freedom to protest, their internet is controlled by the state, and have little ability to affect change in their society, except perhaps through insurrection, which is quite common there despite its own governments attempts at snuffing it out.
The good news is, that as the empires of greed continue their power grab, it is also hastening its own decline. More and more people like me, and perhaps you, are waking up to the injustices and perils of living in a world that justifies itself by pointing out the benefits of trickle down prosperity. Trickle down prosperity is always wonderful for those near the top of its pyramid, but as one travels further down that pyramid, the odour of desperation begins to permeate with the stench of exponential misery and sadness. The continuation of this paradigm is not in the best interest of our species, our planet, or our souls!
Humanity has had a bad habit of cutting the head off dysfunctional political hierarchies, and
supplanting them with new ones, thus creating Frankensteinian political structures. It is my
fear that the continuation of this foolishness will eventually lead to a repeat of the bloodlust
imposed during the French, and Russian, revolutions. Doing this will solve nothing, and accelerate humanity's decline into a new dark age. The only way out, I believe, is to declare the times we have been living in as a kind of spiritual "dark age" and forge ahead by transforming ourselves, and with this, human culture, into one that is compassionate, free from hierarchy, and self sustaining, effectively whole-archic in nature …a concept so radical, that it is not even recognized yet as a word. In order to affect the change necessary, human decision is required!

-Chris Taylor, house painter, December 2nd 2010