Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Will You Do When TSHTF? (Domino Effect : part deux)

A question has been put to you, answer it? as Captain Kirk once said to Landru.

This book has a few suggestions
  It's coming fast now, that inevitable day when TSHTF, and for those of you not familiar with this acronym, T stands for 'The' and F stands for 'Fan'. Now that were all on the same page, we can peer into the future a bit, using a crystal ball or our minds, and see how this current 'domino effect' will effect us on an individual basis. I know the 'End Times' are near cause I actually watched over an hours worth of Cricket on T.V. last night and thoroughly enjoyed it! I dare say
somewhat even understood what I was watching.
  So the signs are all around us, I'm watching Cricket and enjoying it, Oil is pushing 120$ a barrel, Gadaffi Duck is on the ropes,and Canada has sent a warship to put 'the fear of Don Cherry' in him, Saudi Arabia is about to blow, they're demonstrating in Wisconsin, and the stock market bubble is beginning to deflate once again.
  I think TSHTF a couple of years ago actually, and now we are seeing it splatter all over the world in the form of demonstrations, gross speculation in markets, currency wars, the collapsing E.U. Now let's throw a few solar flares, earthquakes and Icelandic volcanoes and deep water oil drilling disasters into the mix and we've set the table nicely for 2012.
There is, however, no escape, as we are all in this together, we can't all buy property in South America like Henry Paulson, and Ted Turner, and escape TSHTF! not that I would want to, because these people will probably be the first ones on the roasting spit when cannibalism makes it's triumphant return to Terra Nova.
Enough levity for now, I predict that we will reclaim our sacred dignity long since compromised  in favour of material riches provided by cheap credit, and for some TSHTF will actually be TSHT-AC! have fun cleaning that 'On-Star' appliance. I think I know what I will be doing when TSHTF, pointing the finger, blaming and shaming just like the rest of us, and perhaps watching a Cricket match or two.
Dirty CT  March 2011

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