Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pippa Middleton: A Post Hypnotic Suggestion?

WARNING: The following article is a very silly one, so if you have something better to do, then DO IT!  if not, I hope you enjoy my latest post.

  Who is Pippa Middleton?  I see her name all over the web, and I guess if I really wanted to know, I could click on anyone of the many online articles or just go to Wikipedia and find out.

Look into my eyes, and repeat after me...
 I know enough to know that she is a relative, most probably the sister of Prince Whatever's wife of England. Yes, that's it, she's most probably the sister of Kate Middleton, that new royal person.

 I don't know if she is younger or older than Kate, and I'm not interested in finding out. Her name suggests to me she's younger, yet the pictures I've seen of her make me think she could be older. Anyway, besides being the sister of Kate Middleton, who is she? Is she known for something special, maybe something she may have invented, or perhaps she gained notoriety as a swimsuit model, or maybe she's a 'Nobel Prize' winning physicist? 

 I'm really more interested to find out why or if, people are truly interested in Ms.Pippa, or is she just a product; a media-created celebrity?  I'm conducting a little experiment of my own, I want to see how this article on Pippa Middleton will do compared to my previous post "It's US Against Them", or maybe one of the Bin Laden series I wrote back in 'Bin-Laden Week' in early May, in order to gauge whether she is authentically popular, or just someone forced upon us by the will of the mainstream media. 

  If she is popular, it probably has something to do with her name: "Pippa". 
If her name were a normal one like Janet, or Karen, would the media world be just as transfixed? And what if she weighed 294lbs (21 stone in the U.K.) and had a face like an orangutang, would she still be so beloved? We may never know.

 I think her name, at least phonetically, has a certain magnetism to it…think about it... Pippa Middleton…it sounds like a pebble being dropped into a pond, it has a beginning, middle and end to it. "Pip-pa-Midd-le-ton" say it over and over again, and you will find yourself detaching from your earthly vessel and moving into one of the higher overtones of the fourth dimension…"Pip-pa-Midd-le-ton Pip-pa-Midd-le-ton"

 I saw a headline on Yahoo news last week alerting us to a 'collision' suffered by poor Pippa at a recent triathlon (swimming biking and sunning?) I hope she wasn't hurt, for her sake and for ours. She's an attractive woman indeed, at least in the pictures I've seen, and yet I've never seen a shot of her from "head to toe", maybe she has stubby little legs and in her "off" days, represents the 'Lollipop Guild'?

 Yet, what if her sudden appearance into the world of pop culture is a harbinger of something much more sinister? The 'Sinister Sister' (I had to write that) as one who portends a dark future, one where mind-controlled MK-Ultra's go "koo-koo" upon hearing the sound of her name, like some creepy line in 'The Catcher In The Rye'...

 Somehow, either due to media-hype, the cult of personality, or a simple post-hypnotic suggestion, Pippa Middleton has 'arrived' in our consciousness and is quite probably here to stay . now repeat after me "Pippa Middleton-Pippa Middleton-Pippa Midddleton"

Dirty CT  June 2011 


                                                                       ~VIDEO PODCAST~                      

                                                             Dirty CT interviews PD Cafargo

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  1. The interview is interesting. Though PD Cafargo sounds rather disjointed, the stream of consciousness displayed is both truthfully naive and straight from the gut.

    Pete MacKannon (Pro)