Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Murdoch Mysteries...and more!

Rebekah, you owe me a little favour?

  Do you remember when the news of the phone hacking scandal in Britain broke a few weeks ago? Remember how the players involved were being arrested and questioned? Who can forget the arraignment of the raven haired Rebekah Brooks, and soon after the mysterious death of the main whistleblower, Sean Hoare?  Oh,and how the situation became a political tinderbox for their coalition half-breed Prime Minister David Cameron for having hired News Of The World editor Andy Coulson as his 'director of communications', and how the Judge appointed to oversee the hearings had attended parties at Murdoch's daughter's house, or how the chief of police, Sir Paul Stephenson, and his deputy dawg in training John Yeates had no choice but to step down, and how then some Johnny, who had lost his marbles, breached security to deliver a 'foam and kidney pie' to the face of Rupert Murdoch? and how his son James Marbles watched on dumfounded, and how his Asian Tigress wife began wailing away whacking anything that moved, knocking a woman down in front of her? That seems like a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, but please forgive me, or as educated people like to say "I digress" or is that "Tigress"? ba-dum-pum…tschhhhhh!!!

The remarkable thing about this 'scandal' is how it has suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from the headlines, no thanks to that monster in Norway, or those clowns in Washington, or the hooligans of Tottenham.

Whenever a BIG news story breaks these days, it often seems to be accompanied with some form of uncanny 'coincidence' one that authorities deem not to be related. The most recent of these coincidences is the tragic downing in Afghanistan of the Chinook helicopter carrying members of Navy Seals team 6 , the team that supposedly 'killed' Osama Bin laden. When The Iraq war began, 'whistleblower' David Kelly mysteriously turned up dead by what was deemed by authorities to be suicide. Then of course there was the case of the D.C. Madame:  'Whistleblower' and 'suicide victim'. Now with the 'unrelated' death of Sean Hoare, a man very much on the inside of the Murdoch media empire, another 'coincidental death' has been registered. Of course there are many nefarious possibilities, one of which would be that there is a hidden third party at play wishing to capitalize and take advantage of any given crisis… or confuse it!

I'm not jumping to any conclusions here, but I would like to point out how, more than ever, there always seems to be a 'coincidental yet suspicious' event accompanying a scandal or tragedy involving the loss of life of people whose testimony, under oath, would be invaluable to help clarify whatever deceptions or wrong doings may have occurred.
Is this the new reality of life in the twenty first century, where nothing is simple anymore? or have these things been going on since the invention of the wheel and it's first flat tire, through the disputin' of the Romanov dynasty, right down to that 'theatre of the absurd' also known as the O.J. trial?   There's a lot of power and money in the offing, and the political stakes are even higher.

Back to the Murdoch Empire for a moment, and the phone hacking scandal from The News Of The World…This is serious; complicity with police in obtaining private information? Do these people all sleep in the same bed too? It seems like they're all just one big club who have complete contempt for those that are not part of their clan. let the blame game begin!
The only pre-requisite seems to be that if you are rich and powerful, authorities will not only turn a blind eye to any mis-deeds, but may actually help you out in the process. Talk about the pitfalls of technology!?!

Let's not be naive to think this kind of abuse of the public trust is isolated in anyway, this kind of nonsense goes on with elites in society the world over, and it is for this reason we must question officials, and 'watch 'em like hawks'. It begins with total transparency, and return to critical thinking by finding a way to break the addiction of the dumbed down infotainment we consume daily.


Whilst we were sleeping, Asian stocks (Hang Seng) lost consecutive thousand point drops, and now today, in the last hour of trading, the Dow climbed 200 points out of the hole to finish the day over 400, Was this some sneaky investment banks deleveraging manoeuvre, or hedge fund hyenas at work?  These little shenanigans seem to happen with great frequency these days on Wall Street and other markets. On Monday, Bank of America lost 20 percent of its volume, and today made back 17 percent, I don't know what's more absurd, The wild ride of Bi-Polar banking stocks on the heels of specious credit downgrades, or the news that the Spanish Football club 'Real Madrid' just tendered a contract to a SEVEN YEAR OLD (in crayon no doubt)  but alas I'm naive, just another coincidences I suppose!?

                                                         Rupert Murdoch: Life of Pie:


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    Anonymous found dead from 3 shotgun blasts to the head. Suicide suspected.