Saturday, November 10, 2012

Soft On The Outside, Hard On The Inside

How did we permit it to go on for so long, by allowing the few to control the many?  Since we had been so very soft on the outside, we had decided to set up our governments to act as the authority, all for the purposes of protecting the rights of it's humble citizens.

It was done so that we would need not suffer the unjust dictates of those who would otherwise rule over common decency and human dignity, under the auspices of 'might makes right'.

With the advent of democratic governments we had given so much hope to the idea that we could one day shake the spectre of totalitarianism and the capricious whims of it's opportunistic and authoritarian leaders.  

The systems we had set up to protect us city-softies had themselves become so big and powerful, too big to fail in fact, that those who thought somehow they had possessed divine insight into how better they could improve upon thousands of years of social and legal evolution, gravitated to the upper echelons of power like cockroaches to fly-paper, or sewer rats to Mc Garbage. 

These 'authorities' as they were often called, had achieved demigod like status, and a power to alter our daily lives in a way they always asserted had been in 'our own best interest'. 

Global eco-cults of like-minded individuals had emerged under the banner of gloomy programs like Agenda 21, which had been nothing more than a thinly veiled opportunity for the elite few to seize even more social control on behalf of the corporate state, with the individual rendered as mere collateral damage. 

This imposition of stricter regulations, always came at the expense of good judgement, the result of which was fast fuelling the growth of political ideologies like libertarianism.  Governments were beginning to outlive their usefulness, and by becoming so fucking ginormous, they were quickly transforming themselves into the very enemy they had been established to protect us from in the first place. 

The final straw came when petty city administrators throughout western industrialized nations began to prevent good and honest folks from engaging in the most basic of human dignities: growing their own vegetables on their own front lawns. These 'low-lifes' were acting on behalf of the authors of our antiquated narrative, who had been un-empathetic individuals wanting nothing short of total control over even this most basic of human functions. They had vaulted themselves above, and placed themselves between the average citizen and one's ability to feed itself independent of fiat-based currencies, and by extension the corporate state. 

'Kiss This' was the batttle-cry
The very heart of the psychopathic control system was showing it's true 'colours' to be a very finite range: somewhere between dark grey and black. 

Our frankensteinian governments were no longer serving the needs of it's people, and had eroded it's last vestiges of integrity due to the ubiquitous acceptance of bribes and payoffs by many of our more unscrupulous public officials.

Ultimately, they had been coordinating their authoritarian policies on behalf of corporations, unions, mobsters and bankers, (basically anything hierarchical) and making the full spectrum of cultures within the community of industrialized nations become as mere players in the same dull chapter of some cheap novella.

The authors of the narrative, which had governed those woeful decades at the beginning of the 21st century, wanted nothing short of your total subordination, complicity and faithful allegiance to the 'Church of Authority': the first and very last religion to cast it's dark shadow over the beloved lands of Terra… that is of course until this systemic Leviathan came smack up against our 'hard core', the very pit that is humanity's soul, in those final and fateful days, while nudging us ever and always to our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.

Future CT    Village 5, Nova Avalon       Year 17 P.T.E.

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