Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope On The Ropes

Joe Da Rat?

It wasn't long after the second to last Pope stepped down that things started to get really crazy. The Greenland ice was melting fast, and the polar vortex had just collapsed a month prematurely, affecting no less the Super Bowl, causing it to have a blackout. (forgive me, it's been a long time, and maybe I'm confusing these events a bit) 

Anyway, it seemed like 'Glory of the Olive' had more than a pit in his stomach. Perhaps he just didn't have the belly for the job. Instead, this papal poser decided to cash in his lottery winnings and buy himself 'two picketts to Tittsburgh', or was it a 'Bird's Nest' in Bavaria?

Holy Strawsack, I'm quitting in the morning!
The Pontiff who had served before him, that old polish guy who could barely sit up straight, had at least managed to tough it out on behalf of the billions of devoted Roman Catholics worldwide, despite his apparent drug-induced catatonic sub-narcoleptic trance.

Sure there had been a few black eyes delivered to the catholic church in those years… Butlers, banking practices, and other 'indiscretions' had been a point of serious contention among those who had looked to the 'holy see' as a role model for institutionalized spirituality.  Fortunately for those occupying the halls of the Vatican in those days, their competition (that is to say: the clowns within Governments and Banking), weren't looking much better either.

St. Malachy had ultimately been right though. That 12th century Irish monk had foreseen all 112 popes who would follow, and although he had scored a big hit calling the Petrus Romanus thing, what he hadn't foreseen was precisely how 'The End' would actually play out.

In order to not breach the laws of causality, I will refrain from revealing to you what exactly unfolded during 'The End Times'. What I can say though, as I'm sure more than a few of you may have already surmised is: 'The End' is relative. 'Beginning and End' are not like 'Good and Evil', because they are transcendental states which tend to blend into one another, in a spiritual/cosmic sense.

Suffice it to say, the last Pope, 'Peter of Rome', would go on to become a pretty popular guy, despite Comet ISON, the monetary crisis, TSHTF, and anything related to these or other apocalyptic phenomenon. 

Note: I can safely mention the monetary crisis because the basic arithmetic causing this event will already have been pre-determined by the time you read this…it had to do with QE something?

So back to Bavaria went Pope 111 (his name escapes me now, as do the names of most of the other so-called 'leaders' of your era) alone and content with his massive lottery winnings, and an extensive collection of photographs and memorabilia coming from his brief stint as head of the largest and wealthiest religious institution of your time period. 

Nobody remembers much about whatever ultimately happened to that odd German chap, to that fishy guy who wore the fish hat, and maybe that's because nobody other than his barber, banker, or the merchant who sold him the 'winning ticket' really cared all that much.

Taken moments after the Pontiff's fateful announcement.
 Was this a harbinger?

Future CT    Village 5,  Nova Avalon.    Year 17 P.T.E.

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