Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fata Morgana

Like a tantalizing mirage hovering on the horizon, promises of a new technological 'golden age' remained just that, promises. No matter what we had seemed to do to try and fix our broken world, we always wound up digging ourselves deeper and deeper, sinking mercilessly into the quicksand with every tug and struggle we had made to be free. 

We were reaping all the consequences of that which we had sowed. As we tried in vain to mitigate the negative effects of our unconscious actions, we would invariably offend yet another cardinal law of reality we had chosen to be blind to. Promises of Hope were appearing as a Fata Morgana, luring us with her hint of promise, then slapping us back, the moment we dared.

We had received intervention prior to our inevitable rendezvous with destiny, back in February of 2013 a massive meteor was vaporized over Chelyabinsk Russia, by the same enigmatic force that had eventually issued to us our ultimatum. This cosmic force had managed to disperse the potentially destructive energy temporally, by creating a micro-vortex, so that much of the kinetic energy from the meteor's explosion could flow backward in time, protecting vast stretches of our planet, and millions of lives from annihilation.

Much of the energy from that tremendous blast had been redirected to the Tunguska region of Northern Siberia, back into the year 1908. This temporal splitting had been a necessary measure, in order to avert what would have been our species premature reintroduction back into the 'Stone Age'.

Force is energy, and when harnessed properly, it can perform miracles. Using it to do so requires great wisdom, but withholding it's use requires even greater strength, a strength found only in spirit.

Do you remember the story of Jackie Robinson, the first African American man to ever play Major league Baseball? 

He was put to the test by an unimaginably ingrained racist mindset that had existed in America in the mid-twentieth century. His ability to withhold reacting to his tormentors, whilst containing his rage, required far more strength than it would have taken to beat the head in of any of his antagonizers. But he did this for a greater good, by not reacting, he held the mirror of truth up to his nation's unacknowledged ugliness, and helped forge a long path toward a collective healing. 

So too, good men and women were challenged greatly in those years leading up to our inevitable rendezvous with destiny. To speak the truth, which had run counter to the materialistic narrative which dominated your time period, required feats of great strength and courage.

Many average people were, at that time, having incredible yet unprovable spiritual experiences. Their transformative entanglements with synchronicity and serendipity had nurtured their energetic and intuitive abilities, the result of which had been rapidly creating a schism between them, and those dwelling in a more mundane existence. 

Back in your day, in that time we now refer to as the great forgetting, If you had have asked me what I did for a living, you had essentially been asking: what it is I did to earn money, feed myself, and put a roof over my head. 

Ask anyone here in Nova Avalon the same question today, and you will get a very different response. 

These days, to ask what one actually does for a living, is to ask: What is your purpose in life? In your day, I used to earn money by painting and plastering homes... but what is it I do in life now? Now, I am a 'Time Traveller', but not really from the future; I was born in 1964.

I travel through time on behalf of 'Her'. I'm not employed by any government, or agency... I do this all for her. 

My method of travel is very simple. I work with causality, vibration, synchronicity and serendipity. I allow the universal truths to flow into my attention not a moment too soon, nor a moment too late. By having a plan, but not remaining attached to it, I allow the universe to unfold as it should; actively seeking, yet simultaneously surrendering.

This is the way I live, as the path is laid out before me. I am able to report back on our present day from the future, because I'm reporting back from a logical future, which is the spiritual separation about to occur as a result of too much dualistic thinking, and our collective refusal to address causality. 

Mine is a tale for those who will accept the challenge of abandoning the old paradigm, and unpalatable for those who have chosen to cling to it desperately.

King Arthur once sailed with the enchantress Morgan La Fay to the island of Avalon. He sought refuge in the garden to recover from his wounds of the soul sustained whilst defeating Mordred. 

We too defeated Mordred in essence, when those who could not let go of their outdated paradigm, picked up and blasted off to form the Martian Colonies. 

Much of the problems humanity had created for itself had come from our inability to properly communicate our feelings, due mostly to our lack of self-knowledge. 

Our arrested development had been a simple effect of all the dazzle supplied by our materialistic culture. If we had only spent a little more time and effort sincerely attempting to figure out who the hell we were, and what it was we actually wanted in life, we could have possibly averted our inevitable rendezvous with destiny... but as the story goes, that was simply not 'meant to be'.

Now, we have named our village Nova Avalon, after that western island of apples in Arthurian lore. 

Avalon was once ruled by a Matriarch of nine sisters, most notably of which was the enchantress Morgan Le Fay; also known as Fata Morgana

Avalon, it was said, had also been the land in which the sword Excalibur was said to have been forged... and as I write these journals to you, my friends, I have indeed found my Excalibur. It is found within the power of the written word, which has always been said to be mightier than that of any sword.

Future CT        Village 5, Nova Avalon.             Year 17 P.T.E.

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