Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From G.I. Joe to G.I. Gurdjieff (or Barbie and Ken meet Antarctic Penguins)

In this corner: Barbie and Ken

It is this bloggers opinion that Barbie was one of the most spiritually subversive consumer items of the last fifty years. 
The plastic princess, along with her life partner, a 'manchild' named 'Ken', together wreaked havoc on the consciousness and spiritual development of a good portion of young women of my generation.
   This spiritual de-evolution created a paradigm which encouraged an endless conveyer belt of material wants and needs and perpetual consumption, in addition to an imbalance in the glorification of exterior beauty.
   And she chose the right guy too, a eunuch with plastic hair and permanent smile, thus never needing to be burdened with troublesome children.
 Then maybe it was because Barbie had no use for the sex act itself, as she too had been denied by her makers at Mattel the dignity of human genitalia, or perhaps she was the one 'strapping it on', I can only guess, and don't care to explore this possibility any further.
  Don't get me wrong,I'm not gender bashing here, the girls, and perhaps even some 'boys', enjoyed the make believe games only a 'Barbie-Doll' could realise.
   We guys were programmed via a close knit fraternity of eunuchs named 'G.I. Joe'. Fortunately, their influence didn't turn me into a half savage who finds it acceptable to 'solve' problems using violent methods instead of ones intellect. Today, 35 years on, I prefer the methods of G.I. Gurdjieff to those of G.I. Joe.
     Enter the penguins, Antarctic inhabitants, and loveable stars of that wonderful movie 'March Of The Penguins'. 
 Tough life for that species, it's pretty cold down there, even in the summer, but the winters would make my inner penguin want to say "you know what?…is it really all worth it?". We humans are one of the few species that is actually capable of having fun, and we do it often despite the difficult situations that surround us. But these penguins…come on…Get a life!
and in this corner...
How did he get dragged into all of this?
    Back to Barbie now, and her pernicious influence on the consciousness of the western female, like some plastic toy version of kiddy crack cocaine, her mere presence would be enough to torment and mould the minds and souls of many a young girl incapable of resisting her hypnotic influence, all the while sending them wrong messages concerning the superficial components of being an 'adult'.
   As the ultimate 'material girl', Barbie, with the eunuch Ken in tow, were the Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker of the toy doll world, and in the 1960's became an ominous harbinger for our 21st century spiritually bankrupt dystopia.
    Hey, and let's not forget 'Skipper', Barbie's little sister. She was simply an avatar for the young girl playing with  Barbie. She represented all the hopes of a young girls aspirations to be  Just - Like-  Barbie! 
I often wonder if the name 'Barbie' was chosen, by some twisted mind in marketing, to pay homage to the 'Butcher of Lyon' Klaus Barbie?
     Back now to the penguins, and don't worry I'm gonna tie this all in nicely, I hope!  The penguins keep eating shivering and procreating, and spend a good portion of their cold winters in complete darkness, and the greater part of their summer up all night without enough darkness to get a good nights sleep. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the penguins, Barbie and Ken have become the template for an unobtainable vision of material happiness.
aaah, look at the little penguins, so sweet!
 The penguins exist in a climate too hostile for most life on this planet, yet have somehow endured and even thrive for millions of years. Barbie and her under equipped 'Toy Boy Toy' will be lucky to endure another twenty years, and the model they present as an ideal of modern adulthood is unlikely to endure past this decade.

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  1. William P. RandzenApril 13, 2011 at 11:41 PM

    LOLS!!! What a classic. Sadly, we all know (well, those of us who really in the know) that those who were/are directly and really affected by the Barbie indoctrination program, and who later became mass consumers and by extension wives who married submissive and controllable husbands (a subject I unfortunately know rather too well), would obviously not understand what the hell your exposing in your post. Tragic reality 101.

    Love your post.
    W P Randzen

  2. Thank you Bill, we here at "the Abyss" really appreciate your feedback and loyalty. Barbie and Ken are acting as "shock therapy" for those still sleeping through the transformation. With 2012 right around the corner, we must thank the 'Mattel Duo' for showing us the wrong way, so that we may set things right. Anonymous CT

  3. lol barbie... ken.... kissy kissy.. #########