Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Royal Wedding, Canadian Elections: as boring as the NHL playoffs


Rant for aujourd'hui: I rarely watch television (thanks to Jim Marrs and friends). Unfortunately for me tonight, I was sucked into watching a few periods of an NHL playoff hockey game. Some moments were rather exciting I must admit. However, if one takes a few steps back to observe what is really going on, one has to be objective and honest with oneself and admit that the plays and the sportscasters' comments have not changed over the last 20 or more years. Nothing but the same repertoire of predictable play making and knee-jerk cliché commentary on the part of the CBC broadcasters who have been holding on to their jobs as long as Bruno Gerussi was parked on the infamous Beachcombers TV series ("Toronto la marde" my father used to say). Only now. the players are bigger, stronger and faster than ever. But, gone are the days of the beautifully crafted plays and artistry. It's all about strength, force and - I hate this one - "working hard in the corners". It's Spartan and military in nature. And, quite frankly, boring la plattus (i.e. fucking boring and unimaginative!). Double unfortunately, the local CBC station was airing commercials during the game for the royal family wedding. I will not try to delve too much into this subject for lack of time and bandwidth. Suffice to say, that any reference to or existence even in this day of age to the concept of a monarchy is beyond comprehension. I don't like the idea of any monarchy. It presumes that there are subjects, therefore little people who live, toil and serve under a monarchy. I thought we were over with that sort of nonsense. But alas, I guess not. An old friend of mine (may he rest in peace), would spit on his TV screen in reaction to commercials for royal weddings and such. He was way more Québecois than I am. Some folks still don't like the idea of living in a colonial system. But, it seems some people just lap it all up, take it up the scoobies, love it and want more monarchy. They absolutely love the idea of having wealthy 'royal' people occupy - although more symbolically - an important and present role in their communal lives. Newsflash: the royal wedding is a fairy tale event and serves as just another form of distract-shon, as apparently billions will be viewing this garbage on the 'ol tele. I know for one that I won't! These and a plethora of other mainstream media events serve to distance and distract the 'loyal subjects' from those other nasty realities that happen to be going on (and have been for a while) . Do I need to name some. I guess so: the BP oil disaster (what happened to that?), the Japanese nuke disasters (who cares now, right?), Lybia (same old boring shit, right?), and on and on. I'll spare you. Geez, I haven't even mentioned the recent Canadian federal election campaign: boring la plattus exponential 10. While we're on that subject (briefly), politicians are simply another form of 'monarchy-lite'. Except that loyal subjects 'elect' virtual unknowns in temporary positions of so-called 'power' every now and again in this illusory circus known as 'democracy'.
Comme on dit icitte: "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même esti de marde!"

Pierre Duranleau aka Cafargo (no longer contributing to this site)


  1. Once again your post hit the proverbial 'nail on the head' despite the near unreadable gibberish of colloquial diatribes

  2. Now now, I wouldn't exactly call it gibberish...babbling perhaps, passionate maybe, but it's good 'aka Cafargo' got this one out of his system,
    it's a real good thing!
    I'd be curious to know what Mr W.P. Randzen thinks about all this.
    -Anonymous CT

  3. It seems Randzen has chosen to be silent.
    I'll be watching those shape-shifting
    Royals exchanging their wedding vows in
    the morning,then the Hockey game at night...
    pass the scones and 'Export Ale'!

  4. William P. RandzenApril 27, 2011 at 10:56 PM

    Dears Anonymous CT and Annanonymous54 (on the floor),

    I appreciate your feedback and concern. And, indeed, it is good to get dark things out of one's system through the media forms of internet blogs and art. I do have this interesting observation to add however. Both the Montreal Canadiens and the British Royal Family have one undeniable thing in common: both are fallen and crumbling dynasties, ghost shells of their former selves. Now, I hope we won't see any of those silly Canadiens flags sticking out fans' cars, now that the habs are out.

    William P. Randzen