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Circle Quest 0º-180º (or The Hunt For Red October part1)

   Once again I'm going to bite off way more than I can chew, and in true Western tradition, I've chosen the 'Big Gulp' or the 'Venti' over the 'demitasse' approach.  Are we about to see a flood of red cascade through world markets this month? Has that hall of mirrors labyrinth known as derivative debt finally led investors to seek a practical 'way out'? Why invest in something which is merely a reflection of something true, when one can own the real thing? If the Eurozone goes down, I can tell you the boys at Goldman Sachs and the other major institutions of financial wizardry, will be the first to seize control of the lifeboats. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this post is not a financial investors guide but perhaps a speculative precursor to the upcoming revelations as to the levels of deception which holographically permeates our world.

Submersible Metaphor
Smoke and mirrors have been the tools used to confuse the masses and delude them into believing the left/right narratives. It is done in politics, business, and all other intertwining aspects of human culture in order to gain the upper hand. Now I feel that we are on the verge of a veritable apocalypse (which simply put means 'revealing') one of truth and the practical application of deception in our world.  Like the submarine the 'Red October', the agenda moves with purpose, silently and stealthily, towards an end, which appears to be an inevitable global catastrophe.

One traditional method of jumpstarting economic recovery is to start a war!

Rick Santorum, Republican Presidential candidate exclaimed, in a recent 'leaders debate', that Iran was responsible for more deaths of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hey Rick, if your government had not sent your servicemen to the middle-east in the first place they never would have been exposed to those 'Evil Iranians', or as Ron Paul then correctly pointed out, had the US not overthrown the Iranian government in 1953 and imposed the Shah, the blowback of the 1979 Iranian revolution would have never happened.  Surely American intelligence would have known before the Iraq war, that any aggression in the region would provoke a response from a nation that has so much at stake as to what happens in their own backyard. The US would not act any differently if the situation was in it's own backyard (Cuba?) The same will happen too if an attack on Iran ever materializes, because it's likely the Chinese and/or Russians will come to the aid of Iran or Pakistan should they ever have the need to defend against a US aggression.  Senator Linsey Graham is now calling for an American assault on Pakistan, which most definitely would draw their close ally China into the conflict…well, that's the way the egg rolls!

After the immense carnage of such conflicts,  Mr.Santorum or Mr.Graham can get up on their podiums and try to frighten us once again for political gain, by beating their drums of war in blaming Russia or China for their support of Islamic fundamentalists, (remember 'Tom Hanks War' where the US funded the Mujahedeen fighters in the Afghan/Soviet conflict in the1980's?) two can play that game. 

Who ultimately will benefit from these wars though? The arms makers/ traders, the shareholders and those corporations involved in the rebuilding of war zones of course (like Halliburton or the BinLaden family of Saudi Arabia), and those caught in the bloody middle will once again be the gentle folk just trying to live their lives.

A Sizeable Slice Of Pi
Our 'allies' the Saudis, have just sentenced a woman to ten lashes for breaking it's repressive and discriminatory law against women drivers, yet the rhetoric from our elected officials about which 'evil regimes' should be toppled continues, whilst the moral whines from our leaders fall conspicuously silent to outrageous assaults on basic human dignity when perpetrated by regimes whose countries resources are peddled to us like crack for cash, or lobbied for under the guises of ''campaign contributions'.

Saudi-Western relations are that of a dysfunctional co-dependant. It's a relationship where the narcissist and co-dependant actually feed off and ultimately exhaust one another through their various methods of dysfunction.

Where's Obama, Harper, Merkel, Cameron or Napoleon Sarkozy on these injustices? Where any puppet would be, I suppose, on strings unable to comment on anything that runs counter it's own economic interest. Their moral crusades take place when there is economic gain to be had from a political transformation. Our leaders sat on their hands during the Egyptian and Tunisian crises, are mute on Bahrain's revolution, or the barbaric assaults on the people of Gaza, yet continue to wage war in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen only because in those regions it's interests are at stake, and it becomes important to them that the outcome their campaign contributors wish to see take place does. 

The West, both the perpetrators of crimes and their subservient allies who sit by and watch in silence, have lost any moral high ground it may have had a long time ago.  Beginning with the introduction by the US government of venereal diseases to Guatemalans in the late forties, to the manufactured Gulf of Tonkin incident, to the lies on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, the 'Downing Street Memo' and the ensuing crimes at Abu Graib.

All nations are one nation in the new globalist reality, and unfortunately the alter of worship for the 'power elite', and those who do their bidding, is laminated with money.

UPDATE: Good News!The Saudi Arabian King has overturned a ruling to lash the woman driver.

My next pit stop concerns global Intelligence organizations, who work with one another on behalf of an agenda that none of us, nor most of it's participants for that matter, are even aware of. The way this is accomplished is through the process of 'compartmentalization' (the majority of CIA operatives are now contractors). Anyone who has ever worked for a company and had a position higher than those on the lower levels knows there is information they are privy to, that those below them do not know. It is therefore logical to conclude that in the fourth-dimensional realms of the intelligence community, ones superiors have knowledge that contractors are prohibited from ever knowing. We can infer how something must be, by looking at what isn't, without ever knowing the actual details of any method of operation firsthand.

OK, that's it for the first 180º, on October 1st  I will post part two (180º to 360º)
Update: here's the link to Circle Quest 180º-270º(or The Hunt For Red October part2)
If you're enjoying this series, part three (270º-360º) will be posted in a few days.

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