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Circle Quest 180º-270º(or The Hunt For Red October part2)

Now the real journey is about to begin, as our submersible dives deeper, down to unfathomable depths, guided solely by our right-hemisphere contextual navigation system, truly challenging the abyss, and it's murky waters.  ...DIVE!

Submerge this!
Full integration of the analytical left-brain and contextual right-brain must be in order to fully grasp these new depths . 'Left-Brainers' are ones who see the universe as being random (atheistic, logic, coincidence, a universe without purpose) , whereas 'Right-Brainers' see everything as being inter-connected (religious, deterministic, serendipitous, or even conspiratorial). In what way are both perspectives right and wrong? I've experienced too many meaningful coincidences in my life to regard them as purely random coincidence (if they were random, then randomness and magic are one in the same).  I dare say that randomness is actually a chaotic field which can be tapped into and manipulated for personal gain, possibly using the quantum method of being aware of somethings presence without actually looking at, or in scientific terms, by not drawing a wave into particulate form. Some might call this magic. Those who cannot or refuse to recognize the value of coincidence/synchronicity as being part of the fabric of nature, miss out on it's tremendous energetic properties. Therefore, if one sets up conditions for a desired outcome, one need only sit back and allow the chaos field to work wonders for good (the betterment of oneself and others) or heaven forbid, evil (the betterment of ones position within a hierarchy at the expense of others).

My explanation could be one way of understanding how uncanny synchronicity accompany many aspects of human political interaction. Those at the true top of our power structure remain beyond reproach by using either desire, for those who wish to better their status, or fear, for those who fear a decline in status, as a means of manipulation to get the wretched souls to do their bidding for them. Like great chess masters who need not use a bishop to do anything a pawn can just as effectively do, those at the top of our world's hierarchy sit back and watch the rest of us heathens whack each other on the head, warring and protesting, whilst they opportunistically take advantage of the discord for personal gain.

Many respected researchers and authors resist the more right-brained analysis of those in the 'conspiracy field'. But to negate those views, I believe, is to cut ourselves off from an awareness which could put the frustrating warring dichotomies in their proper perspective. Many respected scholars risk depoliticizing themselves by skirting too close to the 'event horizon' of conspiratorial right-brained perceptions.

"Integration" by Milton Bradley
Being one who is 'conspiracy friendly' I entertain concepts which many trapped within 'left-brained prisons' will dismiss without second thought. As a house painter, I have little in the way of status to be lost for entertaining these possibilities. I'm happy to report that much of what is out there in 'Conspiracyland' is but a half-baked potpourri of semi-truths. Clown like speculations of silly notions like "Paul is Dead", "Elvis is Alive" or the latest seismic link between the Earth-Sun alignment and comet Elenin in relation to the national emergency drill which took place at Denver Airport a week ago last Tuesday. These loose speculations only serve to tarnish the credibility of those who entertain, and more importantly, RESEARCH alternative viewpoints, or question the official narratives.

From the many hours I have spent looking into this stuff, I can honestly say I have never come across anybody who sincerely thinks 'we never went to the moon'. This being said, 'theories' are essential to the scientific method. Even the theory of relativity, which incorporates an accurate calculation of the speed of light, is now being challenged. Yet many have always assumed this 'cosmic speed limit' to be an example of 'absolute knowledge'. That was until this past week, when the Italian physicist Antonio Ereditato, working at CERN with the Large Hadron Super Collider, presented scientific evidence to the contrary. He proved that neutrinos had defied the laws of conventional physics by exceeding the previously believed limitations for the speed of light by 60 billionths of a second.

In the world of geo-politics, theories have been proven to be fact with the revelation of deceptions like the 'Gulf of Tonkin incident', as disclosed to us by the late US Vietnam war general Robert MacNamara. This 'revelation' has proven to us 'officially', that governments and military will not hesitate to use a false pretext to advance their war agendas by manufacturing a 'false flag' event.  Therefore those so-called 9/11 theorists must also be forgiven for believing that the official story concerning the events of that infamous day is deceitful or an incomplete one at best, due to the fact that declassified documents have shown how the C.I.A. had hatched a similar plan back in the early 1960's called 'Operation Northwoods'. This scheme called for an orchestrated attack on U.S. cities, (you know, fly a few planes into buildings, etcetera) and blame the whole thing on Castro. The plan was quashed by then president John F Kennedy, before he was assassinated by a 'lone gunman' in Dallas, in November of 1963.

Then there's that uncomfortable and unavoidable obstacle called Newtonian physics, which prohibits the free fall collapse of a steel frame structure through the path of MOST resistance.  The buildings collapsed at free fall speed from temperatures insufficiently high enough to weaken substantially a steel frame structure of that size, especially given the fact that the majority of jet fuel, whose extremely high, but insufficiently low burning temperatures, was ignited the moment the planes struck. The ignited fuel created the ball of fire which blew out the sides of the buildings upon impact. I'm not even going to get into those theories about explosives pre-planted within the buildings or the Pentagon attack secrecy, the Air-Defence 'stand down', and all the other official inconsistencies, because we haven't been allowed to see the raw footage. 

(If you sincerely want to challenge yourself and ones beliefs in the official story of 9/11, may I suggest reading David Ray Griffin's excellent book The 9/11 Commission Report "Omissions and Distortions", also worth mentioning, there are over 1500 accredited Physicists and Engineers who have come forward to challenge the physics presented in the official claims)  ...DIVE!!

This brings me to another theory, and that of a 'grand conspiracy' to kill JFK. This one, when looking at the evidence and the 'deep politics', that is to say the connections which existed between Oswald, the Mob and the Communists, has quite a bit of weight to it. It also has a motive, which was to eliminate a man who used the political power of the presidency independent of the will of the 'power elite'. Kennedy, five months earlier, had been the first president since Abe "don't go to the theatre tonight" Lincoln, to bypass the banker backed currency and issue US notes.

What do I mean by the term 'power elite'? Well it's simply a term for the collection of wealthy and influential investors and the lowly minions who do their bidding on the world stage. Their job is to pull the platinum levers at the helm of major banks and large corporations (usually ones involved with the military industrial complex), organized crime syndicates, or those other minions of Eurocracy, the heavily cuff-linked,and  unelected ex-commies heading the European Commission. 

These people are comprised of many different nationalities, have "mucho dinero", and fund politicians on the promise they will always break their promises to us, and will in turn enact domestic and foreign policies which favour their own, and their owners, corporate interests (as explained in part 1). We know who THEY are, it's well documented, but if you want names, and you care, I prefer you do your own research. This way there will be no mistake when reading authors who use proper footnoting and accreditation. A good place to start though would be to research a list of the attendees of the annual Bilderberger Group meetings, a collection of warm and fuzzy folks from all walks of the global power structure.

Whether the methods of the 'Secret Government', as they are sometimes affectionately known, are done as part of some 'malevolent conspiracy', or part of a course of action which is consistent with their perceived 'self-interest' or a believed 'planetary vision', is only for those on the inside, or for those who have done the hard research, to say. In essence, these are the 'Elite', who fund the politicians who in turn appoint 'non-elected officials' of their choice, to positions of high power. Examples of such appointees are Henry Kissinger, Tim Geitner, Condoleeza Rice, Karl Rove, Philip Zelikow, and the beat goes on and on and on.  Conflict of interest accusations are also most common as researchers will often point to people like Dick Cheney (Halliburton), Michael Chertoff (Airport Body Scanners), Donald Rumsfeld (Tamiflu Vaccine), or the self-serving investment portfolios of the private council members of the W.H.O (Novartis, Glaxo Smith-Kline, Pfizer). 

However, this does not mean the people I've listed above are 'conspirators' in any way, just facilitators of an agenda based on a chosen 'philosophy', worldview, or narrative of reality. We cannot ignore, nor forget, the unelected power wielded by those well groomed individuals at the Federal Reserve, or the nepotistic relationship that Goldman Sachs, and it's 'prodigal sons', have assumed within recent US administrations.

The latest monkey-wrench thrown into the machinery is Al Qaeda's criticism of Iranian leader M. Ahmedinejad, for not attacking the US and peddling 'conspiracy theories'. This of course runs counter to Rick Santorum's claim that Iran has been responsible for more deaths of US soldiers. To hold both beliefs as being 'true'  would be considered "doublethink".  With Santorum's rhetoric: Iran=BAD, it kills many US soldiers. Whilst listening to Al Qaeda's rhetoric: Iran=BAD, does nothing except peddle 'conspiracy theories'. One of these two extremities of the 'warring polarities', (the 'Neo-Con' Santorum or the terrorist Al Qaeda), is wrong. The reality is, that both viewpoints spin the truth for political gain. Both criticisms of Iranian policy serve the interests of the people who espouse them. and both viewpoints are essential opposites acting as a battery which powers and attempts to justify the expansion of the 'Military Industrial Complex'.

The profiting and exploitation of polarities is the life-force of rulers. Divide and conquer!  Perhaps the 'internalized paranoia' of certain schizophrenics, whose imbalanced minds compensate by seeing a cosmic conspiratorial integration of all things, have touched upon a truth that we have been culturally programmed to reject?  To negate those who see an interconnectivity of events has it's consequences as well. The flip-side to this 'internalized paranoia' is the systemic 'externalized paranoia' we see all around us, in the form of draconian airport security, foreign military ventures to eradicate enemies who kill less people than do peanut allergies and bee stings, the disastrous 'war on drugs', police overreactions to peaceful demonstrations and lemonade stands, and their predictable under reaction to real violence and rioting. The proliferation into our daily lives of Alarm systems, GPS systems, CCTV camera systems, and on and on, is another example of this 'externalized paranoia', after all, there's big money in the controlling of what frightens us… but just how deep do our fears go???      ...DIVE!!!

Dirty CT   October 2011

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