Friday, May 4, 2012

Escape From The Abyss (Final)

(a blogpage devoted to an open inquiry into the absurdities of our world)

Click on the links below:

~Headline Gnus! is devoted to a selection of news articles collected from the web over the past few months.
~Welcome To The Abyss is an introduction by Dirty CT the not-so-secret pseudo-identity of the creator of this blogpage. (including a photo of yours truly and a heavily edited phone conversation which took place approximately 27.3 months ago)
~Podcasts From The Abyss are not so much podcasts as they are quasi-five minute 'audio collages' of strange ideas and sounds.
~Video Box Of Chocolates is an assortment of delectable YouTube videos I've assembled for you (minus the Marzipan, Brazil Nut and "Crunchy Frog")
~Radio Plays From The Abyss is currently a small project created by a guy who has no formal training in the dramatic arts or playwriting. (remember that, before you judge me harshly)
~The Shaved Box (odds and ends) is a purgatory of rejected attempts at poetry, speechwriting, rap-lyrics, travel writing (en Francais) and other YouTube videos which I couldn't stuff into my 'box of chocolates'.
~Contact The Abyss is the one tab I would really like you to ignore, so please DO NOT click on it, but if you do, PLEASE do not send me a message telling me how much you hate my site or to what degree it "SUCKS!", as I am an EXTREMELY fragile person.
Lastly, a NEW feature:Travel Photos taken during visits to England and India in 2010 and 2011.
Below this is:
~ a list of 'Popular Posts' which is essentially the "Hottest" Top 10 posts of the past month
~ next is usually a photo I like with something scribbled underneath, followed by some random thoughts channeled to me by my nine year old cat entitled: Tony's Corner
~scrolling on down you will find our 'Blog Archive' which, as you may have guessed, is a complete list of my blogposts since it's pre-natal inception.
~ assuming you haven't gone on to better things by now, you will notice our ABOUT THIS SITE
section, which is kind of a 'mission statement' I suppose.

"Probably the world's LEAST loved Blogsite"

~ then a brief dedication to the heroic characters THORS PROVONI and MORGO from Philip K Dick's novel Our Friends From Frolix 8 followed by a collection of books which interests me in the BOOKS FROM THE ABYSS section powered by Shelfari
FINALLY you will see some amusing quotes by the captain of S.H.A.D.O. Moonbase, Ed Straker, played by the late actor Ed Bishop in Gerry Anderson's sci-fi classic television series UFO

oh yeah, you'll also notice my total pageviews counter, and a globe showing the places on this lovely planet which have visited my site since September 22 2011

     Escape From The Abyss!
A mild and sometimes WILD attempt to understand the world in which we live

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