Friday, August 17, 2012

Journal #1: Warning Signs

Yes, I remember August of 2012. It was just another slippery stepping stone in humanity's tragic descent. Moving it one step closer to it's rendez-vous with destiny. 
The signs were everywhere, you could see it in the disinterest in the U.S.A's contrived corporate elections. A choice offered between 'less filing and tastes great'.

The malaise manifested itself acutely in a worsening European crisis. The bond markets were collapsing. 

War Hawks were banging their drums in a vain attempt to divert our attention from the sick financial system, and amping up their rhetoric against those irrelevant Iranians, because they were 'bad dudes who wanted nukes' and not because they had the 4th largest oil reserves on the planet (no, no). Banks had become pretty much insolvent, gimmicks like QE-3 were seen for what they were, a chance to kick the can down a road which was quickly coming to a dead end.

The social fabric was collapsing, too many had forgotten the values that had allowed humanity to achieve such remarkable accomplishments. 

I even remember all the nonsense surrounding the NHL players strike. To think that someone who receives more money to play a kids game than most could ever dream of in a lifetime would try to negotiate for themselves a 'better deal' pitted against those contemptuous greedy billionaires who so arrogantly hoarded their wealth at the expense of the poor bugger who just wanted to take his kid to a hockey game…a very poor display of humanity that was.  

But these were all signs, and people were waking up to this nonsense in greater and greater numbers. 

The London 2012 Olympics had just concluded. Billions of pounds worth of preparation, building and security, were set in motion to re-allocate funds from the pockets of London merchants and into the hands of corporate sponsors.

Oh, I almost forgot, they even had anti-aircraft rockets placed on top of East London flats for fear of a 'terrorist strike', WTF???  The paranoia had reached stoooopid-ass levels, yet the military-industrial complex and all it's warm and fuzzy shareholders continued to profit greatly from this climate of fear. 

Ultimately, the joke was on them, because when one considers what was about to come, the acquisition of all that monetary wealth proved to be a pretty trite endeavour, to put it mildly.

Now I sit here, looking back at all that mess from a safe distance, I think how lucky we were, and how close we had come to a real self-orchestrated disaster, and had we foolishly allowed that to happen, we never would have had our incredible moment with destiny.

Future CT   Village 5   Nova Avalon,  in the year 17  P.T.E.

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