Wednesday, March 21, 2012


All I am saying, is give pizza chance!
JustinBeaverlake said: Hey guys, what's with all this 'crazy talk' about attacking Uran?… you're liable to start world war three!

NutAndYahoo said: @JustinBeaverlake, Actually, we are trying to prevent it, Uran is developing their unclear program to make unclear weapons in order to attack USrael.

AhmedimaJihad said: @NutAndYahoo, This is false, Uran is a peaceful country, we only attack those who attack our country first.

Insanitorum said: @AmedimaJihad, Uran is the greatest threat to the security of USrael and hopes for world peace.

JustinBeaverlake said: @NutAndYahoo and @Insanitorum, WTF? Uran hasn't invaded another country in over 270 years, even the experts have said their uranium enrichment is not even close to being able to make unclear weapons at this point.

President_Obomba said: I'm a Nobel 'pizza prize' recipient, so if anyone (and let me make this perfectly clear), is in a position to say what is best for 'world pizza', it's me…and I say: "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb… Bomb, Bomb, Uran!"

MonEYEmason said: @President_Obomba, Look, even if your bombing ways don't manage to turn the surface of Uran into a metaphorical pizza, at least you'll be generating lots of juicy contract$ and profit$ for Bank$ and the corporate shareholder$.

GrinchNewton said: @MonEYEmason, Correct, and what's good for the economy is good for world peace!

MittRomulan said: @GrinchNewton, I'll bet ya ten-thousand dollars?!

JustinBeaverlake said: @MittRomulan, Shut up Honky! @MonEYEmason and @GrinchNewton, Try spinning that one to the millions of 'collateral damage' enduring the blunt end of USrael's global 'war on terra'.

AlQaeda_Seltzer said: @MonEYEmason, As long as our lands and peoples are being oppressed at the hands of crusaders, our agenda will remain the same: "plop plop, fizz fizz!"

JustinBeaverlake said: @AlQaeda_Seltzer, Really???! You'd start an 'unclear war' to help END occupation and oppression??? not very bright, quite stoooopid!

ComeMisterTaliban said: @AlQaeda_Seltzer and @JustinBeaverlake, Let's face it 'Big Al' and 'lil beaver', it's not about oppression or terrorism, like what @MonEYEmason said, War is about profit...It's all about resources and bucks…Big bucks, and no whammies!

NutAndYahoo said: You people think WAR is a big joke? there's a lot at stake here!

AhmedimaJihad said: Did someone say "Steak"… or was it Pizza? Anyway, what time's dinner?

GyrospeanBailout said: @AhmedimaJihad, You want some toxic-tzatziki with your meal???!!

GrinchNewton said: @GyrospeanBailout, Stop, you're making me HUNGRY!!!

Vladigolf_Putt_in said: @AhmedimaJihad, Well, the sooner you folks "tee off", the sooner we can all make it back to the clubhouse for a little grub!

BenBernanKi-Moon said: Golf, Steak, Pizza? I say "screw QE-3!" let's just 'tee off' on Uran, and then go have some chow!

Dav_ID_CameraON said: @BenBernanKi-Moon, Potty mouth! That's me Queen you're talking about?!

President_Obomba said: Let me make this perfectly clear…I'll buy the beer!

MontiBurlesquoni said: @Dav_ID_CameraON, LOL! Maybe yo Queen's Mama can make US a bigga bowl-a pasta?!

AngelnicolasMerkozy said: And I'll bring a good german wine from the Alsace!

JustinBeaverlake said: @AngelnicolasMerkozy, I don't drink!

GeneralBetrayUS said: @JustinBeaverlake, No one's inviting you, punk, you're not part of the club!

AssadStateOfAffairs said: Does this mean y'all going to leave me alone now?!

NewWorldHorsDoeuvre said: @AssadStateOfAffairs, LOL! Did you say something?! I'm Sorry, (LMFAO) I wasn't paying attention... when's the next 'false flag' again???

EggsBenedictXVI said: I'll check the prophetic texts, and get back to ya on that one…mmmkay?

Wormwould said: Buy one now, get TWO prophecies at half-price!

HellAwry_C said: @EggsBenedictXVI, Methinks your little hat's screwed on too tight?!

PalinComparison said: @HellAwry_C, Not tight enough!…but "you go girl!" (Oh, did I forget to mention I have a 'Baked Alaska' in my window?)

Vladigolf_Putt_in said: Da, I can see it from Rush-a! (LOL!)

JustinBeaverlake said: @HellAwry_C and @PalinComparison, Hey, why you 'dissing' tight fitting clothing?

EggsBenedictXVI said: @JustinBeaverlake, Hey Beave, I know a nice children's clothing store, How's about I take you 'shopping' sometime?

UCantBsyria said: @EggsBenedictXVI, Want a good deal on clothes? Come to De-mask-us, our people will take care of you nicely!

GyrospeanBailout said: No, come to Grease, you would be impressed by the size of our olives!

AngelnicolasMerkozy said: @GyrospeanBailout, Big olives?(lol)…Wunderbar!

AhmedimaJihad said: I'd settle for an olive branch.

Dirty CT March 2012

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