Sunday, April 1, 2012

Soul Balance (Intensive Care part1)

artwork by PD Cafargo

This is an experimental 'Video Post' called Soul Balance, it's a spoken word piece, and is the first instalment in a series I'm calling: Intensive Care.

The purpose of this project is help explore ideas, and  ultimately emphasize the importance of humanity's capacity to care for ourselves, and others, and our world.

It's not totally philosophy, psychology nor spirituality, yet incorporates all three in a very personal attempt to understand selfhood and it's relationship to the planet we live on. 

I hope you enjoy it.

Soul Balance: Intensive Care (part1)

Dirty CT   April 2012

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  1. Pro audiocast listening. It's very astute advice to start with Banking first, before heading into the un-chartered territory of lion-taming!

    Thx O Dirty one.
    Pete McKannon