Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Prison Called "If"

It's made out of nothing but quantum particles not yet observed into existence. Everything remains in wave form until it is observed, at which point, the electron transforms itself into a particle, and since quantum mechanics states that nothing can have form unless it has first been observed, does this not prove the existence of some kind of deity? 

Hey, I'm just saying'… Or maybe, the universe existed uniquely in wave form until the first sentient being self-manifested somewhere in the cosmos, at which point the universe began to grow in complexity with the addition of each new sentient being? Or maybe this wave form is evidence of another dimension, independent of time and space, from which a divine creator(s) resides?

Of course, I can't answer those questions, but maybe, in the end, the questions are more important than the answers. It is questions like these which allow our consciousness to expand and hypothesize innumerable possibilities. I won't say infinite, because we can never truly know infinity while living in finite lives, therefore we can only grasp the concept of this indirectly.

Unfortunately for us, during those woeful days in the first few decades of the 21st century, there's had been some heavy baggage which came along with 'creative thinking', and the exploration of potentials. It often took the form of "what if" scenarios, and other hypotheticals of doom and terror;  the many possibilities of which, were limited solely by one's imagination.  We just as easily looked at reality through the lens of our fears, thus making ourselves mad, by the over-exercising of the apocalyptic recess of our monstrous Id.

Our governments used to do this by nature, by terrifying it's unwitting citizens with fear-based hypotheticals of a perpetual 'enemy at the gate', when all most folks really wanted to do was little more than to cheer their favourite team and eat a big blue bucket of battered buffalo wings. And by acting this way, Governments, in effect, acted not unlike those Paranoids of your time period, whose behaviour was determined by the invention of semi-plausible and implausible permutations of calamity and disaster, something which ultimately hijacked their ability to live free and normal lives. 

However, even the 'normal' people in your time practiced these principles, albeit on a much smaller scale, by engaging too often in "what if" scenarios, thus frightening themselves into a world of personal limitations. 

If you doubt what I say, count how many times a day you use the word "if" as a control mechanism to keep you from exploring other possibilities for living, and sabotaging your ability to make effective changes in your life. If you are not one such individual, then you are the exception rather than the rule.

Obviously we had managed to survive as a species by exercising caution, but there had been many more dangers present in our animalistic past, by threats from predators and the whims of climate and disease, we had had little means of understanding how to defend against these threats. We had developed our marvellous imagination to help us stay one step ahead of the proverbial 'Boogeyman'.

If you stop and think about doom scenarios for a moment, we actually only scratched it's surface with all the self-imposed limitations we heaved upon this marvellous imagination of ours, and by the over-calculation of permutations of doom. The negative possibilities for living a hellish nightmare reality were limited solely by the boundaries we had imposed upon our otherwise marvellous imagination.

When governments passed laws to 'protect us' (read: protect them, control us), they did so because they had been the collective sum of the fears of left-brained bureaucrats, who actually had a severe lack in their full potential to imagine nightmarish scenarios (which is probably why they worked as administrators and not writers). Whenever some kind of 'anti-nightmare scenario' legislation got passed in those days, I could often see how they had overlooked many unintended consequences of their legislation, or how it failed to address other possibilities more horrific than the ones they had been naively trying to 'protect us' from.

Give me an example you may ask, but I won't, I don't want to introduce ideas or concepts into your time period that have not yet been generated uniquely by you.

There is a very optimistic silver lining in all this, one which many of you may have already surmised, and that is, for every negative thought or possibility, there exists a positive one.  One can undo hypothetical fears of terror with the vast creative potential existing within the human heart and mind.  With fear based imaginations counterbalanced by positive ones, the only two questions one needs to ask oneself is: What kind of world do I really want to live in? and What steps can I take to make that world become a reality?

Global events became so easy to orchestrate during your time period, because the majority of people bought into a streamlined narrative of what the world was. As a byproduct of our passive culture, most good folks in the early years of the 21st century simply lacked the imagination of those who were actually steering the destiny of humanity, and who did so with the same meticulous creativity a good novelist would use to write a New York Times 'best seller'. These controllers (few of which were actually officially working within government) did not fear of ever being 'found out' due to the limitations in possibility the majority of people had blinded themselves with. 

In those days, to think creatively was just too fearful a proposition for most, because it meant exposing themselves to the outer-limits of one's terrifying psyche. Those who dismissed a larger conspiracy revealed their true lack of real imagination, by choosing to ignore the overwhelming quantity of circumstantial evidence available at the time, refuting it as being merely coincidental. Denying the reality that something was truly 'rotten in Denmark' had a short shelf-life though, we knew this intuitively, and were quite happy living in ignorance… that was of course, until that fateful day, affectionately known in my time period as our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.

Future CT     Village 5, Nova Avalon.   Year 17 P.T.E.

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