Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Interrupted Journal

The wisdom of yet a few more years
I had written a journal entry a few years back, in the year 17 P.T.E. which was scheduled to have posted here as my twenty-eighth journal entry on this site

I've had to interrupt this process by inserting this new entry from seven years further into your future: the year 25 P.T.E. 

What I had posted seven years ago, I've now realized would have sidetracked a little too much. 

What I wrote then had been a post about that 'cable news' Mogul, and all the emphasis and undeserved media attention given to his shallow political comments, observations and life philosophies. Why on Earth then would I give that guy's ideas even more attention from this point in the distant future?

I know all this perceived time paradox stuff can be a bit of a 'mind fuck', so please don't think about this unsolvable conundrum too much. Ultimately, it's really not that important, a fact which I'm sure you will also find hard to believe... that is at least until you come face to face with our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.

I'm much older now, and I've decided to use the luxury available to me, in the form of the 'extra-temporal information vortex', to communicate to you some urgent concepts of being, and not to sidetrack you too much with my observations on the minutia of life in the early decades of the twenty-fist century.

Reflecting back upon my past journal entries, I realize that an intervention on my own behalf is necessary in this case.

One thing about getting old is realizing that there is no longer another generation to look up to, or fill the gaps and unanswered questions of the many decades which preceded my birth. 

In a sense, me, and others in my age group are the last line of defence our past has to tell it's own story, so  that others may learn from our wisdom and mistakes, and to help form for future generations a clearer picture of what the past had really been all about. Also, to help answer the questions of where and why you have come into being, so that you may better navigate for yourselves where in your spiritual journey you wish to head.

Are you lost?  Don't worry, my point is that I'm here to tell you my story, or perspective, in such a way that does not breach the sanctity of the laws of spirit and nature, which could adversely impede you in your blind yet sacred quest.

I greatly miss not having a generation older than me, living among us, to give us a first hand account of what life in the past had once really been like.

I long to hear but one more first person account, of intimate stories of love and glory, tragedy and sorrow. I miss hearing these personal accounts from seniors who had their unique story to tell, ones which were simply not available solely by reading literature or scouring through history texts.

One day, if you are fortunate to live a long and interesting life, you will come to realize this too; the fact that you too will one day be humanity's last line of defence, and stand at the edge, on the precipice, and in all your glory, a final chance to recite the narrative of your rich lives... for your children, and for all future generations to come.

Future CT   Village 14   Nova Avalon, Year 25 P.T.E.

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