Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pomegranate Wisdom-ism

Worst fruit ever! or is it?  The greater portion of a pomegranate is comprised of skin, pulp and seeds, yet it's nourishing juices within contain some mega-potent super anti-oxidants that makes the whole laborious experience worthwhile, I suppose.   

It eventually dawned on the greater potion of humanity, that there were droplets of truth and goodness to be found everywhere, in everyone, and every 'Way'.

It can be unwise to dismiss everything another says simply because they may be speaking other patently absurd falsehoods.
Would it be wise to disregard all the opinions and revelations of someone who actually believed that the British royal family had been no less than a race of shape-shifting reptilians?  

I use the metaphor of the pomegranate to emphasize the goodness that may be derived from ideas contained within various religions and philosophies, and which can be safely consumed for one's spiritual benefit, without ever having to ingest the indigestible.

Like the tedious process of eating a pomegranate, we here in Nova Avalon have learned to discard most of the useless indigestible pulp of the "isms" that dominated your woeful epoch, which has now come to be known as: the great forgetting.

We learned that most of the "isms" of your day (pick one, any one) were merely reactive mechanisms evolved to reconcile the corrupting and destructive influences of whatever dominant "isms" had been the precedent. 

The "isms" of your day were merely philosophical fetishisms, self-indulgences for one's mind borne from the culture of blame. And of course things went horribly wrong whenever people chose to politicize their pet "isms" for what they had narcissistically believed to be a 'greater good'.

Alas, all those "isms" eventually came to be known for what they are: 'Religions', because all "isms" are ultimately belief based;  their epistemologies deeply founded in their confirmation bias. Those who adhered to their pet "isms" would observe most of the facts, ask most of the questions, and then make the ghastly error of daring to come up with 'solutions' based on what they believed to have been 'sound logic'.

However, what really transformed the "isms" of your day into 'religions' was mostly due to an incomplete analysis of ALL the variables involved while forming their epistemologies. To propose how one, or all, should engage the world based on an incomplete model of reality had always led to unforeseen social and personal consequences. 

Belief is not Knowledge, and any ideal or system not modelled with Nature in mind always causes the 'gears to grid' after a period of time.

Many a left-brainiac Idealist type had elected themselves as the leaders of their beloved "isms", and usually with much pomp and circumstance. However, the word we now use for those kind-a-folks is: 'Socio-pathos', or simply put: those who (due to a disconnect from their holistic contextual right-brain and/or lack of an inner emotional dialogue) are unable to empathize with another's emotional perspective and needs. 

Fortunately for us, most of those left-braniac Idealist types 'left us', and booked themselves one-way tickets to the Martian Colonies, not long after our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.

Yet despite all the dysfunction and havoc wreaked upon humanity by our "ism" Idealists and their adoring minions, much of what they had preached is still considered to be somewhat valuable, if only apophatically... just so long as one is mindful enough not to ever swallow the pomegranate flavoured 'Kool-Aid'.

In most systems, and beliefs, we can always find some good, if not great, aspects that set the stage for a better understanding and transformation… just like the vital nutrients contained within the juices of that otherwise USELESS fruit, the pomegranate.

Future CT      Village 5,   Nova Avalon.        Year 17 P.T.E.

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