Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Natural Way

We got ourselves a big dump of snow here in Nova Avalon, and although it's a bit of a mild inconvenience, it's not nearly the obstacle it had once been back in your day, in that time we now refer to as the great forgetting.  

In those wretched days of yore, when a big system slammed you, you'd try as best as possible to maintain the frenetic pace dictated to you by modern western culture. 

People would franticly shovel their cars out of snow banks, wheels spinning, with a determination similar to the way a rat rotates it's wheel for that yummy pellet of food. All this was done in order to make it to 'work', in order to pay the mortgage, and in order to meet the monthly dues on one's soul-destroying self-phone.

Like a rodent in it's cage endlessly spinning it's wheel of fortune, it was madness 2.0... yet most were blind to it.  And since nature had consistently refused to cooperate with our increasingly 'important' lives, it had become an obstacle to overcome, even at times 'hate', or as something which was simply 'in the way' and in need of being conquered. 

There was, and is, another way though; the natural way... a path in harmony with the simple divinity of uncontrollable circumstance. 

Surrendering oneself to 'what is' allows for lower stress levels, thus reducing slave killing spectres like stroke and heart disease, and that now obsolete ailment formerly known as cancer. By living according to the natural way, circumstances which had once been viewed as being 'obstacles', had now become guides, opening up a new path, and politely escorting us to a saner way of living.

When a storm would hit, unless it had been a devastating one, most people would try to live at the same cadence they had been living before the storm, desperately trying to fit their square peg into the round hole, but since this was a virtual exercise in futility, the stress levels acquired from coping with one of nature's curve-balls would always render the masses somewhat grumpier.

But the natural way was, and is, the only way. It's a surrender to those tremendous and sacred forces beyond our technological control, and a recognition that we are better served by maintaining a cadence in harmony with nature's whims, than in accordance with our many capricious earthly desires.  

Ultimately, it was Nature that decided which days would be the holidays, or the 'Holy-Days', and not some arbitrary consumer driven cultural tradition imposed by the centralized coercive hierarchy perpetuating our dominator culture.

Once it finally clicked within the hearts and minds of humanity, within that mystical twilight realm shortly after our inevitable rendezvous with destiny, only then did humanity begin to live according to the one true path, surrendered to the guiding and loving forces of the natural way.

Future CT    Village 5,  Nova Avalon.          Year 17 P.T.E.

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