Saturday, April 6, 2013

Duelling Dualists and The Alchemy of Laughter (part 1)

Monkey think, Monkey do

We have done away with dualism here in our humble agrarian community of Nova Avalon. We have developed a dynamic collective spirituality which fuses Gnosticism and Agnosticism, achieved of course, with much help from our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.  

We recognized that Theism and Atheism were both belief based systems, the former said: "I believe", whilst the latter said: "I don't believe".  Gnosticism and Agnosticism were knowledge based, the former saying: "I know", whilst the latter says: "I don't know".  

So to understand these four positions, one must first understand the difference between Belief and Knowledge. Knowledge is based in experience. If someone tells you a joke, and you laugh, or you step on a piece of Lego and experience pain, then you have knowledge. You can communicate what you know to another, but for them, it will always remain a belief, that is until they one day experience the same thing you have.

The Theists were honest enough with themselves about what their position was. They recognized that Faith/Belief are at the core of their theology. The Atheists were somewhat confused though, they claimed to be anti-belief, but to say one doesn't believe is itself a belief. 

There are only TWO dual positions, either you Believe, or you Know... OR you Don't Believe/Don't Know. One cannot say: "There is no God", because God cannot be proven nor disproven. If God does not exist, nobody could ever hope to prove it, one needs evidence to do that, and without evidence one cannot provide proof for or against any position. 

For those who know, no proof is needed, because they have experience. But if God is a Verb, and not a Noun as we're usually told, we can never prove it's existence other than to observe all the miraculous splendour of the energetic universe.

For someone who claims to have been abducted by aliens, they have knowledge of their experience. Their claim of abduction is either true or it's a lie. If they are lying, then they have have knowledge that they are lying. If they are being truthful, then they have knowledge gained from their experience.

Of course the question then becomes: What did they experience? They may believe they were abducted by aliens, but they may also have been abducted by spirits or fairies. Their enigmatic encounters may have been with the souls of the dead, or inter-dimensional beings. 

Their experience could be akin to psychedelic phenomenon, like those who've taken Ayahuasca journeys, or smoked DMT. However, for many abductees, they have had actual 'implants' removed from their bodies. 

If the Grays take you aboard their mothership and whisk you to Zeta-Retculi to visit their home planet, partake in their cultural activity of sipping Andromedan-Brandy under the Zimbo Tree, whilst watching a bluish white binary sunset, then you have knowledge. But for everybody else, yours will forever remain 'just another story', until one day the Grays whisk them away and do the same.

Most belief systems are just a reaction to the negative space created by it's ideological counterpart. Since we are culturally programmed to be very positive minded, we usually only notice the benefits of certain things before we notice it's nasty consequences. A beautiful woman can be very appealing to a horny man, but her shortcomings are rarely seen once the man's hormones begin to robotically control his 'thought processes'. 

Socialism once seemed like a great idea; it proposed to distribute the wealth equally, thus creating a fair system for all. The downside was:  it gave way too much power to an unconscious body called government, whilst giving a disproportionate amount of regulatory power to a handful of idealistic individuals. It took incentive away from those who wished to exceed the limitations imposed on them. 

Capitalism had once looked great too, because it gave the individual the incentive to exceed... that is until it began to perpetuate a positive feedback loop, which manifested as wealth consolidation among the financial elite, devolving our societies rapidly into the evil clutches of Corporatism, and later: Neo-Feudalism. 

Fortunately for our species, there was a reconciling force, reconciling these irreconcilable dualistic differences; It was, and is: Laughter... a magical property I will expand upon in my next journal entry.

Future CT     Village 5,   Nova Avalon.          Year 17 P.T.E.

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