Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Power Sharing and Mating Advice from the Future

Not another 'video post'

A truly powerful person never covets the power of another, therefore one's only criteria in selecting a mate should simply be: another's looks and personality.

Any person who must factor in another's income, job, or status, as being important criteria for mating, is not entitled to all the benefits of power, and should never be respected as a true equal.

This is what I believe is at the root of powerlessness experienced by many women in society, which has allowed many of them to develop, over thousands or millions of years, a general reactive disposition of fear, by becoming walking and talking biological "No" machines.

Being physically weaker than the male, the female traditionally remained in the village, while the men went hunting and gathering. Women developed keen domestic skills such as cooking and sewing and child rearing, meanwhile men formed social systems designed to maximize and manage the valuable resources they had obtained, and to meet the materialistic and maternal demands of their female partners. 

Since women are 'the gatekeepers of sex', men have traditionally done whatever they must in order to please and appease the female, securing their unlimited access to the fairer sex. 

If women truly wanted social power, they would need simply give sexual favours to men of lower status (such as the homeless, janitors, painters and garbage collectors). If they did this, the alpha-males running banking, military and corporations, would promptly drop their weapons of mass destruction, exchanging them for brooms, boxes and paint brushes... but no.

Now, as women have moved up the hierarchical structure of power in western society, they have moved into positions once occupied exclusively by men. This displacement of higher income earning males has led to a situation where a disproportionate amount of females at the top of the hierarchy have been left partnerless. Those men still at the top of the pyramid have no problem finding suitable women, since a woman's social-status or income usually does not factor greatly into most men's decision making processes. 

Since most women are generally predisposed to hypergamy, and a man's social-status is inter-linked with most women's sexual desires, many high-earning women simply do not have a large enough pool of desirable men available at the top of the pyramid in which to chose from. 

This gaping chasm has left many women with the misconception that there simply aren't enough available men to go around. But the truth is: there are plenty of single guys available, they're hanging out online, in bars, on construction sites, working in warehouses here in the west or in vast quantities in distant lands like China or India… 

Oh, and there's always heaps of desperadoes squandering their money at strip clubs and on smutty pornography, wishing they could, perhaps someday, have access to the real thing.

We men must constantly face rejection from women, but adaptation to this rejection is what makes one stronger, so strong in fact, that perhaps it's what has helped contribute to making men the natural leaders and rulers of this world. 

Happily and refreshingly, women are now sharing the privileges of social power and equality, yet how many women are fully prepared to assume all the uncomfortable responsibilities associated with the sharing of power, especially as power relates to the courting and mating process?

How many women are directly approaching men for companionship in bars, on the street, and in cafes? How many are pinching our bums, whistling at us on the street corner, or grabbing themselves a handful or two of our warm and meaty package? 

How many love songs have been written by women for men? There's been countless love songs written by men for virtually every woman's name, yet how many love songs have been written about men's names by women? The only song that comes to mind is "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon, and that's hardly a love song. In fact any other song I can think of always identifies the man as being somewhat of a jerk, probably because those desired guys at the top of the pyramid tend to be somewhat self-centred and controlling. 

How many women, really, have ever even attempted to make the first 'direct' move on a man, and to those women who have, ask yourself how often, and how much status and/or money did those multitudes of men you approached have?

I've had many women show interest in me using indirect means, usually by getting a friend to tell me that they're 'interested', but these are not the methods of a powerful person, so it stands to reason that these people deserve none of the benefits associated with power sharing. Women, or men for that matter, who use indirect methods to attract the attention of the opposite sex are actually admitting to their innate powerlessness, and are by their very nature submissive, despite any protests they may make to the contrary.

The fear many men experience when approaching a desired women stems straight from this programmed female subconscious fear, which I identify as the very source of all male approach anxiety. 

This nerve racking mind-fuck called 'approach anxiety' does not actually come from men however, guys are merely picking up a signal emanating from most women who are oblivious to the fact they are acting out and transmitting their subconscious fears with every indirect word they utter, and ambiguous move they make.

Here's a mating equation for guys to think about when approaching women: 
your desire + your self-confidence + your action = desirable
your desire + your fear + your hesitation = creepy

Women want strong men, so when a woman is acting ambivalently or passively with regards to the courting and mating process, she is basically saying: she wants YOU to pursue HER...

but WHY?

ANSWER: She wants to be desired, to be loved, she wants to see your passion, because your passion excites her. In fact, many sexually ambivalent women would rather choose an aggressive lesbian over a passive male, simply because, for them, in the sexual realm, desire, self-confidence, and passion are forces  > gender preference.

Now of course there's nothing wrong with any of this, but simply knowing that a man is the one who is pursuing her, also gives the woman the power she may feel she lacks, because now she knows she's in a leveraged position to use the man's desire for her as a means to obtain and control the resources that she may want from him.

Future CT         Village 5,  Nova Avalon.          Year 17 P.T.E.


  1. Whenever there is an imbalance in nature, there is a reason, a glut in one area is the result of a dearth in another. When masses of men gravitate to strip clubs, seek prostitutes, or pornography, it's usually because they do not have access to sex from real women, in the real world.

    The power structure, comprised of the world's richest men and women, which controls our planet in the form of a Hierarchy (not Patriarchy) benefits greatly from exploiting imbalances wherever they may exist.

    Scarcity is a control mechanism, and it's negative side-effects manifest differently in each gender, race, or religion.

    When scarcity becomes unbearable, the weakest humans 'act out' and then become the source of blame for the self-righteous.

    When a man makes an inappropriate sexual comment to a woman, it is done simply because the male has traditionally been forced to be pro-active (with regards to the mating and courting process) in order to perpetuate the species.

    Men are pro-active because women are inversely inactive, or too indirect for most men's tolerance level.

    Having 'needs' causes men to seek out gratification anyway they can, which is now eroding the moral fabric of society and causing the natural gift of sexuality to be transformed into a multi-billion dollar industry for profit.

    Men are no more to blame than women for the problems of the world, anymore than African Americans are to blame for crime in inner-city ghettos of America.

    This does not mean I condone crime or lewd behaviour, I state this to point out that the problems we see are merely effects caused by a greater imbalance.

  2. Reference to the youtube version: the clip part showing the symbol of the subjugated male on his knees, offering his credit card to his wife (with her arms on her hips), sums it all up for me. Kudos. Males have to speak out more on this crucial subject.


  3. Well Flig, it's tough for both genders, we didn't chose the world we live in when we were born. Now everybody's playing roles assigned to them by thousands of years of social programming and stereotyping.

    My hope is that one day, enough humans will understand personal power dynamics, apply them to their lives, and stop needlessly blaming others for their own mistakes.

    I believe this transformation of consciousness will in effect 'tip the balance' and create a world more free, and satisfying for everyone.