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Lords of the Rings... or Sochi Num-Nums

Banksy got it right!
Back in February 2014, the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia had kicked into high-gear. Looking back now, and with a little more clarity, here in the friendly village of Nova Avalon, those once great games had devolved into a loathsome spectacle no longer resembling the originally intended spirit of friendly Olympic competition, but rather, an elitist side-show for self-entitled freeloaders, who used the majesty of the games as a platform to promote their propaganda.

Teacher: Do you know anything about that ancient sporting event once known as the Olympic Games?

Student: Yes, I hear they were quite barbaric… philosophically speaking, of course.

Teacher: Yeah, they’d become a ghetto for elitist, and other dignitaries, who enjoyed for themselves a good party at the taxpayer’s expense.

It had soon become a debased affair, descending into a narcissistic charade which added little value to the welfare of nations, other than, perhaps, an ability to foment jingoism and other superficialities, such as ‘nationalistic pride’.

Student: But wasn’t the Olympic movement originally founded in the a-political spirit of friendly competition?

Teacher: Yes, and weren’t our governments originally founded specifically to protect our freedoms and property rights from the omnipresent menace of marauding hoards?

*sarcastic chuckle*

Student: Now I get it!

Teacher: As the Olympic Games grew even bigger and ever larger, they began to lose the main focus of their original ideals. They had fast become all about money, and status, mirroring the diseased zeitgeist of the societies and nations who had held them in such high-esteem.
The end result was a kind of changeling-type affair, one which in no way resembled the true values for which the games were originally intended, and purposely founded.

Student: So, how did things get so ‘out of control’?

Teacher: “Mon-money, money, money…!” How else?

Student: Sorry, I keep forgetting about that one.

Teacher: Yes, it must be hard remembering to factor-in something which simply is not within one’s sphere of everyday awareness?

Student: Yeah, it is hard, but I think I’m understanding the concept a bit better now.

Teacher: The sense of entitlement many athletes had in those days had reached absurd levels. I can remember how it was at the winter games in Sochi…

Athletes from the rich western nations began sending back images, and making derogatory comments online, concerning the supposed abhorrent and farcical living conditions at the Olympic Village.

Student: And... was it so bad?

Teacher: Well, that’s relative to what one was accustomed to.
 Remember, many of the prima-donna competitors were heavily subsidised by either corporate or state sponsors, and most of the athletes in attendance had come from wealthy countries whose governments had virtually unlimited access to credit.

When they finally arrived in Sochi, and found their toilet bowl lids had been screwed on backward, or their Wi-Fi hadn’t yet been installed to their specifications, they freaked out!

Many then proceeded to mock their gracious, yet less prosperous host-nation, online... Disgusting it was!  

Student: That sure wasn’t nice of them!

But hadn’t they also done a similar thing a few years earlier at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India?

Teacher: Yes, but remember, many of these athletes were still ‘young adults’, or to put it more bluntly: spoiled brats who were being very well paid to perform children’s activities for a living.

The good people of Russia, who had worked long hard hours to make sure their guest’s brief stay was as comfortable as possible, had experienced for themselves no such luxuries. These hearty labourers received little more than a pittance as payment for their dutiful efforts, mostly for performing tedious and often thankless work.

The online debacle served to point out to the world how shallow many westerners had become.

Student: It’s funny, I know what you mean, but the very concept of a professional athlete seems absurd here in Nova Avalon.

And what about the Press, hadn’t it been their job to report the ‘objective truth’, and not get involved in trite attempts at petty mockery?

Teacher: Originally yes, but you’re forgetting about the money angle once again, and the very lucrative spinoffs of media-sensationalism.

It’s important to remember that most athletes weren’t, in any way, an accurate representation of the societies from which they came. They were more like anomalous caricatures spawned from the various sub-cultures occupying the bowels of their mutant society.

Student: For example…

Teacher: Well, just look at the Snow-Boarders or Freestyle Skiers: basically, they were just a bunch of pot-smoking suburbanite silver-spooned adolescents, living in their rich parent’s hillside condos, leeching off their silver-lined financial investment inheritances.

Or how about the Women’s Hockey team: A disproportionate concentration of ferocious females possessing an abnormal amount of Johnny-testosterone.

And those Figure Skaters… or should I say: “How to farm-out a delicate and dove-skinned pure-bred sexually ambiguous man-child for profit…” except for the women skaters, of course!

Should I go on?

Student: My god, you’re foaming at the mouth! Why are you getting so angry? You’re such a ‘nanny-ass bitch’! …but yeah sure, why not? Please continue!

Teacher: OK, now let’s take the Curlers as another example: They were simply a conglomeration of Tim-bit eating small town hicks who had nothing better to do during the long winter months than toss heavy stones on a frozen lake in their godforsaken rural backwater.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the Short-Track Speed Skaters: Skinny little foam-headed arts-majors with beards, whose parents had drank way too much during their pre-natal gestation period, yet fortunately had somehow been born with enough speedy vitality to elude the predatory advances of their precocious priests.

Oh, and then there were the…

Student: Stop, please… I think I’ve pissed my pants.

Teacher: I’m NOT trying to be funny… what I’m telling you here is the TRUTH!!!

Student: Maybe it is, but I’m sure you didn’t have the nerve to say those things back in the day… did you?

Teacher: Are you kidding me? Political Correctness was like a hammer into anvil. To speak the truth in that time we now refer to as: The Great Forgetting, would have isolated you greatly.

No, I kept my mouth shut, just like everybody else did.

Student: Weren’t there other issues too, at the games? Wasn’t there the threat of ’terrorism’, or ‘tooth-paste-tube nukes’, or something like that?

Teacher: Propaganda! Masterfully designed to frighten people into getting worked up over nothing.

Student: Money, again?

Teacher: Yeah, and also, there had been this big ‘to-do’ about some supposedly ‘anti-gay’ law that had been passed a few months before the games began.

Student: Oh, had the Russian people been up in arms about it?

Teacher: Not really, other than perhaps your garden variety Pussy Rioters and Femen members… No, most Russians couldn’t have given a purple perogie one way or the other.

It was our beloved leaders and corporate-media who were spinning that circus side-show twenty-four seven, pandering to all the special interest and lobby groups who were breathing down their spineless jelly necks back home.

Student: But hey, relax!  Remember: “it’s all good!”

Teacher: Good? Not really! The government institutions these leaders supposedly represented continued to sanction torture at secret and not-so-secret off-shore military bases, to wiretap phone lines without a warrant, employ systemic mass-surveillance programs, unlawfully detain any ‘persons of interest’, sometimes on suspicion alone, engage in the killing of innocent civilians in foreign lands with their ‘double-tap’ drone strikes, or by simply flooding resource war-zones with a toxic compounds like depleted uranium and white phospherous… but please, don’t get me started on that subject!

Student: Hey, don't you think you're getting a little carried away here? But anyway, why not get you started on that subject?

Teacher: Because I’m liable to take my criticisms up a notch, or THREE: Faster, Higher, and Stronger

The Dirty One    Village 5, Nova Avalon.      Year 17 P.T.E.

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