Sunday, February 9, 2014

Statist Cow-Pies

Garbage in, Garbage out!
Today’s lesson concerns the absolute futility of terrorism as a political tool, exposing it as both an immoral act and just plain dumb-ass illogic, and ultimately, as the inevitable and ugly doo-doo droppings of Statism itself.

Student: Why had there been terrorists in your day?
Teacher: Because of inequity and injustice, because certain violent individuals refused to allow other violent individuals to control them, and perhaps even as a means of intimidation to control others.

Student: I'm confused, are you saying the terrorists were the good guys?

Teacher: No! I’m saying the terrorists were the stupid guys.

Student: Please explain…

Teacher: These subversive individuals believed a fallacy that was very common. They believed that the only way to overcome tyranny was to use force against the tyrants; it was kind of like attacking a black hole with even more energy and somehow expecting to destroy it, crazy eh?

Student: Yeah, but the leaders of the nation states of your day weren’t exactly tyrants, were they?
Teacher: No, but the system was tyrannical. You don’t have to rule with the same absurd brutality of a Stalin, Hitler, Mao or Hussein to be considered tyrannical. All one needs to rule is to obtain a monopoly on violence, which is what all democratically elected governments had in those days. It was very simple, if you didn’t obey the laws the statists created for you, those who did give their consent reserved for themselves the right to use violence against you, under the pretext of 'the will of the majority’, regardless of whether or not the laws being challenged were morally justifiable or not.

Student: So, these so-called terrorists challenged coercive centralized authority by employing their own brand of asymmetric violence, by attacking innocent people when they least expected them to. It's crazy, all they ever achieved was in assisting the coercive centralized authority by justifying its consolidation of more and more power for the state… can you tell me more?

Teacher: When terrorists struck, they struck fear and anger into the hearts of the average citizen, and as a result, the people demanded their authorities take revenge against these evil monsters; we wanted our leaders to protect us from it ever happening again, so we turned to our coercive centralized authority figures to restore for us that lost feeling of security the terrorists had stolen from us... and to exact a harsh vengeance against the perpetrators of these horrific acts of violence.

Student: Well, that’s understandable enough, terrorists cannot be allowed to upset people’s right to live in peace, free of fear.

Teacher: Of course not, but by giving almost limitless power to our coercive centralized authorities, the citizens had rendered themselves less and less free after each ensuing terrorist attack. Even the threat of future attacks were then used as propaganda by the corporate-state run media to consolidate more and more power for itself... and the people had been expected to be greatful for their using of whatever means necessary, including the eventual creation of a quasi-police state, in order to maintain law and order, and bring any evil-doers to justice.

Student: So, I guess, the controllers had a perfect system?! Whenever there was peace, it was attributed to the benevolent and wise leadership of coercive centralized authority figures, and whenever the terrorists would burst that fallacy, the authorities would then swoop in as our saviours, using the horrific event as a means to consolidate more power for the state, hmmmm?!

Teacher: It all came down to our unshakeable belief in authority, the one dominant religion of that time we now refer to as: the great forgetting
Remember, the concept of statism is intimately intertwined with the very notion of power. So long as there’s power available for the taking, there will always be people who will use your own fears against you to grab for themselves even more power; its manipulation 101.
Our human natural tendency to collectivize into tribes, families, or nation states, quickly coalesces to offer the frightened masses an illusion of ‘protection’… and the price of that ‘protection’ is always: one’s own freedom.

Student: I’m sure it must have seemed like a pretty good deal though, in those days.

Teacher: It did, but of course, that was until we experienced our inevitable rendezvous with destiny, which, as you know, changed everything.

Student: So, history didn’t actually need to unfold the way it did, or did it?

Teacher: No, things didn’t have to be the way they were, but our species was far too fearful and ignorant in those days to ever dare to live logically and lovingly. The seeds of our own destruction lay deeply embedded within the manure of our half-baked solutions, largely due to our willful ignorance of causality. Eventually nature, methane, or karma if you prefer, caught up with us, once the proverbial ‘Shit’ hit the metaphorical ‘Fan’.

Student: It was so obvious, terrorism was like some retarded persons attempt to achieve a kind of twisted concept of freedom or justice, or to shift some sort of power balance.

Teacher: That’s right, if you look at all the terror campaigns, they almost always resulted in less freedom for the peoples the terrorists claimed they had been fighting for.

Student: It kind of makes you wonder if some of the coercive centralized authority figures had not actually been orchestrating many of these terror campaigns, to help consolidate more power for themselves and the state.

Teacher: There was ample evidence to suggest that a few were. Covert and compartmentalized intelligence operatives unaccountable to our elected officials had a virtual 'carte-blanche' to do whatever the hell they deemed necessary to service the needs of the state. The belief that the health of the state, or the corportocracy if you will, superseded the interests of the individual, was like a kind of gospel to many. It then became very easy to justify the practice of subversive activities such as: spying programs, arms trading, false flags, sting operations, military industrial complex spending, and the covert arming and funding of ‘rebels’ to help fight greater adversaries and all that… but to speak out against it, in those days, would probably have classified you as a some kind of nutter, or ‘conspiracy theorist’.

Student: A conspiracy what???
Teacher: A pejorative used by statists to ridicule, isolate, and crush informed dissenters.

Student: Wow, everything was a battleground in those days, wasn’t it?

Teacher: There was much at stake, and we damned nearly lossed it all… that was until ‘our inevitable rend

Student: I know, I know… ‘our inevitable rendezvous with destiny’.

Teacher: Any more questions?
Student: Yeah, do you wanna help me build a popsicle -stick model of the trade towers for my physics class ?

Teacher: Sorry friend, I’ve got a cow-pie half-baking in the oven.
The Dirty One     Village 5, Nova Avalon.            Year 17 P.T.E.

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