Saturday, January 8, 2011

And Birds Might Fall From Black Skies

Hey Mildred, We never should have lit those fireworks!

   Hey, Hey, the clouds are whey, which is why birds have been dropping from the
sky this world over. Within the last week thousands of birds have fallen dead and literally 'dropped out of the sky'.
   My, my, the sky will cry…Birds! like the Hitchcock movie, and a mystery surrounding their deaths. WTF? 
  Animal species group deaths are nothing new, but what is so odd about this recent wave of bird deaths, is how the phenomena has happened within one week and has spanned the four corners of our globe.
  First, the big story was the death of 3000-5000 red wing blackbirds in Beebe, Arkansas, preceded two days earlier by the death of over 100 000 drum fish in an Arkansas lake.  The 'experts' had narrowed the bird deaths down to being caused by either lightning strikes, hail, or New Year's fireworks…hmmmm, I dunno?!   Why do humans always have to fill the void left by a mystery with a theory?
Would we not be able to function, or sleep not knowing the cause of these strange anomalies? 
 The next day, birds in South America were found having fallen to their deaths, and then, two days later, thousands more were found dead in the state of Louisiana, and most recently, 500 dead birds were discovered in Sweden. 
 There is an explanation, and the explanation may possibly be a weird one, but when a mystery strikes, the battleground between the 'mainstream' and the 'fringe' always heats up.  
  I witnessed an atrocious piece about the bird deaths on the BBC the other day. The previous 'expert' explanation of fireworks 'blew up' when more bird deaths not related to New Year's celebrations, were reported, not to mention the 100 000 drum fish death toll two days before New Year's eve. Instead of simply reporting the facts and recognizing their 'firework' theory as untenable, they instead used the opportunity to take a cheap shot at UFO nuts and Conspiracy Theorists.  Why?
   Having looked into the U.F.O. phenomenon and investigative journalism which suggests a greater conspiracy, I know of no one in those fields making any crazy claims about 'the birds having collided with a giant UFO' as the BBC report states.
The BBC report said that wild theories about the cause of the bird deaths were swirling around, and as the reporter stated "You guessed it, on the internet" as if the internet is some kind of petrie dish for shoddy logic.
  Now we know there's a lot of crap on 'ye ol' interweb' and there are certainly small minorities of 'UFO nuts' who might believe a saucer crashed into the birds, but why mention it? They, the BBC, have managed to have taken a tragic mystery, and turned it into a lighthearted 'funpiece', encouraging us to laugh at a handful of 'nutjobs'. Contrast this report with SkyNews' who reported the bird deaths minus the joke piece; proving ethics in journalism is alive and well at Sky.
  My main point (question) is…why is it acceptable for the BBC to speculate on wild theories, then not take responsibility for that incorrect speculation, and THEN, turn around and use the opportunity to laugh at a few crazies whose theories are equally as invalid? This is not journalism as I remember it to be, it's 'infotainment'!    
  Meanwhile the other question lingering in the background is: Why does the BBC feel a need to associate crazy people to, and thus denigrate those, who are engaged in alternative research?     Might it be fear?
    I have a hunch that whatever caused these beings to meet their demise was most probably related to the fact that birds, like fish, follow the leader. Birds fly in flocks darting in all directions under the guidance of the lead bird, as fish swim in schools using this same principle. Nature could be revealing to us one of her secrets, that any species behaving lockstep in unison with leadership will suffer the consequences of that leadership. If the lead bird flies into peril, then it would stand to reason that those other birds within the flock would also fly into peril, and it's interesting to note, those 'experts' closest to the upper echelons of our hierarchical society have so far failed to entertain this possibility, I guess we all have our blind spots.
                                                                                                                                                         Dirty CT    January 6th  2011

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