Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Underdog Nationalism!

"There's no need to fear..."
   Boo-Hoo!, last week Canada let a 3-0 goal lead slip away in the third period at the world junior hockey championships, and lose the tournament to Russia by a score of 5-3. 'Our boys' lost an opportunity to once again impress upon the world Canada's dominance in the fantasy land known as ice hockey. Once again we missed a golden opportunity to assert our sporting 'manifest destiny', and leave little doubt in the minds of global onlookers as to who is the best hockey nation in entire the world!
   Our distinct form of 'cultural autism', also known as Canada's hockey obsession, has once again reared it's ugly head. As a nation, we have gone from being mild mannered and self-effacing, to a Frankenstein junior mini monstrosity of jingoistic wanna-bees. I can remember how it made our stomachs turn every time we'd witness our 'neighbours to the south' beat their chests, wave their flags, and weep openly on the podium for the glory of their extremely wealthy and well funded nation.
  Does the world really care whether or not Canada wins any given tournament. Did the people in Sweden, Germany, or Czech Republic skip work to watch the deciding game between Canada and Russia? probably not!  nor did they probably care either when Canada rubbed it in the worlds face eleven months ago at the 2010 Winter Olympics when they 'owned the podium' (or was it 'bought the podium) although it should have been 'bought the Immodium'?… whatever it was, that nauseating display of false patriotism succeeded in giving me a case of the runs akin to ingesting some rancid deep fried 'Beaver Tail' .
"Underdog is here!"
   Back to hockey, and the game (which I didn't even watch) congratulations to the Russians for their perseverance and character, it fills me with joy to see other nations excel and succeed at this wonderful sport, for their triumph was just as sweet as any underdog comeback.
    For me, and those like me, lovers of sport, of life, and the underdog, one such victory is sweeter than hundreds of victories by the favourite. Our nation is the nation of the underdog, of the little guy, and those who temper their triumphs with a spirit of good will and profound respect for their defeated opponents, which is why, in the next soccer qualifiers, I will be showing my true patriotism by cheering for lowly Canada, and not against them.
Dirty CT   January 2011


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you. I could not but notice the glum faces of the hometown fans after the loss. Don Cherry, put that in your ignorant pipe and smoke it! :-)


  2. Don't mention the "D" word

  3. Do you know Toe Blake?