Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Circle Quest 270º-360º(or The Hunt For Red October part3)

It's starting to get weird!

The hemispheres of the brain, like two eyes properly aligned, can see in 3-D and therefore experience reality in a new way. Close one eye and you will see a flat representation of a three dimensional world. You will be able to discern, due to perspective, how things in the distance, as related to objects in the foreground, must be. Yet without the use of both eyes, a true experiential understanding of three dimensional space is not possible. One can stare at the random dots in a holographic pictogram, yet not see the complete image if the act of integration fails to take place. By looking beyond the image,and altering ones perspective, the magic of the holographic image begins to unfold.

Back in 'ye olde 90's', the 'buzz' in 'conspiracy' circles was coming from 'mysterious black unmarked military helicopters', but after the Iraq fiasco, it's not a stretch to imagine how they were probably just test flights conducted by the 'swell folks' at the Blackwater 'soldiers for hire' corporation, aka 'XE'. Another star contender for the spotlight was that Wile E Coyote experiment up in Alaska called HAARP, a 1.8 zillion watt bug-zapper built into the arctic permafrost, which we can roll into one big gooey ball along with the mysterious 'Area 51' in Nevada and the Pine Gap research facility in the Australian outback…Good on Ya, Mate!

Much has already been revealed about what used to be purely speculation. Yesterday's 'conspiracy' sometimes becomes today's 'ho-hum' back page news, just as much of today's 'conspiracy' speculation should become common knowledge in about ten to fifteen years, or if the Red October permits, much sooner!


The next 'port of call' on my circular sojourn is the U.F.O. phenomenon. There are simply too many well trained observers who have had intimate and very direct experience with strange craft and beings to dismiss outright as purely 'wild fantasy'. Thousands of reports from trained military pilots, several astronauts, politicians, and scientists (not to mention multiple witness encounters from civilians of good standing), have all had first hand experience of this phenomenon. Most report o having had similar experiences, despite the many official attempts over the years to quash the truth (projects Blue-Book, Grudge and Sign, also self-contradictory claims of weather balloons, crash test dummies, and 'swamp gas') 

The Final Frontier
Those who haven't had the pleasure of witnessing disc, cigar shaped, orb and triangular craft glide through our skies, making right angle turns at impossible speeds, are often quick to sit back, roll their eyes, and scoff at the absurdity of it all. All that condescending eye-rolling will become useful practice once those 'bug-headed' space-visitors show up with their 'bad-ass' rectal probe stimulators in hand.

            LAUNCH TORPEDOES!!

Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Cooper, and storied shuttle astronaut Story Musgrave (I couldn't resist!) have all spoken eloquently on their experiences and knowledge of UFO's. So has former Canadian Defence minister Paul Hellyer, who has gone on record as saying that UFO's are as common as airplanes in our sky, and that events on earth risk "interplanetary war"…a far out statement YES, but if true, we need to know why.

The social isolation and ridicule experienced by those who try to blow the whistle on secrecy, is enough to make one want to shut up and go back to watching 'Ultimate Fighting' or 'Dancing With The Stars'. Some gain notoriety for their courage, and if lucky, a bit of pocket change, but most become vilified by those content to remain within the friendly confines of the consumer paradigm and all it's accompanying social approval.

Keeping the truth secret breeds the 'conspiracy' speculation, which has it's roots in hard research'


It's not my responsibility to convince anybody of these concepts, theories or potential realities; the information and data is comprehensive for anyone who chooses to dig deeper and wishes to come to a greater understanding. I write about these things purely for the love of writing and the potential facilitation of this tentative dialogue.  

If your way of finding the truth, or testing the veracity of these kinds of theories, is to read well written articles in 'respected media publications', you will likely view only a narrow spectrum of what are in fact very complex phenomena. You will also likely get a 'balanced' report, equipped with opposing viewpoints presenting various 'plausible explanations' from 'experts'.  However, to dig a little deeper, one must be prepared to dust off ones 'tin-foil hat', and risk the humiliation and resulting isolation of thinking outside the limited confines of the 'two-cheek kiss' crowd.

What I mean when I speak of the 'two-cheek kiss' crowd, is a reference to those people who live without care for the stupidities of the phenomena to which I speak, and of those who enjoy the respect given to them by other members of the 'two-cheek kiss' crowd, accompanied by all the creature comforts that our opulent western lifestyle has to offer. It's ironic, yet predictable, that these same people will probably be the first to arms, pointing fingers and laying blame, whilst proposing 'solutions', once their financial/economic/paradigm rug is pulled out from under them. 

                                                   Launch a few more torpedoes (for fun)

I don't blame those who dare not risk their reputations and vicarious enjoyment of a lifestyle they KNOW exists, instead of putting themselves on the line to support a reality they have NEVER experienced. This is a crowd who will never reject anyone for being a Fabian Socialist, a Leafs fan or having atheistic philosophical views comprising of hermetically sealed left-brained eviscerations of 'the God argument', so long as you bring some balsamic vinaigrette and a fine Merlot to the dinner party ( oh, and please leave the foil hat at home).

What of all this information is in fact disinformation, or misinformation, I do not know, but it serves someones needs. Like the hunt for that elusive submarine in the Tom Clancy novel 'The Hunt For Red October', I feel the truth behind the deception within many levels of human interaction is beginning to surface, and for the simple reason that decisions made out of sync with nature's laws have chaotic consequences, or to use a colloquialism, 'our chickens are coming home to roost'. Given the political, social, financial, and environmental extremes of recent years, we now have a situation which is metaphorically not unlike some juggler on the Ed Sullivan Show, or any other variety show, who could only juggle so many pie plates or spin so many tea cups on the tops of poles at one time, without the whole thing coming crashing down. 

I feel these upcoming revelations will probably forever alter the way we relate to one another and the planet we live on. 

Already we have come a long way in consciousness and education due to our increased access to information. Unlike a computer though, it's not simply a case of 'garbage in, garbage out'. We humans have the capacity for thought, and to rationally separate what is true, from what might be, to what isn't, and make reasonable conclusions based on this.

"Hey, Kowalski?!"
Now we've reached a point where more and more people can see the consolidation of power into the hands of fewer and fewer people (as witnessed by the recent 'Occupy Wall Street protests) Many of us in the middle and lower classes, have been presented with an 'illusion of prosperity' due largely to the availability of 'cheap credit'. brought on by banks whose lending practices are made possible due to the egregious corporate assaults on the cheap labour force and desperation in the third world, as a means of justifying the taking and consuming of a larger portion of our planet's precious resources. This misperception of 'personal prosperity' will continue to delude us, as it did the Irish and Greeks, until the Ponzi scheme that lies at the core of Keynesian economic theory, exhausts itself. 

Completing the circle, and parking our asses back in the eight-ten dry dock, we may yet witness another financial collapse (sometime within the next twelve days to twelve months), which is poised to crumble from the top down, quick n' tidy, at free-fall speed, as it collapses into it's own footprints… unlike that untidy crumbling of WTC 'building seven' (Intelligence headquarters in NYC) whose outrageously lopsided implosion (as we all know) was solely the result of 'fire' ;)

                                                                UP PERISCOPE!

Okay Kowalski, I have to sit down now, I think I'm becoming 'Conspira-Sea-Sick!

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