Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Event Horizon (or Tau Jones' Locker and A Pi Coup Of Wall Street)

There's going to be an 'Occupy Montreal' protest this weekend, and I'm already working on my placard: "End the OverFed!… and bring back the Expos!!!"   Remember, the great challenge will be to always keep it light; humour is the social lubricant which keeps away bloodshed, and allows the message to penetrate to those calcified individuals who desperately need to change. 

I'm Much Too Important To Be Captured!
But I'll be there, reluctantly though, avoiding groups that use the symbol of 'a raised clenched fist' as their logo. I will be there not to 'end the fed' (they're doing a pretty good enough job at that by themselves), but more as a way to say, we the people are fed up with policies run by and for the super wealthy. One where the wealth of nations is being funnelled to the top of the pyramid to bail out the oligarchs. To stand for the voiceless in Libya Afghanistan Pakistan, Iraq, and against the racket of immoral corporate wars. To stand beside the people of Iceland, Greece Ireland, Portugal and other nations  whose leaders gambled the public treasuries on toxic assets sold to them by unscrupulous banksters. To stand in unison and in leaderless defiance, without a political agenda other than to express our right and obligation to say 'NO', and 'Please Stop!!'  Just as an assault victim needn't have a clear agenda or vision while being assaulted, other than to say 'NO' loudly, and to fight back any way possible.

No doubt there will be people with megaphones chanting vitriol, and placards made by those whose beliefs I do not subscribe to, but desperate times call for creative solutions. My immediate concern is the necessity to somehow help turn our ship away from the 'event horizon' before we can even think about getting down to the task of figuring out what kind of a world we want to live in, and what system will work best. (and the 'vultures' are waiting for that day, believe me)

Momentum is on the side of the 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters. The spirit to protest has now spread throughout the land beyond it's borders and on to other lands. Iranian leadership has just declared that the OWS protests will bring down capitalism in the US, I doubt it, but if it knocks down this current mutated strain, most of the protesters will be satisfied. The years of greed, corruption, Ponzi scheme economic theory, and the prosperity delusion provided by easily available credit, has exhausted itself in the minds of rational people who can finally see clearly where this racket is taking us, however…

Why do I get the creepy feeling these 'spontaneous' protests which began a few years ago in Europe, Asia, Burma, Thailand, and now the Arab world,  is only  'phase 2', or the 'anti-thesis' of the Hegelian Dialectic (thesis, anti-thesis-synthesis, or problem reaction solution)  If not cautious, we lucky humans will likely wind up scrapping it out, as we'll all be encouraged to chose a side. Who will win? will it be the totalitarian corporatist agenda or the totalitarian socialist agenda, six of one…in either case,  when the dust settles in that battle, the individual is poised to become just another function of the state.

I believe the Combination of 'Big Business' and 'small government' is a bad thing,  just as the combination of 'Big Government' and 'small business' is doomed to failure. What's even worse though, is our current arrangement of 'Big Business and Big Government' (corporatist), one where those who have the money get the freedom and respect, and those who don't are viewed as lessers. Whether their money was acquired through actual hard work, or by using leverage on capital, the investment returns on borrowed money, the creation of wealth through the buying of another's debt, in a system like ours, pardon seems to be given easier to those who have, than to those who have not.

It's not only wrong to sell someone a lie, but we've been all too happy to buy that lie for a long time. Those who seek an end to the 'evils' of the system must look inward and determine to what degree they honestly helped sail our ship a little closer to this apocalyptic 'event horizon'. These people must always remember this when the eventual collapse occurs, and fear once again fuels outrage at the 'Evil Bankers', 'Evil Police', or 'Evil Protesters'. You can't enjoy the fruits of capitalism during it's halcyon years, only then to decide you are a 'Socialist' the moment the ship sails into peril (or when it becomes fashionable again to do so). Yes it's better to wake up to injustices sooner than later, but please do us all a favour and leave your 'hammer and sickle' at home! 
(Oh, and by the way, didn't Germany have a reactive movement/government in the 1930's known as National Socialism? I refuse to be 'guided' by the repetitive chants and mindless marching of any George Soros funded demonstration, either before or after a financial collapse).

 Although I recognize the protesters desperation to reverse course immediately, I do think there will be enormous challenges ahead of them (to put it lightly). Their biggest one will be to resist the temptation of following anyone or any group which asserts itself as the 'leader', or any attempts to steer the protest movement with a political agenda of it's own. It's one thing to chop off the head of the Hydra, but if it has the ability to grow itself a new head, or has the Rasputin like resilience of Glenn Close in 'Fatal Attraction', then these protesters may not only be wasting their time, but actually helping to usher in an order which could be much worse than the one they are protesting against.

A 'Pi Coup' of Wall Street
'Leaders' eternally propose to solve effects and often do not understand causality. Causality will be debated denied, ridiculed, spun, for the sake of pushing forward agendas which better suits the needs of the 'leaders' and by extenuation, the needs of those who finance them. A reaction is not a solution. The solution to aggressive, soulless and pernicious Capitalism is not invasive, soulless, and oppressive Socialism. 

'Leaders' emerge buoyed by the delusional belief they can somehow guide the heathen masses to a better society, only to later find out that the matrix of power which lies sub-rosa, shielded from our elected officials, dictate the policy to them once elected. This is why someone like Obama, who I believe is probably a pretty nice and well intentioned guy, has failed so miserably at keeping his non-violent election promises.  People who run for public office or 'service' do so earnestly thinking their vision can make a difference, but without understanding the true principles and laws of 'cause and effect'  they can foolishly underestimate the strength and determination of our system to brush aside their scrawny idealism and steer the course of events in any particular direction it chooses.

I'm concerned too, that the mathematical certainty of a second wave, and even greater financial collapse than that of 2008, will lead to the far-right blaming the collapse on the OWS movement,
negating the entropy and simple arithmetic lying at the heart of, and within, the financial system's inherent flaws. Things, at that point, could begin to get really ugly. The Russians and the Chinese have already been vocal about the necessity of a new 'global reserve currency', one independent of the U.S. dollar, considering the Euro is currently on life support, the stage will be set to usher in a new global currency upon any partial or complete financial/economic and/or social collapse. And like most things at first, this remedy will be viewed as being 'a good thing', that is until it's occulted underpinnings begin to rear it's ugly head. 

With the formation of the European Union, only a very few had the vision to see how this particular model was doomed to failure, but due to the short term attention span of those trapped within their imbalanced 'left-brained prison cells', the immediate rewards of this projects past successes have proven to have been too seductive.

Currencies are now poised to collapse, gauging by the rapid rise in the prices of gold and silver, and the over-investment of the measly but 'safe' Swiss Franc (and it's subsequent devaluation), this upcoming meltdown appears to be a mathematical certainty. If you look at the outrageous bond yields in Europe, the troubled Big Banks on both sides of the Atlantic, and an inability to bail out faltering european economies beyond covering their minimal debt requirements, the over 'un-printing' of money courtesy of 'Dr. Ben Bernanke's Quantitative Easing Elixir of Economic Health', throw in a dash of ever increasing oil speculation and the depletion of petroleum reserves, and we have more than just a few alarm bells going off.  

If the 'End The Fed' movement is 'successful', how will China or other creditor nations feel about this?  With enough domestic problems of their own, these relatively poor people have been working long days, weeks, and years in human work camps to manufacture cheap shit for our lumpenproletariat to consume, Their government has been gobbling up US debt (over a trillion dollars worth), and if the 'Fed' is ended, what will become of China's little 'trust fund' once the financial system collapses? 

Hopefully the Chinese people will see the truth, that their leaders are just slave-owners mollycoddled by western interests.   (Now these assholes are breathing down the necks of South Africa's once mighty, now gelatinous invertebrates, known as the ANC. Who have lost any of it's rebellious right to self determination by pandering to that all too Chinese fetish of giving the Dalai Lama a really hard time.  A f**king loser's club both of them…let the old mystic go visit his buddy Desmond Tutu and partake in some birthday cake, come on!)…but i digress.

Much as the immediate benefits of obliterating the Glass-Stiegel act was for US investment banks, fools rush in where angels fear to tread, much like those who most certainly couldn't resist the tasty bargains in world markets once the dust had finally settled after the collapse of 2008.  These opportunists were not unlike those curious types who wandered bedazzled and amazed onto the vastness of empty beaches just before the tsunami struck. So too will their fate be, those who caused and then capitalized on this racket and chose to build their temples on the ashes of other peoples misery.

Why protest? Let's face it, Our beloved cities are rapidly becoming moonscapes of rapid-condos, made manifest to stimulate the ravenous and insatiable appetite of developers and bankers desperate to peddle their mortgages and toxic debt to those living in cities also drowning in debt and desperate for new taxes. 'Condo Madness', is like an endless smorgasbord diet of cheeseburgers, and the compound debt from this pseudo-stimulus low interest rate fools 'recovery' will ultimately choke the arteries of economic growth, banking and send our economies , cities, governments and societies, and likely send us into a massive 2012 apocalyptian coronary.

Gil Scott Heron's prophetic musical statement 'the revolution will not be televised', now appears accurate. Yes, there are demonstrations taking place on the streets and being broadcast on FOX CNN, the BBC, and Al-Jazeera, but the 'revolution' in reality is taking place inside the individual's conscience, and the word is spreading world-wide on the internet. The web allows both fresh points of view, and dubious ones, to be cross referenced and juxtaposed against those in the mainstream media. This is a good thing, as many points of view help to create a more 'three-dimensional' perspective. There may still yet be no clear vision of what the protesters ultimately wish to achieve, but the critical first step has been taken, which is identifying that which they do not want.

How will all this end… if we look back into history, it will end peacefully, if the new way forward isn't a radical departure from the status quo. If what becomes necessary is radical change, then there will be resistance, and I fear bloodshed.  After any such battle is 'won', the joy of victory, and all it's accompanying optimism, will likely fade once the victors realize they've run from the devil they know, straight into the arms of Satan himself. Don't believe me?… just ask the Egyptians.

Remember to 'keep it light' I keep telling myself, therefore I must admit there's a side of me that wishes to detach and turn away from all this protesting, like 'Madame Yes' in everybody's favourite episode of 'The Flintstones' who once said: "So long you stoopid good lookings, I'm much too important to be captured!"

Dirty CT   October 2011

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