Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2012, One Year From Today

"It's the final countdown"
A year ago today I wrote a post which attempted to sneak a glimpse at the world on December 21st 2012. 
A year has since past and much has changed, so I thought I would revisit this issue and see if, or how any changes have happened which point to the prophetic fulfillment of the Mayan predictions for that day.

-Euro meltdown causing a global financial meltdown: 50%

Like the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, the eventual collapse of the Eurozone is likely to begin a Domino Effect cascading through financial markets leading to the ultimate collapse of our monetary system. It will be the end of the world as we know it, in that paper money, and credit will no longer be accepted as a proxy for energy and wealth.

-Solar Storms: 31%
As our sun reawakens to it's new eleven year solar maximum, we can expect some unprecedented x-class solar flares, any of which could be strong enough to wipe out telecommunications, power grids, Disney World etc…

-World War III : 28.5%
Yep, this is not a pleasant prospect to say the least, but with tensions mounting in Syria, and NATO planning to intervene, the conflict will likely draw in Iran, therefore Israel, therefore Russia and China, and with a nuclear armed Pakistan simmering to the south, the resource war to end all resource wars could be only a few short months away.

-Pole shift: 2%
We are overdue, long overdue, this natural phenomenon happens every 750 000 years, could this be the year???

-Comet or Asteroid strike 1.9%
Outer space is a BIG place, but this kind of shit is a common occurrence, we haven't experienced anything like this in a loooong time, another possibility which is long overdue.

-Alien Landing 0.4%
If they exist, it's safe to say they have been here since our inception as a species, in that they would need to be millions if not billions of years older than us in order to develop an understanding of physics and space time necessary to make such a voyage. Their 'arrival' would no doubt challenge much about our assumptions and belief systems we have used as coping truly would be the end of the world as we know it.

-Return of the Flying Monkeys: 0.0000006%
It was 'just a movie' they said, 'couldn't happen in real life' they said, well I've got news for you, The Flying Monkeys from 'The Wizard of Oz' can, and COULD very well make their triumphant return, terrorizing peoples from Kuwait to Kansas. It's also highly unlikely, but ya never know?!

I stand by my final words in last years post, that SOMETHING will happen, and it will cause a paradigm shift of sorts. To those who believe in the Mayan Calendar prophecies, it's fulfillment will be obvious. To those who think it's a lot of bunk, they will continue to deny the incredible changes our world is undergoing, and refuse to believe the Mayan's foresaw any of this.

Total possibility of SOME major event happening: 113.8000006%

Dirty CT   December 2011

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