Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oracle Twenty-Twelve

"Th the th the th that's all folks!"

I'm going to attempt to make some predictions for this upcoming year, but I must warn you they may not be a vision you may want to see. I have consulted the Oracle, which occupies the inner space between intuition and mind to bring you my dire prophetic visions.

My predictions are written in 'quatrains' so that they may reside in superposition and not be drawn into particulate form. This is a type of quantum poetry which is not scientifically verifiable, in that it harmonizes only with spirit.

While many are celebrating the new year with giddy optimism, venerating the golden calf and hoisting it above virtue, most are fools who have not done the spiritual work necessary to adjust to the great changes I see coming this year. I don't think anybody expects the world to come to an end in 2012, but I believe the Mayan's will be proven right as their prophetic calendar heralds a time of great change. 

Those who have devoted their lives to the construction and cultivation of their narcissistic utopias are in for a rough ride in 2012. Many will ultimately find the spiritual fortitude necessary to make the required leap in consciousness, however many will not, and their inability to cope with this paradigm shift will be a result of their spiritual negation as a result of inattentiveness to their own soul.

Here are my quatrains (in no specific order)

In the first quarter, much trouble in europa
the waters of the well become parched
division rules the new empire
driving a wedge between the Saxons and the Gauls

How fragile a friendship, a partnership, sinks
red storm rises from antiquity
wave upon wave swamps the shiny utopia
and a call to arms to combat this betrayal

a virus, a pestilence, cascades throughout continents
foul odour, and feathers fly
it will move faster than our resolve
not a nation or island will be spared

Three Fighting princes, warring benefactors
dented democracy red white and blue
a dark figure with light appearance
misguides, malignant, majestic

Rings once linked are now apart
the great one turns their back on gold
accusations from electronic wire
shame, and blame, Britannia  

An ancient conflict is resurrected
two brothers to war
betrayal from an ally is the spark
new friend exchanged for old

Heat, great heat, washes over
magnetic reversal rehearsal
sizzled circuits and confusion
as Sol continues to shine

Hunger reigns
a few chose callousness
the multitudes rise
engulfing avarice

( more!)

before the last day
a humming will be heard
a buzzing and a light
and then…a hush!

Dirty CT   January 2012

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  1. I hope you are wrong! But, will keep working on my spiritual growth.