Sunday, December 19, 2010

2012, Two Years From Today

Isn't that the cloud Qetzcoatl talked about?
 2012, two years remaining
That's right, two years from today the Mayan calendar will be coming to an abrupt end, and with it, what?
Something will happen that day, just as something happens everyday, but the 64 000 peso question is: What will happen??
On December 21st 2012, it is said that our solar system will line up perfectly with the galactic centre at precisely 11:11 U.T.C. the day of the winter solstice.
This year, 2010, on December 21st, we will be experiencing a total lunar eclipse, the first one on the winter solstice since the year 1638, on what is essentially a virtually identical day numerologically.
Nobody can predict the future, except maybe psychics and trends forecasters, or perhaps psychologists, sociologists, historians, astrophysicists, meteorologists, come to think of it, a lot of people can predict the future. So what is trying to be determined is exactly WHAT will happen on that day, the day when the Mayan 'Long Count' calendar comes to an end.
It's fun to guess, and the answer will probably be a combination of things. Allow me scratch the surface and run through a host of possibilities for a moment; I'll start with my favourite "TOP 12 for 2012":
1. Alien Contact. It's the day when Humanity make open contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. It's the day when we finally come into contact with an intelligence that is as high above us as we are above cattle. That thought is a daunting one, for it would certainly be a crushing blow to those humans who consider themselves, for whatever reason, to be superior to most others. This new paradigm will reduce their self importance to a benign irrelevance. What a tough pill to swallow that will be; Hawking and Eminem as virtual peers. We would certainly lose focus as a species trying to reinvent the wheel, when another species is moving with ease through time and space, and perhaps even creating the laws of reality using concentrated thought, and meditation.
2. Global Economic Meltdown! money has now become worthless, all investments are null and void, there is no longer any economic certainty, as we have to learn from that day onward, to care for each others needs without the incentive of financial gain.
3. Climate Change, The North Atlantic Gulf stream continues its weakening to the point that it stops flowing outright, and becomes inert. Great storms begin to build up with such intensity that the ensuing 'super storm' transforms our climate forever.
4. Solar Flares, X-class solar flares bombard the Earth with deadly radiation, knocking out satellites and computers permanently nullifying our computer centric civilization; plunging us back into a world more reminiscent of Mayberry in the 1950's.
5. World War III (The BIG one) It's the day when all the cranky pseudo elitists from every nation on Earth 'have it out' in a 'royal rumble/ cage match'. with 6.8 billions used as human shields/collateral damage, and subsequently causes all life to be extinguished (this, I must point out, is my least favourite possibility)
6. Comet/Meteor Strike! What a cool sight to see, a ball of ice the size of Pittsburgh slamming into us out of the distant void, as a kind of divine/cosmic 'middle finger' served to humanity.
7. Pole Shift! We're all going to 'Hell in a Handbasket' as our magnetic poles reverse, or 'flip' thus altering the rotation of the planet, and causing our sun to change direction in the sky. Hey, we're something like 500 000 years overdue for this otherwise regular geological event, perhaps a little dose of 'Gaian Immodium' is in order.
8. The dreaded 'Earth Changes', as portrayed in the movie 2012, The Earths core begins to superheat like some sizzling hot Mexican salsa, and causes the tectonic plates to become jumping beans, as the Human race gets jostled around like assorted bon bons in some kiddies Pinata!!
9. The Day the Animals Talk, ...and you thought our Unions complained too much?
10. Jesus Returns! enough said!
11. We build our first 'Time Machine', sending someone or something back in time thus altering the laws of cause and effect.
12. A child is born who grows up to become the inventor of a future time machine (killing his Grandfather, of course).
Now, there's no shortage of possible doomsday scenarios, but there must be just as many possible positive scenarios (although I'm having trouble thinking of any that don't involve either me getting 'laid' or putting an end to world hunger). The point is, that whatever happens or doesn't happen, this phenomena will transform some/ many/ all of us, as the 'changes' or lack of 'changes' will in turn cause us to question assumptions we have about reality. On the day after, December 22nd 2012, there will probably be as much debate as to whether or not something actually happened. Those who are inclined to believe in 'great change' may see just that, and those who don't will probably sit back with 'smug grins' on their faces, sanctimoniously declaring how "They told ya so".
Like most things within the realms of human experience, 2012 will be highly subjective, despite many of the actual physical transformations occurring in our personal environment. I believe we are at a point now where our species is on the precipice of profound transformation, it's our 'High Noon', in the realms of the social, religious, technological and environmental.
One thing I am certain of though, as Linus in the 'Peanuts' comic strip demonstrated, sitting all night in his 'pumpkin patch', waiting for the arrival of 'The Great Pumpkin' is: that if you are holding out until December 21st 2012 to witness 'great change', you probably will have already missed the show!
-Dirty CT, December 21 2010

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