Monday, January 23, 2012

Earth Sounds (in Sensurround!)

"Sounds like a plan!"
Did you hear that? It stopped!   No wait, there it is again!  What ARE those sounds?

Thank god for the internet, before it set up camp and began to 'occupy' our lives in the mid-1990's, a phenomenon like this had little chance of gaining any traction in the public consciousness. What phenomenon do I speak of? I'm talking about the mysterious 'Earth noise phenomenon' that is being heard globally, from places like Kitchener to Kiev, from Borneo to Budapest.

If you haven't heard of this phenomenon, that's okay, It probably means you're leading a busy life, are getting laid, or have a dysfunctional gambling addiction. For the rest of us who are aware of this new phenomenon, "we'se gots somes serious questions", in this latest instalment of 'mysteries to keep nerdy losers preoccupied'. Last year it was the sudden and mysterious appearance of flocks of dead birds, and schools of fish. (you can read my thoughts on that topic HERE  )

Now that the mystery of the dead birdies has lost momentum, a new one has stepped forward to supplant it. So what is this phenomenon? I don't know, but maybe somebody does, the only thing dummies like me can do is 'speculate' along with the rest of the unwashed masses.

The sounds that are being heard don't seem to be coming from any place in particular; they seem to be coming from 'everywhere and nowhere', assuming we are to take the many YouTube clips at face value.

Might it be some kind of elaborate hoax or psy-op? Possibly, assuming someone wanted to foment a sense of dread among us apocalyptian folk. Some well funded individuals travelling the world with powerful acoustic audio equipment accompanied with generators projecting haunting and dislocated sounds in remote places could be responsible. And then by videotaping the experience haphazardly adding to the apparent authenticity of these acoustic anomalies, and uploading them to YouTube, they could create the impression of some impending 'Earth changing event'. 

Some have speculated this is being done as an elaborate media-publicity stunt for an upcoming 'horror film'. Perhaps it's based on that series of novellas by 'Various Political Puppets'  or the short story 'Iran Frightens Me' by Steven Harper.

All joking aside, there does remain the outside possibility that this phenomenon is something worthy of deeper consideration. Is the military conducting EMP experiments via their HAARP technology in Alaska, in order to disrupt the Earth's tectonic plates, or perhaps as some kind of sonic resonance imaging in order to gauge and/or search for any new oil reserves? All one needs to fill the void is a semi-coherent blogpage and an active imagination.

Will this phenomenon endure, much as the crop circle phenomenon has outlived the belief that 'it's all made by a bunch of drunks with boards and rope'? Or will it pass the way of the 'mysterious drones', which appeared throughout the US in 2007 and not seen much since then?

Even if I, or anyone reading this, is ever so fortunate as to hear these Earth sounds for themselves, how would we know WHAT it is we've heard? What is the source of the sounds? Could we probably narrow down the possibilities through a process of apophatic negation?  However, if the noises are being transmitted by the Earth itself, then our hopes of understanding the truth is at the mercy and caprices of whatever the 'experts' decide is the cause.

In the meantime, I have more important things to tend to, like my dysfunctional gambling addiction. But if the sounds turn out to presage a Mayan Apocalypse of sorts, then let's hope those 'evil Iranians' don't take it upon themselves to crash the Mayan's well planned party.

Dirty CT   January 2012

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