Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Mystery of PO7

Approximately one year ago, a peculiar looking 'security car' appeared parked on the street in front of my house. The said vehicle, painted in black except for the two doors in white, boldly sported a cartoon style police badge logo on both doors. My initial thought at the time was that there must have been a commercial or film shoot scheduled on my street, and that the 'car' in question was simply a film prop. That's how unreal or bizarre the security/police car looked to me.

PO7 reminded me of the police cars portrayed in the film BladeRunner or even one of those cliché police vehicles that one would find in an old Dick Tracy comic strip.
PO7 at your service!
However, there wasn't any film, commercial, or FX crew to be found, Just this 'prop' of a car.

I quickly accepted the fact that the car must have belonged to a legitimate security company and proceeded with my day. However, in the days and weeks that followed the initial sighting, the 'car' still remained parked on my street.

Curiously though, someone or 'something' would often move the car to different sides of street on different days, in order to avoid any parking violations. It's almost as if this artifact had a life or energy of its own- 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, the car would remain parked, and alone, with its impeccable paint job intact.
From Ridley Scott's BladeRunner

Although there were accounts from my neighbours' having actually witnessing the 'owners' of P07 entering his/her vehicle and moving it to its new parking space on my street, I have never witnessed the act myself. I mention 'vehicles' and 'his/her', only because there were sightings of an elderly woman and a man in his 40's who were seen at different times driving the PO7. Therefore I didn't put any credence into the accounts, and began formulating new theories and thoughts concerning the PO7 mystery:

Theory A: The PO7 vehicle is an accessory for a local money laundering operation, cleverly and might I say cynically, masquerading as a 'security firm' no less. I admire the bravado of PO7's authors for their audacity and originality. As usual, neighbours and locals would simply 'turn a blind eye' to that anomalous object enigmatically parked on my street. Only a few slightly curious comments such as: “oh, ya that car, it's kind of funny looking...”. Followed by: “Ah, it's nothing, please pass me the cream...”. Perhaps believing hook, line and sinker in the whole menagerie that PO7 is a legitimate security operation. The only problem is, that the vehicle never leaves my street. Therefore, it's never used in any security activity whatsoever. Therefore, one has to question the motive behind the charade. It's a microcosm of the macro-cosmic state of affairs we happen to all be caught up in on a global scale: collectively denying we're all part of an elaborate con game. That's what the PO7 symbol represents to me, but I digress...

Alas, a few months ago, and much to my pleasure, I witnessed a local police investigation unit tow PO7 away from my street. I suspected the car was being impounded with the intention of searching the said vehicle for any incriminating evidence. I was genuinely pleased, as the impounded car only confirmed my belief that PO7 was a front operation of some sort. Over the years I have developed a genuine dislike for deceptions and imposters.

One week later, after returning home from a hard day's work, low and behold, parked in front of my house was none other than the PO7 security car? “It's baaack!”, I thought loudly in my mind. It felt like I was part of some elaborate cosmic joke. Though I cannot rule out the money laundering theory altogether, I have to accept the possibility that the local 'fuzz' couldn't find anything on PO7 and returned the vehicle back to where it 'belonged': on my street, and of course, parked in front of my house -AGAIN!!!!

Thus, in light of the fact that there aren't any logical explanations for the presence of PO7, I'm now forced to entertain 'alternative theories'...

Theory B: The PO7 car is the work of a clever installation artist and could possibly be a social comment perhaps mocking or underlining the omnipresence of the police/security state reality in our culture. There is an iconoclastic (DaDa) quality to the PO7 as an object/artifact and what it might also represent symbolically (e.g. Abuse of power and force, the rule of law and the establishment, control, security, you name it, etc.). Though it's amusing to entertain this theory, I don't put much faith in the possibility. I'm quite jealous however that I could not come up with an idea like this for an installation piece. Someone beat me to it.

Theory C: (My favourite) The PO7 object is a cloaked surveillance drone controlled by an advanced non-earthly intelligence....or Theory C-2: The PO7 object is a cloaked surveillance drone and occasional getaway car for Rupert Murdoch...

PD Cafargo July 2011 (no longer contributing to this site)


  1. You could have solved the mystery by simply calling the number written on the side of the car ;)

  2. Good question. The web link leads to a bogus 'under contruction' page with no significant information. I didn't bother dialing the telephone number.

    PD Caf

  3. This mystry is some what impressive and inspirational. Real creations is defined here with this mystry.

  4. Indeed Mr Hire Magento Dev. To paraphrase what William S. Burroughs once said: "reality does not appear to be what it is".

    Thx for your comment.

    PD Cafargo

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  6. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Wishing you all the best.

    Cheers, PD Cafargo