Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Wrath Of Levi Strauss-Khan

 Do you prefer the straight leg, tapered, or an all out bell-bottom, button down or zip-up?
There have been more than a few 'zip-ups' concerning the unzipping antics of the former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Khan's alleged 'hotel-no-tell-sofitel sexcapade'. I could easily refer to him as 'Levi Strauss-Khan' in that 'Levi' serves as an anagram which holds multiple linguistic possibilities.

Have you ever read Milton, Captain?
 It's a tough job being the head of the IMF, especially if having a high libido is in your genes, or is that 'jeans', not to mention all those working lunches, travelling the world in 'Executive Class' oh, and let's not forget the odd $3000 a night hotel stay, or two, or three. Thank goodness Dominique Strauss-Khan is a Socialist, imagine what his hotel bills would be if he were a outright of centre Capitalist?

 After French president 'Napoleon Sarkozy' exiled his rival by nominating him for the position as IMF chief in 2007, One could have assumed that DSK was done like 'creme-brulee' as a political rival to the throne of France's 21st century monarchy. But 'Old Guard' socialists like DSK have a way of resurfacing, especially when the caviar and champagne run out, and are in turn 'Christened' by La-'new'-Guarde when one of Sarkosy's 'boys' is appointed as the new 'chef' of the IMF.  Given the most recent assault on DSK's, ahem...integrity, are we about to witness a sequel to this epic saga: "The Wrath of Strauss-Khan"?

 The Guinean hotel maid who originally accused DSK, or as the French media have dubbed him: "le Grand Seducteur", has now "changed" her story, as money has been discovered mysteriously showing up in her bank account over the past two years. Questions, questions… was this, or is this, some kind of conspiracy to disgrace or politically assassinate, a potential rival? Maybe this was simply a plan hatched by the "Guinean mob" or a desperate woman to extort money from a helpless yet powerful man? I don't think so, for the simple reason there are far wealthier and obscure rich people a gold digger could chose to extort money from, why bother with all the problems created by doing this to someone who has a whole corporate-globalist gargantuan behind him?

A better look for DSK
When you are on the socio-political level of DSK, not only do you have the power to subjugate little mediterranean countries, spanking them into austerity 'till they cough up a couple of hundred islands and a lifetimes supply of tzatziki sauce, but also people, who can be 'persuaded' to change their story, just as isolated cases of digital banking information can also have a few zeros added by anyone who possesses the power to do so. So despite the physical injuries this woman sustained during her alleged rape, confusion reigns supreme as the maid seems to have suddenly lost all credibility and her resolve . Rejoice! DSK will be free at last, and the hallowed room at the Sofitel will forever be enshrined as a celebrity 'place of interest' for the curious and aficionados of 'financial rape tourism'. The next absurdity will certainly be the deafening cries for cameras to be placed in ALL hotel rooms for 'security reasons'.

Like most theatre of the 'absurdist elite' the truth of what happened at the Hotel Sofitel in New York City on that day in May, will probably forever remain a mystery, for the simple reason that the amount of money and important players involved would certainly expose to a naive populace the levels of corruption at work, and it's unchallenged potential to abuse the rule of law. We little plebes will now be expected to sift through the dregs of second hand speculation (like this article you're reading) and official statements, in order to make any sense of this little charade, and will most certainly, as any sane person would, give up- crack open a cold one-and ask DSK to fire up the BBQ, trying of course, not to spill any 'grilling sauce' on his brand new pair of Levi-Strauss 501's.

Dirty CT  July 2011

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  1. Pete MacKannon ProJuly 14, 2011 at 11:43 PM

    Your post really made me laugh (much needed, thank you). Cynical, but dead on. Now DSK will just waltz away to the music of Johann Strauss (whoa!!!) ;)

    Pete MacKannon Pro