Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Norwegian Would

 Before I write anything I would first like to extend my sympathies to the
country of Norway and its people who experienced a tremendous loss
at the end of last week.

Many summer's ago I visited the beautiful country of Norway.
It was everything I ever dreamed it would be and more, fjords, clean air 
and water, gorgeous women, all in a culture of civilized nordic refinement.
The Norwegians I met during my travels were open, friendly, hospitable
and possessed a worldly savvy afforded to those who have grown 
accustomed to viewing the madness of humankind remotely, from their 
seemingly detached nordic paradise.

When you consider what happened in that country on Friday, my false
perception that somehow Norway is or was in anyway detached from the
human tragedy, is simply that, a perception.

 It can be easy to think and believe that the suffering of this world has little
to no connection to the society in which one lives, but given the fact that
human beings are creatures living within an ecosystem and every bit a part
of that ecosystem, only serves to remind us that when consequence, and
the laws of cause and effect choose to strike its ruthless balance, nobody is
immune, not even our friends in Norway. Everything happens for a reason,
even if we don't fully understand the causes, and it is for this reason I am 
reluctant to lay blame.

 Norway is to be commended for bravely standing up for justice, and for
having the wisdom and courage to see the 'big picture'. They have recently 
pulled out of the Libyan conflict, realizing that it is fruitless to risk the precious 
lives of their most courageous citizens to the perils and whims of a North African
resource 'turf war'. They have also come forward and stood by the principles 
of equality for all peoples, by supporting a Palestinian bid for statehood.
These political positions are two big blows against the self-consuming decadence 
that IS the 'Military-Industrial Complex'.

So cruel does this most recent tragedy strike at Norway's heart, and while 
media and politicians were anxious to chalk this terrorist incident up as another 
Al-Qaeda (Muslim) operation, what has surfaced instead is another narrative of a 
'lone nut'. I say 'narrative' only because all the information about this massacre 
has yet to come in, and as to who may have been involved. It seems unlikely the 
assailant didn't receive some form of 'help', and if he did, it was most certainly
agreed upon beforehand that he would take the blame, thus saving the necks of 
his co-conspirators by claiming to have 'acted alone'.

This young man committed these acts based on what he believed was true,
not unlike so many soldiers throughout history who have committed murder in the
name of what they 'believed' to be justice. As long as we continue to 
cultivate the belief of 'fighting for our beliefs' we will continue to experience
aberrations of this principle. We will continue to be subjected to the whims
of extremists who take their concept of justice that one fatal step too far, and 
chose to act out violently, fuelled by their rage at a perceived injustice.

 Norwegians, like all members of the human family have the capacity to produce
the greatest triumphs of the human spirit, as well as it's tragic shadow. What
has befallen Norway this past week has scarred many other nations throughout
recent years, and will probably continue to devastate others in the not too 
distant future.
 When put to the test, the true triumph of a person or country will be its return 
to its values and lifestyle.  Refusing to be intimidated by internal and external threats,
Norway will take it's place as a nation which will defy the compromising cries for
tighter security and diminished freedoms. Against a determined foe, there are
no foolproof methods to ensure the safety of citizens, that doesn't render a society
becoming little more than an 'open air prison'.

There is a world of difference between what one believes to be true and what 
one knows to be true, and not being able to see the difference between the
two is a seed of ignorance which often germinates into the weeds of destruction.

The anger and sadness the Norwegian people are currently experiencing
will lash out and condemn this young man and his hateful actions. Yet one 
day, this dark mood will surrender itself to a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness, 
as Norwegians will take courageous steps and move forward, as lovers of 
peace and life.

In the end, I believe, it is the mighty capacity for forgiveness which dwells within 
the human heart that will prove to be the eternal weight this young man will forever 
be burdened to carry. We humans have developed complex methods of denial to 
cope with, and shield ourselves from, the anger and judgement of others, forgiveness
however is a light and a force we have no defence against.
Now, this poor boy, poor of spirit and soul, has thrown away his own life and destroyed 
the lives of many many more…for a belief!

Dirty CT  July 2011


  1. William P. RandzenJuly 24, 2011 at 10:44 PM

    Well articulated Mr CT. I share your thoughts and comments concerning these unfortunate series of events in Norway. The key is not to surrender to our fears.

    Thanks for your post.
    William P. Randzen

  2. Whenever there is a terrorist incident, if done by Westerners, they are always reported to have 'acted alone' yet If the attacks were the result of Muslim extremists, they are always reported to have been in some way 'affiliated with' Al-Qaeda.
    One would think there would have to be exceptions to this 'rule'.
    The political Right/Left use these atrocities to push forward their political agendas by empowering the 'Police State' and curbing 'Civil Liberties', a 'Rabbits Hole' which, I believe, only exacerbates the psychosis currently enveloping our species.
    I have faith the Norwegians will rise above this reactive paradigm, and set a defiant example for the rest of the world to follow.

    July 28, 2011 7:59 AM

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  3. Pete MacKannon (Pro)July 28, 2011 at 8:45 AM

    Well put. It's all very sickening. But, somehow we have adopt a positive stance as a species and move towards peace.

    Pete MacKannon