Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Girl And Her Boy, or 'Shock Collar' (part 2)

About a month or so ago, I overheard a conversation in a Nova Avalon cafe. Well I've recently had the good fortune of eavesdropping some more, as the Mother of the girl has once again been overheard blabbing away, and extolling the virtues of her 'charming' little daughter. 

(FoM = Friend of Mother, Mot = Mother)

FoM: Dare I ask, how's your daughter doing?

Mot: Working hard as usual, but quite well thank you.

FoM: …and her boy?

Mot: That seems to be working out rather well.

FoM: Is he still wearing that 'shock-collar'?

Mot: From time to time yes, but not as much as before, he seems to have learned a good deal behaviourally.

FoM: Just as Pavlov's dogs learned too?!

Mot: I wouldn't put it exactly that way, but essentially yes.

FoM: I don't mean to belittle him, but Pavlov's dogs had no say in the matter either.

Mot: Yes, but the boy does have a say, he's always had a say.

FoM: but the restrictions imposed on him were always quite tight. Eventually you'd think he would get fed up with always having to do everything your daughter's way.

Mot: Yes, about a month ago it was really beginning to take it's toll on him, so they had to come up with a different approach.

FoM:  A new approach, how so?

Mot: Well, the boy was becoming very depressed. My daughter tried everything she could to please the poor kid without having to remove his collar. But nothing seemed to work.

FoM: So what happened?

Mot: He became even more depressed, once He realized he was trapped; how he wouldn't be able to bear being without her, as his spirits continued to spiral downward due to lack of freedom.

FoM: So what was their solution?

Mot: My daughter came up with the brilliant idea of sub-contracting his disciplinary duties to some older girls at school, this was intended to free her up so she could enjoy the simple pleasures of being a young woman without having to worry about her boyfriend slipping back into his old bad habits.

FoM: Whoah! Back up! Are you telling me she's hired a third party to administer to his discipline? That's fucked up!

Mot: What's the difference who does the training so long as the program remains the same? You must realize, disciplining an unruly boyfriend can be a very taxing and draining experience. Instead, these sub-contractor girls have loads of energy and are paid handsomely for their time.

FoM: Paid? where does your daughter get the money to pay for her boyfriend's 'care'?

Mot: Oh, she just takes it from his wages…when he works his shifts at the gas-station, he's paid weekly, the boy then hands his cheque over to her, and she uses most of that money to help pay for his 'maintenance'.

FoM: Does the boy get to keep any of his hard earned money?

Mot: Oh yeah, a bit… she gives him an allowance…and he's free to spend it on anything he wants..chocolate, beer, video-games, Mp3 downloads, comic books, that kind of stuff... However the majority of his wages goes directly to the sub-contractors.

FoM: You say 'sub-contractors', with an 's', does that mean there's more than one person tending to his discipline?

Mot: It wouldn't be fair if the boy didn't have a choice, would it? My daughter is a very fair person, so she lets him chose which contractor may handle him from time to time.

FoM: How many 'sub-contractors' does he have to chose from?

Mot: Usually two.

FoM: TWO?! that's not much of a choice..Hitler or Stalin, take your pick?!

Mot: Another girl takes part from time to time, so very often he's got three choices, but my daughter is not too keen on her, she's too soft on him, so she prefers to limit his choices to two.

FoM: And what's YOUR opinion on these girls.

Mot: Well, one of the girls is very generous, but can also be a cruel task-mistress, The other doesn't show much interest in his development, nor does she emphasize any kind of work ethic, I think she's just in it because she enjoys the physical aspects of disciplining him.

FoM: You mean she's a sadist.

Mot: That's a bit of a harsh judgement, but essentially correct.

FoM: So let me get this straight. Your daughter has grown tired of discipling her boyfriend, and has sought out some older girls at school to tend to his disciplinary duties; Paying these girls handsomely with money taken from the wages of the young man's job, and then grants him the lone privilege of choosing which task-mistress will serve as his temporary disciplinarian? That's totally fucked!!!

Mot: Fucked? Yes it is... but I prefer to call it 'Democracy'!

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