Saturday, December 1, 2012

End Of The Beginning

Do you catch my D Rift?

The Mayan calendar had finally completed another celestial cycle, and was at last heralding the birth of a brand new era. 

The sad faces of those who had desperately longed for some kind of 'doomsday' had to wait 26 000 more years for their chance to take another bite of the 'cosmic burrito'. It was a long time to wait indeed, but the alternative was to accept a universe in a constant state of flux, growth and wonder, which was for some perhaps too much to bear.

Those who understood the significance of this calendar, and the purpose of prophecy in general, saw our solar alignment with 'the great dark rift' as a potential catalyst for personal transformation, and an opportunity to press one's metaphorical 'reset button', something which would prove critical as our inevitable rendezvous with destiny approached.

We were living through a very tumultuous period in Earth's history, and much of our dysfunctional and idealistic paradigms were beginning to crumble under constant pressure from that well forgotten 'weak force' we had once called truth.

One could now argue that the year '2012' might have been the very final year of the 'old world'; the time of the great forgetting.  

The profound subtlety of change which had occurred on that fateful day had become as a planted seed patiently germinating within the fabric of our craven new world; the full effects of which would not be seen until many years later, as the coming 'schism', foreseen by the wise and prophetic, was now hastily beginning to widen. 

Meanwhile, 'rational men' had been too busy patting themselves on the back to really notice, choosing instead to pontificate in self-congratulatory homilies for having had the clarity to see through all the 2012 hype, and amid the mild chuckling and condescending smirks of their devoted followers, they used this 'non-event' to further publicly admonish those weak minded enough to have bought into the pseudo-spirituality and mock-mysticism peddled by the New Age's most slovenly charlatans.

New Word Order
Instant global communication via the internet was quickly altering the method of how cultures educated and communicated with one another, and it was putting insurmountable pressure on previously unchallenged pillars of our social control systems.

Advancements in science, and it's possible more sinister uses, was rapidly transforming into a 'Techno-Hydra' for systemic abuse, but for the sense infatuated consumers of personal gratification, addicted to rewarding the pleasure centres of their reptilian brains, no ancient guatemalan guideposts or honduran harbingers would ever help salvage what remained of their soggy spiritual flotsam.

By a process of apophatic negation, those who had viewed the 2012 meme through a spiritual perspective, had found themselves seeing the world with a more 'Gnostic' spiritual filter, bridging the otherwise gaping and meaningless void left by the advancement of the materialist worldview, with the essential human need to commune with the sacred, and the divine.

Looking back from the comfort of my stone cabin, toasted warmly under my woolly blanket near a peaty hearth, can I now only begin to truly grasp the subtle power of that enigmatic December day all those many many years ago… and how about you?

Future CT     Village 5,  Nova Avalon.         Year 17 P.T.E.


  1. Soggy Spiritual Flotsam!

  2. I could not agree more wholeheartedly. BTW: the new web look is rather fetching, if I may add.

    Cheers, P.