Friday, December 21, 2012

This Day In History

as above, so below
It was the last day of the much hyped Mayan calendar, the day our sun aligned itself with the great dark rift at the centre of the milky way galaxy, and the beginning of the fourteenth Baktun.

This cosmic event happens approximately once every 26 000 years, yet on that day, I can remember how our consciousness level had been still so very underdeveloped. 

A few had allegedly been predicting some kind of 'apocalypse', no names come to mind, then or now, because I never actually met anybody who believed this fallacy to be true. I suspect that it had been a very fearful minority, exploited by a media whose very purpose was intimately intertwined with reporting, and thus supporting, that base level of consciousness.

The word 'Apocalypse' does not mean disaster, or doomsday, it simply means 'revealing', and through the process of apophatic negation, much had been revealed on that day.

Those who had been looking for some kind of transformative external event were sadly disappointed. It seems our sun's passing through 'the great dark rift' wasn't good enough for most, nor the magnificence of the ancient Mayan's astronomy to detect this. The true power of that fateful day could not be seen at the time, we had been simply too close to adjust our myopic focus. I had felt something though, it was subtle, yes, but significant. 

Many whose attentions were transfixed by the external world, and the vaunted judgements of others, had taken the opportunity that day to mock an alleged belief system to which no sane person had ever subscribed, and it was really quite sad. They had naively revealed their deepest fears, and put on display for anyone who cared to notice. 

By mocking 'doomsday' they had revealed their denied yet understandable fear of death, and the inevitable annihilation of their temporal egos. Their yellow laughter had revealed their profound fear of being ostracized from the greater whole, as they vainly attempted to prove to the collective that they were beings of sound mind, and not in any way deluded or manipulated by paranoid folly... my belated 'congratulations' to them.

Like the infamous blinking fuel gage light, which had warned world war two pilots attempting to fly across the pacific, humanity had now passed it's 'point of no return'. The wise among us had known that it was 'now or never', a time to chose between the spiritual and the material; turn back in safety and in fear, or proceed onward to our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.

Future CT  Village 5,  Nova Avalon.   Year 17 P.T.E.

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