Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Phew, The Psad, The Pseudo-Elite

Hi there, nice day, huh? What am I going to write about? oh, yeah…controllers, people who feel a compulsion to lead. Those who believe they understand things "just a little better" than you and I. The sad truth is, that in many cases, these people are highly intelligent, and often DO know more than others, but there is a difference between "knowing" and "all knowing". Wisdom is an understanding of the limits of ones own brilliance. Without which there is little room to adapt to the seemingly random, unforeseen aspects of existence. Philosophers throughout the ages have warned us of the consequences of hubris, these warnings, when left unheeded, have lead even the most brilliant down the path of destruction.

There is a universe of difference between belief and knowledge. The primary responsibility one must undertake when attempting to think critically, is to honestly understand this difference. I say honestly, because as subjective beings, we are very skilled at lying to ourselves, and thus others. When a person truly believes what they are saying is the truth, their energy and passion carries a resonance and conviction that can be highly persuasive. When a person is in this delusional state, there is little inner conflict, which allows their words to carry a weight which can affect great change in those who are psychically unstable.

We are a fearful species, constantly at war with forces which cause our demise. These forces though, are also the forces that have allowed us to come into being. Nature is a law, we are currently developing a way to understand these laws through a process we call Science, whose building blocks are founded in the cold logic of mathematics, and the scientific method. Nature does not keep secrets, although much remains hidden,it does not actively prevent us from discovering these truths. As a fearful, and therefore highly political species, we regulate ourselves and structure society using a hierarchical matrix. The problems with this hierarchical system is that it adapts to the unforeseen by constantly moving the "goal posts" on perceived truth. In todays world this is known as "political spin". This method of power distribution was philosophically mastered by "The Sophists" in ancient Greece, although I'm sure these techniques date much earlier in human history. The Sophists believed that "Truth" was unknowable, therefore, all energies should be focused on the
"winning of arguments". This lie allowed them to appease whatever moral constitution they may have had, while lobbying for more
power, in order to help perpetuate their world view. These methods, as we all know, continue to this very day.

Someone once said that the first casualty in war is the truth. There are many wars ongoing that don't always
involve bullets and bombs, but we can be rest assured that whenever there is a power struggle, lies and half
truths hover over every argument like a spectre in each breath. So it then becomes easy to conclude what
those in authority have told, and not told us about issues and events such as monetary policy, U.F.O's, match
fixing, J.F.K. and every other bone of contention under the sun, is most probably shrouded in lies.

The problem, it seems, is busting through the hierarchical mechanisms in place that wish to prevent people
from understanding the truth. Official secrecy, pseudo-scepticism and it's diabolical methods of shooting down anything and anyone who attempts to understand things outside the realm of the accepted worldview,
act as a one-two punch to knock out any would be champion of truth. The way they do this is by employing
logical fallacies in arguments in order to shoot the messenger instead of the message. Ad hominem attacks,
straw man arguments, and abuses and distortions of Occam's razor become convenient neutralizers, in order
to "buy time" for pseudo-sceptical arguments. A true sceptic is not a disbeliever, just one who suspends belief yet continues to ask questions. Holding these principals closer to our chest could have rendered history
less bloody, as we would have been more hesitant to march off and fight wars based on beliefs and ideals,
which in reality were never anything more than resource wars, waged by the common man, on behalf of rival elites.

Belief provides a scaffolding for humans, it allows us to play "connect the dots" with the things we do not
understand, thus pacifying our fears. Collectively, we hate not knowing, would often rather make it up and seek
destruction, before admitting that we "simply do not know". To not know is just NOT good enough, it has
never been good enough for scientists and philosophers, but their humanity has seldom prevented even
they from slipping into the cold comfort provided by scientific and religious dogma. When we see things that do not make
sense, and are in conflict with accepted narratives, it is our duty to ask questions. However, in this increasingly pseudo-elitist society, to question the narrative is met with cries of "conspiracy theorist" or anarchist. In order to be consistent with the scientific method, we must encourage each other to ask questions of official narratives and hold those who seek control accountable, defensible only by facts and truth, not through the use of ridicule and character asassination. Nature does not impose this yoke on us while seeking her truths,
so its unnatural, unacceptable, and sad when humans practice these tactics on each other.

-Dirty C.T.  December 2010

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