Monday, December 6, 2010

Mr.Cantona, Would you like your money in twenties?

  In a few short hours, former French national and Manchester United superstar
Eric Cantona will lead a movement and withdraw all his assets from a French bank,and thousands are expected to follow throughout France and across Western Europe.
  This event will happen, but what effect will it have, perhaps not much in the short term, but it could spur similar movements at a future date.
  I admire Mr.Cantona, as he has reasoned out that the days of violent protest are now unnecessary. One need only withdraw their investments in concert with others in order to put pressure on the core structure of our system which allows it to operate the way it does.

  There is a half-baked element to all this, as critics of his plan have pointed out, that those withdrawing their assets will leave themselves vulnerable to would be thieves. However, Cantona would counter that by saying the reason he is taking his money out, is so it doesn't become vulnerable to actual thieves (Bankers). It will be interesting to see what happens in relation to that.
  Cantona might have been wiser, perhaps, to encourage his fellow dissenters to withdraw their money incrementally over a period of weeks, or months, culminating on December 7th. This way people would be less conspicuous to thieves, and Banks would not be overwhelmed with withdrawal requests all at once. Banks have safeguards in place to handle immediate runs, but not over extended periods.   

 Critics of Eric Cantona call him a "sardine philosopher" and the like, as a way to negate the concerns of an average citizens. (in this case a very rich one)   Elitist attitudes will often use these methods as if to say, condescendingly, "now now, little child, we mustn't have a Ram among the Sheep," or "It's much more complex than you are capable of understanding"  when the reality is, that if it is more complex, it's because those making the rules have made it more complex."
-Dirty C.T. December 6th 2010


  1. I wish him and those involved with the 'protest' much success. As you mentioned, It'd be interesting to see if others will follow the example. We'll have to wait and see...

    Anonymous 5

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  3. So, Mr.Kwong...How's business?
    Cheers, Annanonymous 54

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  5. It's amazing what can happen on blogs. I wonder how things went for Mr Cantona and friends?

    Anonymous 5

  6. El Floppo!!! a few kids in Cantona t-shirts, and prison outfits taking
    their money out!
    The Banks get a reprieve, this time! but what about the NEXT TIME??????Remember Steve Buscemi's classic line from Ghost World? "...from the inside!" -Annanonymous 54