Sunday, December 19, 2010

Defying The Tanks

Tanks for the memories

    My current screensaver is the unforgettable image of that courageous soul who defied Chinese tanks during the Tianemen Square uprising, and subsequent massacre in June 1989.
The image has become an eternal symbol the power one individual has even against the might of an army as great as China's.
He gambled on the humanity of the individuals operating these machines of war.
I never did hear what became of this person, I can only imagine, but the symbolism endures.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I remember the video footage, I have a vague memory of a fellow running out and pulling him away, as if to say, "o.k. you made your point, now get over here before you become a ramen noodle."
One thing you may notice though, next time you look at the picture, is that this person is standing on a crosswalk. Is it possible, the driver of the tank stopped only for fear of running over a pedestrian? One can never be too sure of another persons capacity to abide by "the rules" at all times.
-Dirty C.T. December 2010

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