Monday, December 20, 2010

What happened to those darn pandemics anyway?

Thoughts and other distractions usually seep into my mind especially when washing dishes. Lately, I was reflecting on the subject of the so-called swine flu and SARS epidemics. Looking out my kitchen window at a good-size lot of city land slated for future condo development use, I imagined a horrible - one could say cinematic - scene taking place there of piles of corpses being ploughed into ditches, a veritable atrocity exhibition. After chasing that vision out of my mind, I was glad to see that the lot was still vacant with no signs of any atrocity having taken place. Naturally, my second thought was, what happened to the massive pandemics we were supposed to witness, as predicted by mainstream media 'reporting' on behalf and those enthusiastically selling and pushing the idea? I'm referring of course to the big daddy Pharmas with full cooperation from our own willing and enabling governments. I'm glad to report that I was vehemently opposed to the receiving any vaccine, and am as healthy now as I was during the Swine flu fear campaign. I'm certain that many individuals, families and relationships were challenged and strained by the choices they had to make, as our authorities and media hastily pressured - in my mind - a susceptible and fearful population into compliance. My only real concern now is for the future health especially of children. There is evidence argued by qualified medical doctors and experts pointing to dangers associated with the flu vaccines, namely the adjuvants and the virus antigens that could have serious health and behavioral repercussions, especially affecting infants and young children. Controversy surrounding the epidemics and pandemics that really have not materialized, invariably would lead a sane person to mistrust our politicians and drug producers and their obvious motives involved in manufacturing not only a dubious vaccine product but an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

It would appear that the only real epidemic in this case is the spread of the fear virus. I'll leave it at that.

Pierre Duranleau (aka cafargo)

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